I’m Dumb, So Is This

Scientist, you may have seen this before, but give this link a click. I can’t imagine anyone else here liking it, but give it a go if you want to hear a cool song. I wish there was more than just a chorus. This would make a really good montage soundtrack.

39 thoughts on “I’m Dumb, So Is This

  1. Man who made this about me? Its not good.

  2. me and wirksew played a $30 single table… i get up to 1750, flop the nut straight and get 2 people to cover me all in. instead of 5300 chips with 5 people left i’m busted out 7th when the river hits some monkeys flush. how did you place in that one w?

  3. shitty. i was sure dude in the middle had a flush draw, here is how the action went, first to act makes it 100, monkey calls. i make it 300 with the nuts. original dude makes it 500, and once again after bet, raise, re-raise, donkey calls with a Q high flush draw. now i go all in, and original dude goes all in too (with top 2 all but dead shitty 2 pair… donkey), and the monkey calls once again with a Q high flush draw. no way someone has the straight or a set or a higher flush draw… no way… i’ll just call of all my money with nothing. genius. i suppose i could have smooooooooooooth called the 100 on the flop and pushed on the turn if a heart didn’t hit, but that isn’t how i get paid on a day to day. push with the nuts and let the donkeys give their money away. fucking river. oh, happy birthday jen… didn’t even know.

  4. $30 PL08 tourney tonight… $750 for 1st. i’m chip leader with 6 left. i get 6th for $160. COME ON. the pain of winning $160 dollars is an odd one. a bad one.

  5. dude is still representing vulcan. saving your homosexuality for opening weekend is a very good career move.

  6. cal, i have a question for you… do you know anyone in the minneapolis area that has absolutely no problems with their plumbing? like their pipes are never empty… always free flowing etc etc. holla.

  7. i checked the payouts on that O8 multi just to beat myself up some more, and it was pretty shitty payouts… 750, 450, 280, 240, 200, 160. so even if i blew it and got 3rd it isn’t like i would by flying off to tahiti. but i really should have won. sigh. if only cal would call me to fix my plumbing.

  8. that is an odd question. i don’t know, i didn’t ever notice much of difference between mpls pipes and madison pipes. .. are your pipes rarely free flowing? i hate clogged pipes- if a drain is clogged my anxiety goes through the roof and i go crazy with the plunger: PLUNGE PLUNGE PLUNGE PLUNGE PLUNGE PLUNGE (nothing) PLUNGE PLUNGE PLUNGE PLUNGE (little bubbles mostly nothing) PLUNGE PLUNGE PLUNGE… PLUNGE PLUNGE i think clogged drains are as bad as broken computers. plumbing and technology have they really made out lives better? madd if there were no drains and no computers maybe we would live in a cabin and not have high levels of stress due to malfuntions, maybe we would just be two pals living together off the land. eating berries, chopping wood, pooping out of doors. laughing and smiling and not typing, no cares. hum. maybe i should be a plumber in mpls -make a killing huh?

  9. 1. Thanks for the b-day shout outs. I worked.

    2. For Halloween, I worked. I wore a suit and a pair of handcuffs dangling from one wrist. I was … drum roll, please … a Republican.

    3. Apparently you really CAN be both a Cubs fan and a Sox fan, especially when you want to drive your girlfriend crazy by watching yet even MORE sports. I hate all the fucking Illinois teams that have been in all these damn playoffs. hate hate hate hate hate. It went like this:

    JW: The Sox are in the playoffs.

    JH: So what?

    JW: We have to watch them.

    JH: I hate sports. Plus, I don’t even like New York.

    JW: Nooooo, the White Sox.

    JH: Yeah, so? By the way, aren’t you a Cubs fan?

    JW: You don’t understand. I’m a fan of both teams … I’m from the suburbs of Chicago.

    JH: What’s this suburbs shit? Why do I suspect that this is just another one of your elaborate ruses to obtain control of the remote?

    And that is the story of how I watched like, 3 playoff games (while reading a book, of course).

  10. jesus christ, i just did a 12 hour 8-16 session at the local card room. why oh why do i still waste my time there. worst run of cards i have ever had ever playing live ever EVER. … EVER. 23, 24, 23, 25, 27 (GETTING BETTER!!!), 24 (fuck, back to that), 25 (RU JOKIN ME?), 92 (maybe i should raise?), 38 (WOO HOO!)… blah blah blah. i hear it all the time, but seriously it was oh so shitty. i got outplayed once by a possible team… A4s in the BB, flop the ace and the flush draw, so as things had been going you can imagine my excitement. these 2 ‘friends’ were sitting on opposite sides of the table and doing some really sketchy shit, probably teaming. anyways the flush missed and the final board was like AQ7J8. the pot was more than decent because we capped it on the flop. anyways i’m first to act and i can’t see how i can bet with 3 raises on the flop and 2 calls on the turn… i figure someone has to have A9 or 9T, or A7 or any other number of shitty hands that beat my shitty hand. so i check, first dude bets, next dude raises… i try to get wirkus to do this play all the time and in hindsight he is always like ‘oh yeah, that probably would have been smart’. so i obviously can’t call 2 bets cold, and both of them know that. i fold. one shows Q3 one shows JT. bah. well over $100 pot gone. that is the worst play i made of the night, and i really don’t think i could have done much. you want me to bet? what if they still run the raise re-raise move on me? what if just one dude raises? you always want me to bet and call a raise with A4 there? just shitty. best preflop hands of the night!!! WOO HOO: KK. lost to set. KK. lost to set. KK won a $25 pot. KK lost to AA in monster pot. JJ lost to set. TT won a moster pot flopping top set vs AT that wouldn’t stop re-raising me (dude with JT in previous example). and thats about it. AK lost 9 of 10 times (i counted), and thats about it. over 12 hours and thats about all the strong cards i get. so i play good poker to make up for it, but there is only so much i can do… bought in for $400, got down to $25, got back to $400 SWEET, now it’s time to WIN!. back to $120. fuck. back to $400 SWEET, now it’s time to WIN! back to $200… now in the past these swings were taking 4-5 hours, so i could expect to be at $50 in 2 hours, and then $400 again in another 3-4 hours. fuck it, it’s noon and i haven’t slept yet, i’m going home to complain about it on whazzmaster. it’s like i was playing with my dick tied to a post outside or something… absolutely nothing i could do. on the way out the “sexy nurse” cashier lady (remember it’s halloween) offered to give me her liver and said it all seductively. being sleep deprived i said ‘i think i just heard you offer me your liver?’… and her response ‘ooooh, do you want it?’. i walked away. still confused.

  11. Salt Lake City is not fun………… for anything. sorry you missed the memo. you should have asked anyone else on earth. they could have filled you in.

  12. memories: i won the first 2 pots i played tonight and i was up $55. i thought, in 12 hours when i’m down $400 i’m going to wish i left now. then i laughed at myself for doubting myself, silly rabbit, you’re walking away from this table with 6 racks of chips like you’ve done 50 other times. BOO YAH, SCIENTIST GOT SKILLZ! actually no. no he doesn’t. he just has a wasted night and $184 that he will never see again.

  13. Here is my halloween story for your reading pleasure.

    First year in Milwaukee… K-car and I figured that we’d go to Brady St. for Halloween… it was a weeknight, but we thought: it’s Halloween, people will be out. It will be fun. We didn’t get dressed up (thank god) and we went to Harpo’s, now club Brady. The bar was empty except for two prostitutes, dressed up like cheap prostitutes, playing pool.

    We got drunk and went home. So much for Halloween.

  14. The word from the Madison police was that this was the largest State Street gathering for Halloween to date (approx. 100,000). Guess why? It’s because the city council talks about it continuously for a whole year and gives it free publicity. Dumbasses who don’t even live in Madison come to see or be in a riot. The problems are always at the end of the night after bar time. They should limit the number of people on State Street in the first place. From Lake Street to Johnson Street they need to put up fences and limit access to the whole area. Have police check id’s at designated entrance points and stop letting people in when they think it’s getting too crowded. At 2:30 am anyone who doesn’t move out when police ask them gets those rubber pellets shot at their ankles.

  15. GMX, I saw that too. I was doing cardio and heard Madden say that shit about running to the A-hole. I laughed out loud for like 30 seconds and everyone around was looking at me like I was crazy. I remember watching a game like ten years ago in which Jerry Glanville was the color commentator. He was trying to refer to the A-gap on defense but ended up saying, “The linebacker shoots right through the A-hole and makes the tackle.” Priceless.

  16. stiffly, imagine thousands of people having fun on state street. now imagine a wall of cops stopping thousands of more people from joining the festivities. now run that scenario in your head assuming it’s about 1:45am and most people are drunk. now go back and run the scenario again without the wall of cops. i think the chance for riot is much much higher with the wall of cops. fascist pigs.

  17. I don’t know how I feel about Halloween. I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for the drunk idiots or the city. I don’t trust drunk crowds at all, particularly when they are at an event that has become synonymous with riots. And I think the police antagonize the situation by arresting people for stuff like underage drinking and open containers when the entire focus should be on making sure no one gets trampled. So the combination of the two will usually lead to some sort of confrontation, although it’s good this year’s wasn’t as bad as the past.

    So I don’t know what it would be like in a perfect world, but the reality is that if you go to Halloween, you could wind up getting thrown in jail or pepper sprayed even if you didn’t do anything wrong. Not fair at all, but that’s the way it is.

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