The Pics

I have a gallery of pictures up from Wirkus’ Bachelor Party; the post is still en route (it hit a turnip truck on the way into town). Enjoy, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments. If I know the answer, I’ll say it. If not, I won’t.

Wirkus won the poker tourney: I call shenanigans.

Poppin his collar before a night out.

Zach v. Renee in Dance Dance Revolution. I slaughtered her.

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66 thoughts on “The Pics

  1. 4 left, i’m chip leader, JJ, all in vs AT. donkey ass caught an ace on the flop. bah. in 3rd now

  2. 1st skrillions $1,431.00
    5th P A L $381.60

    Our first final table as pals. We had 25% of each other so Madd owes me $250. Good playing, buddy. I did my best but got donked 2X at the final table, once by the same dude who almost beat madd. But I digress. Madd is the hero of the day.


  3. almost beat me? ha. if by almost you mean he had a 2% chance of winning for 8 seconds and then went back to 0%, then he, he totally almost beat me. i OWN. i broke data, fool

  4. Also, good morning, Masters os the Whazz-Universe. I vote Cal 3rd best whazzer. Bronze, you schmuck. Schmuck means weiner in Yiddish.

  5. i got 7th in the $30 PLO8 tourney that immediately followed my victory. 9 left at the final table and i’m 2nd in chips ready to greg raymer these fuckers for another $600. sadly i get 5 out rivered twice and bust out 7th for 100 bucks.

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