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The bachelor party post is being written. It’s about 30% done right now, plus I have to get home and upload all the pictures we took. In the meantime, use this as an open thread and we’ll get something up by the end of the week. The bachelor party was fun as hell, and we have some interesting developments from this week, including a Meeting With Wood Hardcastle and The Mystery Stink. Check back soon for pics and updates, else go to the comments and talk about various shit. FYI– we’re canceling the second half of Suicide Football because we didn’t think the first half would go this long. I’ll be sending out refunds for those who paid for two rounds. Also, I will win The Chalk and pour it over it myself in an orgiastic frenzy.


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  1. Thank goodness for open threads…I don’t know how many of you read Get Fuzzy in the comics section of the paper, but the last panel today made me laugh out loud thinking of whazzers…”Best Lobster Ever.”

    whazzmaster.com: Best. Lobster. Ever.

  2. PL08 SNG: first hand i have A377… flop 7d2d2… i get all in with 4 other people. turn 3d. river 6d. my low got counterfeited, and now A4 is the nut low, but i still got my boat, so SHIPPPPPPPPPPPPP IT, nope… other dude had A34d5d, and scoops the whole pot with a straight flush. 10th or 1st… same story again and again

  3. Yo scientist, I ran my PR account up to $450 playing PLO8 tourneys. Your simplified view strategy works pretty good. Last night a bunch of guys were talking about so-and-so’s PLO book and how it helped their tourney game so much. I just sat there and read the internet for awhile, then came back and bankrupted them. Took 1st in that one.

  4. nice work on the omaha… i don’t just blow smoke, there is seriously a mint ready to be taken in that game.

  5. wait for your opponent not to have the nuts, do something. also do the same thing if you happen to stumble on the nuts yourself. play naked.

  6. i can’t believe anyone actually thinks my horse face sister is hot… i guess i’ll just avoid the topic.

  7. 1. Ok, I played a PLOH8. I got 5th. I was 2nd in chips, sharing blinds with the chip leader. My hand was Ah2h3s9s. He min raised me, I raised the pot, he went all in, I called. He had KsKh4s2d. Was my hand better than his? Was my hand an all in hand?

    2. Sin City is a way dumb movie.

    3. Duttie, do you want a treat? Dutty?

    4. My party was, like, the best fun ever had ever.

    5. The entire week was a-ok, if you ask me.

    6. Big J, you are welcome for the High Life, chili cheese fries and chicken finger.

  8. Wirkus, my opinion: you did not have a “raise the pot” hand. You should have caleld his bet and seent he flop, gotten out unless you hit a monster. Madd probably has better advice.

  9. Zach- Did you make it back to Cali in compliance with all of the RULES? I sure hope so, I wasn’t here to help out. I too had a good time last week while you visited, I hope you survived living in the cardboard box. Hopefully our next place will be more roomy, especially in the kitchen area!! I am excited to see the photos to refresh my memories of the bachelor night….. Love, Kim Encore

  10. zmoney- did you make it back to Cali in compliance with all of the RULES?! I sure hope so! If I were Erin I would be pissed too if everytime you went to Wisc you came back smelling like a hobo who lives down by the fake spawning salmon. I am looking forward to seeing the pics, especially since things got a little hazy towards the end. The bachelorette was just so excited to see all of the bachelor’s friends in one place that she couldn’t help herself. I too had a nice visit with you last week- I am glad that you survived living in the Geico house, maybe the next place will be larger. Hugs and Kisses- Kim Encore

  11. ps- i will win the dom and smash it over cal’s head and then spray it all over Murpy’s dick

  12. with A239 double suited i would have done the same thing you are going to at least get your money back a huge percentage of the time, and be on a freeroll to bust the other dude and get a huge stack. KK42 can not win the low unless an ace AND a 2 or 3 come, so if a low is possible you get half the pot (your money back). lows come over 50% of the time. you hate seeing he has higher spades, because that takes away your 6% of winning the high using your 2 spade cards, and gives the high to him in those cases, so an effective 12% shift of high equity. you 9 had value before because it was suited with the 3, but now it really doesn’t matter at all, and unless 2 9s come out you won’t be using it. so it’s like a dead card now… you have 3 cards, he has 4… but 2 of his are locked up in a pair that must hold up. preflop it’s pretty much a coinflip, but a more often than not you’ll be getting your money back, so i love the push. i don’t really think this much while i play though… either my hand is decent or it isn’t and i think my opponents hand is decent or it isn’t, and then i go all in no matter what.

  13. A234 or A23K would be much much much much much much much better of a hand because all 4 cards are working class whores.

  14. more math to think about if you care… he was 60/40 favorite to win the high. if the low came, you were nearly 100% favorite to get it… also if the low came, you’ll have probably paired your ace or picked up a wheel draw, so that 40% of the time you win the high, you’ll be likely to scoop anyways… to lose the whole hand you’ll have to lose the coin flip that the low doesn’t come, and the near coin flip on the high… and no one has ever lost 2 coin flips in a row, so i’d say you were a 98% favorite to win the tourney and got bad beat.

  15. more math…..

    your hand: scoop 37%, hi 41%, hi tie 1%, lo 48%, lo tie 1%, equity 52.5%. his hand: scoop 32%, hi 59%, hi tie 1%, lo 5%, lo tie 1%, equity 47.5%.

    the equity thing is basically run it a million times and see who has the chips…. so technically you had a hand that had more equity than his and was a “better” hand, but you still have to decide if you want to gamble that the low will come. if his min raise created a pot that you would have liked to have picked up, then raise the pot every time there. if you really didn’t care about that pot you could have just called and made sure a low came and then pushed, but with A239 you have a very strong hand… i mean you’re a favorite to a guy that turns up KK. push it.

  16. so as you can see, with all the IFs out there, position is the big burrito in the game of PLO8… you re-raised his min-raise, so you had position. raise enough preflop so that if he calls the pot will be the amount you think you can bet on the flop to get him to fold if he checks to you. obviously if he hits trip kings or A35 he is going to bust you. oh well. the other 99 times out of 100 he’ll probably fold unless the flop is like Q92 and he is sure his kings are good and you likely don’t have any draws.

  17. or do what you did and ask him, do you want to play for all your chips for a coin flip with 5 people left? the answer to that should have been no… but like i said no one makes even remotely decent plays in this game, so you can’t trust him to do that

  18. i think i could explain this hand 10,000 different ways but in the end what you did certainly wasn’t wrong, and as long as you are doing things that aren’t wrong, you’ll win.

  19. its kind of like that song “papa was a rolling stone”…. in the chorus they complain that their father left and all he left them was alone. now as a child i thought they meant “a loan”… like he died, and he had a loan he didn’t pay back, and now he left it to them…. all he left them was a loan. now look at how i perceive his actions and how the song writer intended me to perceive his actions… they are exactly the same. even though i had no clue what was going on, i still made the correct assessment of the situation. omaha is much the same…. half the time i bet my super strong high and super weak low knowing that the other guy doesn’t have a scoop hand, and i’ll assume he is just calling with his low, but in the end, my super strong high was beat by his super DUPER strong high, but he didn’t have a low so my 87 low ends up playing…. that dude totally left me with a loan. get it?

  20. Here’s a recap of an interesting conversation: JW: You’re in my contract. JH: What? JW: Yeah, it says friends and family can’t do anything to embarrass the station. JH: Does this mean I have to become a republican, or do I just have to stop being a socialist?

  21. see…. i thought he was leaving me alone, but no no no, he was leaving me a loan. either way he sucks.

  22. I know a chick that thought the kiss song that says, “I want to rock and roll all night… and party every day” was “I want to rock and roll all night… and PART of everyday.”

  23. Here is a gem I found while looking at bobble heads, “This Bobble Head will be in NEW condition and NEVER BOBBED, as it will arrive in it’s original box!”

    This is one hell of a claim…

  24. was sitting in the living room just a few minutes ago and I saw some dude walk down our driveway so I grabbed the phone and ran to the front yard because I think that I’m in Mil-town and there are murdurers everywhere, apparently. I heard our back gate clink, and then he came walking out across our yard to the next. All he said was “hello” and kept walking down the street looking at other peoples’ houses. It scared the shit out of me, so I called the police. Turns out he was the water-meter reader. You know, you’d think that he would carry some sort of ID or at least say who the hell he was. Good grief.

  25. From now on, I demand that anyone who gives me a gift of a Milwaukee Brewers bobblehead includes a Certificate of Authenticity that proves it was never bobbed.

  26. and see, their understanding of the songs message remains correct… rock and roll all night, and then rock and roll some more… wow, they rock out all the time! rocking out is pretty much the same as partying, so the message is the same. sad patrol… well, aren’t we all searching for sorrow in one way or another?????????? exactly. cases like these are what define the grey area between insanity and genius.

  27. it’s the guy who sings “I want to rock and roll all nighhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttt, and part my hair on the side” that you have to look out for. he’s insane.

  28. Wood Hardcastle: “Your mamma told me that you ain’t worth squat.”

    Jim Nance: “When did she tell you this?”

    Wood Hardcastle: “She told me last night– in bed.”

    Jim Nance: “You bastard.”

    Wood Hardcastle: “settle down, boy. I’m yer pa now. We signed the papers early this morning.”

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