A couple of wrestling-related notes on the morning of Taboo Tuesday. For those that don’t know, Taboo Tuesday is a Tuesday Pay-Per-View where fans can supposedly go online and vote on the types of matches and participants they want to see at the show. The WWE then supposedly puts all the top vote getters out there and that’s the whole show, except that the WWE is, by nature, a lying pack of cheats so I don’t believe a single thing they say. I’m almost sure the vote is rigged. HOWEVER, I went to the voting site today and some of the choices are hilarious. You can vote for the type of “encounter” that Batista has with Coach, Goldust, and Vader (?!), and your choices are Arm Wrestling, Wrestling Match, and Verbal Debate. Verbal debate?! I voted for that one.

Also, apparently Torrie Wilson has been fired and Christian quit the company yesterday. Oh yeah, and Steve Austin quit the company again when he found out that they wanted to job him to Coach. Yeah, Coach the announcer. It really looks like the fed is starting to circle the drain, but as long as Bw3 still has quality chicken and free PPVs, I’ll be there tonight screaming my head off backing Batista in a verbal debate.

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  1. Also, I would like to let you know that beside the first “first” today, I believe K-car and I will be having the first baby to be born in the time of Whazzmaster! Yep. That’s right. A little k-car/katiek running around, hai-cooing, and engaging in verbal debates. You will meet him/her in May!!!

  2. Congratulations Katie and Kalish. If the baby botches the gravy, he or she can just throw it off the porch.

  3. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the baby!!! I reccomend you don’t let Wwhazz name your baby, it would probably be after some WWF wrestler or some famous poker player. Have you been feeling ok???? If you need a nurse let me know!

  4. Hey Bellygirl…
    What I think I’ll need is someone to refashion a tent into a dress so I have something to wear to your wedding–ha ha ha!
    Thanks, too, Cal, Lawman, & Erin for the congrats:)

  5. katie k- jut talk to my mom about the tent dress, she keeps teasing that she is going to go to Appleton tent and awning to find her mother of the bride dress, maybe you can go together

  6. very first hand of pl 08 tourney… i have AKs2s3. it gets up to 275 preflop with 6 people! flop AT8 all spades. i flopped the nut flush and the nut low draw. yee haw. all in. called by 3 people! R U JOKIN ME?! needless to say, no low comes, and the board double pairs and i lose to a boat. blah. people are so dumb.

  7. “Your mamma told me that you ain’t worth squat.”
    “When did she tell you this?”
    “She told me last night– in bed.”
    “You bastard.”
    “settle down, boy. I’m yer pa now. We signed the papers early this morning.”

  8. that guy is faker cal. picture him blue like faker he-man. what was the deal with faker he-man anyway? was there ever a cohearent storyline around faker he-man? wrestling= yes, we’re joking you.

  9. here is the info no one requested on “faker” h-man. there is a picture of ol’fakey on this site:


    “In Filmation’s adaptation of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe the one character they misused is one that people often forget; Faker. Released with the earliest assortment of characters the blue-skinned He-Man was given a poor origin in ‘The Shaping Staff’ episode and did not resemble his toy form.”

    “A lot of people are often confused by Faker and what his purpose was in the world of He-Man. The only real decent story for his existence was given by the UK annuals which stated; ‘A being created by Skeletor himself with the aim of looking exactly like He-Man, to create maximum trouble and confusion. Unfortunately for Skeletor something went wrong in the spell, and Faker is a miscolored and negative version of He-Man, easily detectable as the evil being he is. Through magic, Skeletor can make him into an exact likeness, but the spell lasts only a very short time, and the evil creature is soon revealed.'”

    “In ‘The Shaping Staff’ Faker seems to be largely a diversion for the episode, having nothing to do with the Shaping Staff. His appearance is so fleeting that it attains the notion of being an add-on or an afterthought. The concept of there being an evil He-Man is so interesting that we wonder why Filmation did not create an entire episode around the Faker character. We hope that the challenge of Faker will make for a more entertaining battle, and the gimmick works, at least for a little while. By combining the Skeletor and He-Man model sheets you can see what the character may have looked like in the hands of Filmation. Below are two versions; on the left is Faker colored as the action figure; and on the right colored as he is pictured on the backs of the cards.”

  10. Hi again! here is a fun whazzmaster game. please finish this sentence:

    The concept of there being an evil He-Man is so interesting that…

    I’ll go first:
    The concept of there being an evil He-Man is so interesting that katiek is naming her baby Faker.

  11. The concept of there being an evil He-Man is so interesting because there is a little bit of blue faker in all of us. A Little slim shady too.

  12. The concept of there being an evil He-Man is so interesting that… it is evident that Cal must be evil She-Ra.

  13. The concept of there being an evil He-Man is so interesting that just thinking about it will turn your blue balls normal color again… but only for a short while.

  14. Madd, have you played text twist on yahoo games? It isn’t what I would imagine you’d normally play, and you can’t win money at it, but I’ve recently gotten addicted to it. After hearing about our shared tetris addiction, I thought you might be interested…

  15. haven’t tried that, but i have been getting completely destroyed in checkers lately on there…. i never realized how hard that game is. chess… i dominate. backgammon… learned in like 3 seconds, got online and dominated for real money…. checkers… can’t win.

  16. tried the text twist… took me 5 times before i got a perfect round. not really competing against anyone else, and you can’t do better than clearing a board… so i don’t really see anywhere to improve, so it’s not fun for me. on the other hand, there is a full 50-50 NL game going on at pokerroom right now… everyone is sitting with like 10k. i can’t believe people put up that much cash in good faith to pokerroom and their opponents.

  17. do any of you watch maximum exposure on spike tv? i used to a lot, but it got kind of repetitive and i haven’t watched it in a long time… that is until 5 seconds ago. LA police chasing a van… blah blah blah van breaks down, and people start piling out of it… like 10 people. 8 lay on the ground, but 2 just like hop around and refuse to get on the ground. i’m thinking the cops will just storm the guys and take them down. nope. they get out a shotgun and shoot both the dudes legs up. AWESOME.

  18. 1 – Moneypenny: I’m so happy that your wife instructed you not to come back to Cali without hanging out with me. I had a great time having friends again for a night.

    2 – Wirkuswhazz: thanks for sharing your winnings with me in the form of delicious fried food topped with chili and nacho cheese and High Life on tap. A+. Just another reason to love Milwaukee. I bet there ain’t no taps of High Life and chili cheese fries in abundance in the Bay Area.

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