27th Birthday

Still busy with work and such. Thanks to all those who either a.) wished me a happy birthday via phone or internet, or b.) showed up at my place for a great party. I passed out around 3:30 or 4am and I think things were still going strong. I awoke at 5am on the couch and everyone was gone, however. On the waaaaaaaaaaaay downside, I trudged upstairs to find Fornier in my fucking bed. You never want to find a Fornier in your bed at 5am. Believe me.

Casperson had to call everyone he knew to let him out of the upstairs bedroom because apparently you can’t open the door from the inside. He really had to pee but couldn’t get out. Eventually he called Scott, who opened the door for him.

We dusted a 1/4 BBL, plus various vodkas, jack, crown, red bull, and other cash & prizes.

The suicide pick is Carolina; we’ll see how that goes this evening. And if Green Bay wins, don’t anyone start talking about karma. Fuck that shit.


28 thoughts on “27th Birthday

  1. a non response to my 1622….i guess you are busy trying to beat it!!! I am the greatest of all time….G.O.A.T. if your nasty (orr LL Cool J)

  2. oh sorry, didn’t see it. i got way over 2000, not sure exact. anyways, the 4 way nature of the pipes seems to mimic natural genetic selection to me, so it’s like the standard binary life board with a twist. i’d really like to see what happens as the board size approaches infinity, and if there is a way to set up any size board so that it will run forever…

  3. my guess is you would have to turn multiple pipes at once to start the ever lasting machine, which the flash version doesn’t allow.

  4. whats up big j? for a while there you were the jetsetting young single blonde out taking the world in your hands…. flying to meh-he-coe all the time to fuck our savior hey-suess christo. lately, however, i do not feel you have shared enough of your jetsetting stories with the whazz public. sooooooooooooooooooooooooo. we are going to need “the september recap ™”. due today.

  5. or instead, you could take your essay assignment option rights and do a piece on the death penalty instead.

  6. just got knocked out of the nightly $10 on PR…. 133 players. with 41 left i was in 10th place. the chip leader was at my table and had roughly 1.6 times my stack. i get AA. he goes all in. DUH, i call. he has AK. sweet jesus he has AK! he immediately types “ha, gg” surrendering defeat. i mutter “damn right bitch”, and type nothing. flop 2TJ. fuck his mother we all know what comes next… Q on the turn and i’m a ghost ghost ghost. fucking gay.

  7. Here’s the recap: law school is ruining my life, I got a cell phone, I need a vacation, I have a midterm in international law on Monday (which ironically enough, is my LEAST favorite class), I go to Iowa on Friday night (puke), JW is talking to WITI (does that mean we have to move to Glendale for crying out loud?), Mia is at UW law, Vivo is making me lots of money on the weekends and I want to be a criminal defense lawyer and spend my life figuratively sticking it to the Man. I went to a Badger game on Saturday, JW made fun of me for being the only woman at the game in heels, we got free sandwiches from the ubiquitous American Rotisserie (with the best-ever tailgate party), and later in the day I went to a wedding in Lodi on a golf course with free beer and other imaginitive activities. I miss the whazzers; can we all plan a reunion over Xmas?

    Oh yeah, and I totally offended everyone in my Con Law 2 class when we talked about gay marriage. Apparently a private catholic law school is not the bastion of liberalism that everyone believes higher ed to harbor (“so protecting the sanctity of marriage is really a rational legitimate reason for banning gay marriages?”). The prof was pleasantly pleased with my aggressive gay defense tactics. Score 1 for Jen.

  8. If you become a criminal defense lawyer, I think you will be going against Lawman. I think he works for the man. That would be funny.


  10. why is it ironic that international law is your least favorite class? i don’t understand 1 thing about internation law, but i do know that the entire point of having seperate nations in the first place is because the citizens (at one point) of the respective countries did not agree with the laws of the other countries. so international law is inherently a complete fucking uncontrolable mess. then you get the one rougue country that refuses to play by the rules, goes off, builds it’s own nukes and tries to start convincing other people to do the same. oldest play in the book. international law has got to be the stupidest game in the book.

  11. From the Big Book of Law: “The entire point of having seperate nations in the first place is because the citizens (at one point) of the respective countries did not agree with the laws of the other countries. So international law is inherently a complete fucking uncontrolable mess. Then you get the one rougue country that refuses to play by the rules, goes off, builds it’s own CUKES (as in cucumbers) and tries to start convincing other people to do the same.”

    So I guess you were almost spot on.

  12. What about the constitutional powers for the head of state or government to make binding treaties, jack off? See Article II, Sec. 2, cl. 1 of hte Constitution. Boo-yah. That at least should get me a D.

  13. Besides, international law is not simply being held to the municipal law of another sovereign. I think we may be approaching C material here, folks. And it’s ironic because I love international politics, history, etc.

  14. OBVIOUSLY it is not simply being held to the municipal law of another sovereign…. in fact, i don’t think it is AT ALL being held to the municipal law. isn’t international law ENTIRELY about forming and enforcing those binding treaties? my point is, if any other nation ISN’T in the circle of friends, then all the treaties mean nothing because that other nation could sweeten the deal if whatever the one country was offering in return actually had any value. so in the end it isn’t about the connections quality, it’s about their quantity which makes the entire point of forming treaties in the first place silly. the world will adjust itself to the same perfect standards but in the end we will receive QUALITY as a biproduct instead of a world run by george bush which is where the current method has gotten us. i need an A- paragraph that sets me straight jen.

  15. i think i forgot a sentance in there… the reason quantity matters is because the bargaining point isn’t about what i can give you… it’s about who (other countries i have treaties with) i can give you and what THEY can give you. and because of that our deal is sweeter so we can get any country to sign up. the USA and the current form of internation law as i see it is like running the world exactly as WAL*MART would. sell at a penny over margins, connect with everyone, volume volume volume. thanks oil.

  16. Well that’s exactly why I hate international law, because there is no respected rule of law. Everybody just does whatever they want, sometimes submitting disputes to the international courts (insert laugh track), but mostly just bombing the shit out of each other because poor people are disposable anyway. Just head to downtown San Fran. I’d love to be a PD in an urban Cali area, although JW cringes every time I talk about my brilliant career starting as a PD in LA County. But it would be fun … and misdemeanors are usually just people doing dumb stuff, not bad stuff really.

  17. is JW your new mans? every other sentance seems to be negative things about him. are you trying to convince yourself that it would be worth it to leave him to have that experience in LA getting raquiem off his possession charges? because it totally would be worth it. raquiem is getting a BUM RAP! I BET JUDD SANG IT! OH SNAP! HOLLLLLLA!

  18. uhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGGGG! / you see how i flow, on the low stashin dough / extended clip in the glock mean my 9’s pushin mo / and when my 9’s pushin, yall suckers hit the flo! / cause when a hebrew hit the flow, even suckers yell NO! / uh oh judaic jokes fly sick, even though i don’t get half the shit i’m punchin with / i’m just entertained by the counter-punch / like rainman playin 6 deck blackjack eatin a poisoned lunch / knock knock at 10:30 who it is? no hunch / xzibit at my door tryin to pimp my brunch / but spinners on frech toast shouldn’t cost that much!


  19. Ladies and Gentlemen.
    I am living up in the northwoods of Wisconsin. I know two people who live in this town. I am on a fellowship from school to finish my dissertation. I am way ahead of schedule and I do nothing but sit at my computer, write, and browse ye olde whazzmastere. This is my only lifeline to the outside world. I swear. I would like to see more posting, please. This is one of my few forms of human contact. I am a desperate woman.
    Please feel free to comment on any of the following topics for my reading pleasure:

    1. I am in my job and I love it/hate it/what, I have a job??

    2. I think that zoos are great places to eat ice cream and look at monkeys/inhumane animal life ruiners…

    3. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate/vanilla/neapolitan/something else…

    4. I play poker for a living and I am worried that I am going to lose/the feds will find out/my girlfriend will think I am a nutjob…

    5. The dumbest thing my dog did today was run into a wall/eat a knife/something else???

    6. I think Harriet Meirs is a terrible choice because I am Dem/Republican/Green/Sane…

    7. I spend 5/25/46/89% of my life on the internet.

    8. I do/do not read while in the bathroom.

    9. Highschool was the greatest time of my life/made me want to take my life.

    10. In my spare time I:____________

    11. I am/am not dressing up for halloween.

    12. I give nice/cheapo candy to the trick or treaters.

    13. My computer is 2/4/6/8 years old.

    14. Higher education is:_______________

    15. OG Gangster G is:__________________

    16. The reason that Cal runs is to stay in shape/release pent up aggression/something else??

    17. Politics makes me want to vote/cut my nuts off/eat cheetos.

    18. Sweet or salty?

    19. The idea of planning a wedding makes me want to jump with joy/cut off my ring finger/go to vegas…

    20. I think women who live up north with nothing to do are the greatest/the super greatest/the absolute coolest/unbelievably awesome.

    The end.

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