The katiek Quiz

Good idea, katiek:

Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am living up in the northwoods of Wisconsin. I know two people who live in this town. I am on a fellowship from school to finish my dissertation. I am way ahead of schedule and I do nothing but sit at my computer, write, and browse ye olde whazzmastere. This is my only lifeline to the outside world. I swear. I would like to see more posting, please. This is one of my few forms of human contact. I am a desperate woman.

Please feel free to comment on any of the following topics for my reading pleasure:

  1. I am in my job and I love it/hate it/what, I have a job??
  2. I think that zoos are great places to eat ice cream and look at monkeys/inhumane animal life ruiners…
  3. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate/vanilla/neapolitan/something else…
  4. I play poker for a living and I am worried that I am going to lose/the feds will find out/my girlfriend will think I am a nutjob…
  5. The dumbest thing my dog did today was run into a wall/eat a knife/something else???
  6. I think Harriet Meirs is a terrible choice because I am Dem/Republican/Green/Sane…
  7. I spend 5/25/46/89% of my life on the internet.
  8. I do/do not read while in the bathroom.
  9. Highschool was the greatest time of my life/made me want to take my life.
  10. In my spare time I:____________
  11. I am/am not dressing up for halloween.
  12. I give nice/cheapo candy to the trick or treaters.
  13. My computer is 2/4/6/8 years old.
  14. Higher education is:_______________
  15. OG Gangster G is:__________________
  16. The reason that Cal runs is to stay in shape/release pent up aggression/something else??
  17. Politics makes me want to vote/cut my nuts off/eat cheetos.
  18. Sweet or salty?
  19. The idea of planning a wedding makes me want to jump with joy/cut off my ring finger/go to vegas…
  20. I think women who live up north with nothing to do are the greatest/the super greatest/the absolute coolest/unbelievably awesome.

The end.


24 thoughts on “The katiek Quiz

  1. I’m supposed to be studying, but I’m a desperate woman, too!

    1. I am in school and I hate it.

    2. I think that zoos are great places to eat ice cream and look at monkeys in cages and laugh at them.

    3. My favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry with oreo topping.

    4. I do not play poker because I am afraid of gambling and would rather spend money on handbags.

    5. I don’t have a dog.

    6. I think Harriet Meirs is a terrible choice because I am SOCIALIST and have an aversion to evangelicals…I spend 89% of my life on the internet.

    7. I prefer to read while in the bathroom. It’s called multitasking, people.

    8. Highschool made me want to take my life.

    9. In my spare time I study.

    10. I am not creative enough to dress up for halloween.

    11. I lock my door and shut off my lights on Halloween; I can’t afford candy for those jerk kids.

    12. My computer is 1 years old.
    13. Higher education is: law school, if I survive.
    14. OG Gangster G is: 4nyay.

    15. The reason that Cal runs is to check out the hot men in spandex.

    16. Politics makes me want to start a revolution or a military coup.

    17. Salty.

    18. The idea of planning a wedding makes me want to cut off my ring finger and then go to Vegas (alone).

    19. I think women who live up north with nothing to do are pretty darn tough.

  2. Here’s mines:

    Love ItUgh, eating at a zoo is gross. Monkey shit does not make my tummy grumble.ChocolateI do not play poker for a living.No dog either.DemocratRealistically, 46%DoGreatest time….play world of warcraft.Most definitely amNice. I always throw in a 6 pack of full-size snickers bars in case anyone amuses me.2.5 months oldAwesomeGood. Played by either the Scientist or someone who knows the Scientist’s schtick very well.To keep from killing GregWant to voteSaltyJump offa bridgesuper greatest

  3. Here’s mines:
    1. Job: I’m hoping to get one someday.
    2. Zoos make me really sad, but I do like looking at animals so it is a guilty pleasure. So is eating ice cream.
    3. Mint choc. chip.
    4. I fear the feds, ergo I will not play poker
    5. Today my dog cried when K-car left–as if he won’t come back. Will he?
    6. Dem/I hate cronie-ism–and from a bad source.
    7. 56%
    8. Read in the bathtub only
    9. Man, I really hated high school. A lot.
    10. Bake.
    11. No costume this year.
    12. I asked because I wasn’t sure what kind of candy I should get. Probably cheapo for them and snickers for us. I like the full size idea, though.
    13. 1.5 years.
    14. Tedius.
    15. Fairly dorky, yet amusing.
    16. Because the good drugs are at the finish line?
    17. Want to throw up because I feel so inconsequential.
    18. Both. Frequently.
    19. Cut off my ring finger. One was enough. I like attending, though.
    20. Kick ass, and (if I do say so myself) totally hot.

  4. anaconda could barely take a cayman, so python vs alligator is not even a real question. the alligator wins hands down.

  5. 1. Love it
    2. True
    3. Cherry Garcia
    4. I suck at gambling
    5. No dog, but one of my cats is pretty stupid
    6. Sane
    7. 46%
    8. Reading keeps me regular
    9. Made me want to enter a seminary
    10. Read while my wife watches television
    11. Not
    12. Primo candy
    13. 4 years
    14. Worth the time, but I’m on the fence about the money
    15. The envy of us all
    16. To stay ahead of the Regents who demand his diploma back
    17. Vote, even though cutting my nuts of sometimes seems more worthwhile
    18. Salty
    19. Thankfully I will never have to plan another
    20. 90% super, 10% greatest

  6. “16. Because the good drugs are at the finish line?” actually, the opiates your body releases after a long run can become very physically addictive thus compelling runners to run more…. so there is a lot of truth in your sarcasm, as there often is when you’re dealing with sarcasm and cal.

  7. I like the idea of Cal always running with his diploma in his pocket. Then, during Bay To Breakers, a man in a suit pulls alongside him and *yoink*, no more English degree. NoooooOOOOOoooo!

  8. i just caught a great story on the news… this ladies house got completely destroyed by katrina, and just yesterday she won the jackpot on the wheel of fortune slot machines. she said she prayed to jesus to let her win and he granted her prayer. ok……… now there is a simple reason this is news… most people see this story and go, GOOD GOOD GOOD, I LIKE TO SEE THAT… GOOD NEWS. you fucking tool. 1) why didn’t this lady pray to jesus that her house didn’t get completely destroyed? 2) why should people be compelled to donate when the proceeds of such efforts are going down the coffers of old man casinostein in her time of NEED? 3) pretty much if ANYONE won ANYTHING in the gulf region yesterday the news man could have made the same connection and it would have seemed so improbable that GGGGGod MUST exist.

    dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. this is like that dude that won the contest to try the half court shot for $1,000,000 at the all star game, and then turned around and won the contest for the $1,000,000 field goal at the superbowl. people are like wowowowowowowow WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT?! um. 0. statistics are almost COMPLETELY meaningless to anyone that doesn’t 100% understand how statistics work. the odds of that guy winning both isn’t the odds of the first multiplied by the odds of the second, because that really isn’t what we are measuring as a result. the TRUE result is just that SOMETHING astronomical will happen and that that dude will then be able to tell a story of an astronomical event. the odds of THAT happening are 1. so my neuvo riche (or whatever the fuck that fancy way to belittle wealth is) hurricane victim friend, go fuck yourself with a roll of million dollar coins because i just don’t care.

  9. hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.

  10. I’m horny too, UBS, will you rub your balls all over me because I just love that. I also love reason and logic. That is because I *really* am OG Gangster G. You know, you can tell it’s me because of my love of nut rubs and clear thinking.

  11. i am the real OG Gangster G. in the hood they call me “tha realest”. HOLLA

  12. for anyone else that spends a lot of time on the internet all day, i highly suggest you start checking out “podcasts”. i’m not much of a fan for that term as it implies you need an ipod and can’t participate without one… but whatever. the tech has always existed for someone to record a radio show on their computer and put it on the internet for everyone to download, and then they can play it in their media player or transfer it to their mp3 portable and listen to it whenever. a few issues come up: the user then has to manually keep checking when a new show is out, then when they do find the new show they have to download it manualuly and repeat the process. “podcast” is just a feature in iTunes that automates that entire process and in effect recreates radio. people are producing VERY high quality shows and putting them out there. pretty much any topic you can think of, someone who is in to it does a “podcast” about it on a daily basis. granted many are totally fucking lame, but if you find someone that entertains you, just subscribe and whenever you like you’ll always have the latest versions of all their shows (including archives) available to you whenever you want to listen. dvr for radio doesn’t work, so they flipped the script and changed the distribution method… so this does for radio what tivo does for tv, and at the same time lets anyone get into the game without fcc regulations. anyways, enjoy. i’m hooked. also, i shoot people because i am THA REALEST! UHHHHHHH

  13. the formality and use of proper capitalization and grammar of OG Gangster G juxtopposed with the use of two fake words in quotation marks is funny to me.

  14. ah, but also after them comes life. i’m working on my new site which will then house most of my babble and pave the way towards total world domination.

  15. ok fine. instead i will ask for a memory from all whazzers that you think about for at least 5 seconds per 3 days guaranteed, and you have ever since “it” happened.

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