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  1. I am a social liberal (63% permissive) and an economic conservative (75% permissive). It says I am a libertarian, which I already knew.

  2. tests like that are how i think people should vote… of course there should be like 200 questions at least, but then you know you’re getting a guy that at least is able to LIE like he agrees with you. to combat that, just force the candidate to vote the way they did on their initial survey if a connection can be made between the item being voted on and the initial question. why aren’t we doing things that way? i just don’t get it. i was just kidding about the anarchist thing. i’m really a fascist. i also don’t agree that a person can be categorized by 2 axis (social, economic)…. what about gangs? i mean…. i am a gangster. i would treat someone within my gang completely different socially and economicly than someone not in my gang… also i would treat someone in my rival gang completely different than that 2nd person who just wasn’t in my gang. replace gang with “family” or “corporation” or “circle of friends”, or for the white republicans out there “race”… this graph can’t take that into account and i challenge anyone to prove that it doesn’t play a major role in everything. VOTE OG GANGSTER G, PRESIDENT OF EVERYTHING 2006.

  3. the only reason those 2 were used is because they are the major dividing lines between the major 2 parties in our system. we need a new system, and a new test, and a new party… i will be running on the “Gangster” ticket.

  4. damn it, yahoo is calling it podcast too… well… either way, i’m glad it’s blowing up because it really will change things. the reason: PASSIVE LISTENING. sure you can find all the same info and ideas online… but 1) you have to find them, 2) you have to read them. 3) you probably have to repeat. subscribing to audio shows that you can just listen too is a great way to get a message out to morons who are too busy or stupid to read your ideas. whazzmaster should have a podcast, and it should be full of hate.

  5. I am a

    Social Liberal
    (86% permissive)

    and an…

    Economic Liberal
    (10% permissive)

    You are best described as a:


  6. i don’t like the big anarchy “A” symbol on the chart… i mean… there isn’t a donkey on demo side… there isn’t a nazi logo over totalitarian… what agenda do these test takers have to put that logo on the chart? what is wrong with pure anarchy anyways? isn’t pure anarchy how we got here in the first place? by turning anarchy off, are we not in many ways halting the future from happening in the way that **IT** wants to happen? true anarachy is in the ego of the man who thinks he can control the uncontrolable. also, you will find cream filling there…. and not the shitty kind…. the GOOD kind.

  7. i took the test for real (my objections to it’s accuracy already made), and i got 75%, 75% smack in the middle of libertarian.

  8. in the future, our political test results are comprimised of a 17 axis chart that is displayed using a series of levers, pulleys, lasers, and cottage cheese. for some reason we left the anarcy symbol in, and that is what we needed the cottage cheese for. we usually put some pepper on the cottage cheese too, but not TOO much.

  9. Social Liberal
    (70% permissive)
    Economic Liberal
    (38% permissive)
    You are best described as a:

    Someone who knows politics, what does this mean?

    Also, I got 104th out of 930 in a 20$ limit touney. Top 100 paid. The situation: Blinds are 800/400. I have 5000. Chip leader has 30,000, but there are also 10 or so players who can not make the big blind. Many players are in my boat. First is 5G and 100th is 30 bucks. I get AKos in the big blind. One limper (5000$ and the small blind 9000$) call.

    I ponder check. I could then bet if I hit or fold if I miss, making me a lock for the money (30$) and left with enough chips to get a nice “all-in” either way.

    Do I raise and then fold if I miss? I say no. The pot will be too big not to keep after it. Though, this route almost gurantees a 30$ finish.

    Do I treat it like a NL “all-in” and raise. raise. raise no matter what, hoping to hit or take the pot with force?

    I chose “all-in”, board is j52, small blind bets. I reraise, he calls, other dude folds. He checked the turn, I bet “all-in”, he calls w J8 and wins. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  10. i would check preflop intending to put that money i was going to raise with in the pot no matter what on the flop… if i hit i bet… if i miss i check… if anyone bets, i call 1 bet only. now that serves as a “do you really want to bet again if you don’t have a pair… remember, i called you on the flop” message on whoever bet. so if they bet again, you can faily comfortably fold the turn with no pair… must if he bluffed or was “buying” a card, now you get the free card too. you should probably call on the river unless you are aware he is a little tricky and would trap you like that. if you always went for broke in that situation on $20 tourneys, long term you’d see you had much more money if you just made sure you got that $30 first then made your move. think of yourself as a politian going for the presidency (1st place)… with your chip stack i would work on being city alderman first before i even thought about 1st. i usually always just go for first, but with that many people left it doesn’t matter anyways… just make sure you make some REAL money first. also, chickens will rule the world in 2 years.

  11. so looking at the results we all have the same “social” ideals, but flip on the “econ” side. i wonder what the key difference are. selling votes? the role of corporations and their inevitibilty? the limits of marketing? i think i got 75/75 because i don’t see a difference in these 2 axis… the old saying: “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”… i mean, if something is socially acceptible how could you ever say it is NOT economically acceptible? why would your level of permissiveness change just because someone is making a buck doing it? it is highly probably that i have no clue what i’m talking about. even more probable than our escape from the chickens.

  12. I thought that thing was pretty cool up until the end where the kid starts screaming “Oh I did it! Kristen I love you so much!” WTF, mate?!

  13. that is what i thought was the good part… dude got a perfect score, like 1000 in a row. he was probably trying to do that shit for the last 2 years, spending hours on attempts every night. then he finally did it. what will he do with his time now? who knows, but you can be damn sure he’ll see it through to the end.

  14. you can get “perfect”, “great”, “good” etc on each note. dude got ALL perfect. if you are off by like a skrillisecond you don’t get perfect. dude got ALL perfect. not just like acceptible, we’ll let you go on to the next round… like ALL perfect. if i knew how to craft medals, i would forge one, attach a ribbon, find out this dudes address, go to the post office, buy a small box, write the address on the box, pay any postage fees such that the small box will be delivered to the doorstep of this young man as soon as possible. do your thing, homie. do your thing. even though playing dance dance revolution on a keyboard in your house all by yourself while you videotape it is a little fucking lame… do your thing, homie. keep doin it.

  15. also, i would put the medal in the box prior to shipment… this would ensure the dude actually received the medal as intended. by me.


  17. so, how about these current events… i’ll tell ya… things were different back in my day…

  18. What are you talking about fake posters? I wasn’t joking about the squirrel.
    Ha. Just kidding. Really. I’m serious. I was kidding. Really.

  19. Extremely witty and salient satire, fake poster. You’ve summed up whazzmaster.com in only four posts, and less than 100 words. Truly a poet in our own time.

  20. My new signature drink: tequila cosmopolitan (it’s actually an undercover cranberry margarita.). THIS STUFF’S MADE IN NEW YORK CITY?

  21. news news news. excitement. wow. pokerroom new software update features heads up tournaments now. if 2 people want to sit down with $20 and agree to play until one person has it all, well… most of that money will go to the rake, and if the players are equally matched, without blinds going up, it may never end until the house breaks them both. so it’s a good thing. i just tried it out, bought in with for $11, won on the first hand (my KT vs AQ on AQJ flop… haha) and the payout was $20… so pokerroom is getting $2 from us for the transaction… in a cash game they would rake like .15 or .25 a hand at micro limit, so it would be more than $2 regularly. sadly, because of my win on the first hand, it would have been cheaper if we were playing in the cash game. oh irony. NEWSFLASH: backgammon is a really fun game. i was just getting sick of hearing all the backgammon talk on the poker sites that i read, so i just figured i would try to learn it again. zach taught me like a million years ago, and i forgot… then i tried to learn again, and couldn’t. 3rd times the charm… i can’t see how i didn’t understand this game earlier, it’s pretty damn simple. it pretty much plays like if you had 2 thunder road games and faced them at each other so some people were going one way and the others the other way… then make all the rules make perfect sense and eliminate the chopper. (to chopper fans… many appologies). anyways, i played for like 10 hours last night at yahoo games and i’m hooked. if anyone wants to play me in online backgammon, shout a holla to “maddsci”, oh yeah that who he is, all up at gmail.com, and meet me at YAHOO BACKGAMMON. i assure you, i have no idea what i’m doing… but i’ll give you a run for your money. then i’ll lose, and sit around thinking about why my moves implied my loss, and alter them ever so slightly over many iterations until i am the backgammon champion of alpha quadrant 17.2 nebula cluster bearinstein bear dynamo disco dan. i roll double 6’s bitch. HOLLLLLLLLLLLLA

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