*hangs head*

Just checked in on the Packer score from work. *hangs head* Remember the days when nobody won at Lambeau? How long ago was that?

I also like that all comments are now domindated by OG Gangster G and a man named Cock Boat. That was what I dreamed of when I set up this web site.


83 thoughts on “*hangs head*

  1. Cal’s college confirmation – I had a class with him, although I can’t be sure he actually learned anything.

  2. 1. UBS, I think you may be the only person on campus who ever saw cal in a class.

    2. Christopher Walkin=H.O.T.

  3. 1. Parker could make it through the night right away, but he used to wake up early (6am) and have to go out. Now he will sleep until 1pm it I let him.

    2. I do not like James Joyce.

    3. I quit the comics about 7 years ago, though I read Bizzaro and Family Circus (just to become enraged…) if I’m struggling with the Jumble. When I field dress a Sunday paper, the comics hit the “not to be read” pile with the target adds and classifieds. When I poop at Moneypenny’s parents house I read from their fine collection of Calvin and Hobbs books. I’m glad they made the move to the new house.

    4. I am anit-cowbell, whistle and clapping.

  4. how can anyone be ani-cowbell. are you anti tambourine, too?

    This is what I discard from the paper:
    Front page
    Sometimes classefieds, sometimes not

    I get enraged by family circus, too. I can’t read it. Also, Marvin enrages me. and Kathy.

    I think that reading in the bathroom is unsanitary. There is no reading in my bathroom–except for the hand soap directions.

    I figured because you hated Joyce, WWZ, that you would appreciate the quotations.

    We’re going to have to try getting Gretta to sleep through the night. I don’t think she’ll make it.

  5. “Well, if ours is a V8 engine, could it run on tomato juice?”– Jeff and Bill Keane, Family Circus, 10-1-2005.

  6. I must say though, back when I was a kid, before I was a curmudgeon, a good Sunday Family Circus of the follow-Billy’s-dotted-line genre could topple even the sauciest Garfield as comic of the day.

  7. Really… I thought the ol’ dotted line was just tedious. And don’t get me started on Dollyisms. I would have taken a pan of lasagna down the gullett any day of the week…

  8. what if family circus did a cartoon about abortion? “Mommy, who put my new brother in the garbage can? …. NOTME!”

  9. shit shit sthi. i just did a lot of reading aobut torday s games and houston +9.5 is lik ethe #1 gamblers pick of the week. they all think cincy is over valued. shit shit shit. bellgirl, if you were smart you didn’t pick cincy. we’ll see.

  10. got home drunko and signed up for 30+3 multi… 121 entrants, final table i’m in 6th, first is over $1000USD

  11. i got 10th by the way. my AKs on the button vs 77. he raised a little preflop and we were basically tied for 6th, if i go all in and take the pot there i would have a very usable stack, if he calls and i double up, even better. he calls with 77 (very dumb play considering the payouts and my all in bet), he gets lucky i don’t have a pair i miss the board and get none of my flush cards. well, at least i made another final table, and another shitty result.

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