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  1. WOULD THEY??????? no…………………… nooooooooo. right? nooooooooooooooooooooooo. maybe????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no way. nooooooooooooooooooo. maybe? oh god they did.

  2. come on ess’ay, i’m sober now… how you think i could die in a hotel ess’ay? VATO LOCO ESS’AY! CHINGATO, I’M ALIVE VATO!

  3. Hooleeee Shit that is funny. The little show in my mind because of these words is A plus 100000.

    “I know you’re backstage, ‘Taker, and if you’re the man you say you are, then you’ll have the balls—and basic funerary-organization skills—to come out here right now and accept this challenge!”

  4. Wirkus- What’s your email address? I have a few ideas for wedding songs that may not make you puke. I hate a lot of stuff, & I don’t hate these songs. So you might like them. Also, on the topic of the Undertaker…who knew he was still in business? I have not watched wrestling for like 20 years, & I think he was wrasslin’ then. Props to you, Undertaker, on outliving the old dudes. Except the Hulk…but he only remains relevant because of his hot daughters.

  5. 1. I was posting at work and had to run.
    2. Hogan’s daughter is not hot.
    3. I took 3rd in a Omaha Hi Lo Limit tourney. Mother of shit did that take a loooooooooooong time.

  6. Yikes! I was reading some old posts and came across this:

    “Ok, I bet 20$. If they win, I get 36$ and Bellgirl, my beautiful baby, gets taken on the hottest 36$ date ever. If they lose, I lose 20$, I write up a contact that states I will never, ever bet on the Brewers again and sign it with my own blood, and I punch myself in the nuts. My plans for the rest of the evening: drink Miller Lite and scream at the TV. Go Brewers”

    What happened to that contract?

  7. Yea jessie you can send stuff here it just takes a little while. My address is Barrio El Centro Casa #52 Yamabal, Morazan, El Salvador, Cento America. Would really like to go but dont know really how realstic that is.

  8. 1) Thanks Wirkie
    2) I say we put together a fund for Sean to come to the wedding.
    3) That’s all. I am allotted about 5 posts on this site yearly, & I think this may be #3, so I have to watch it.

  9. thanks for the address sean, we’ll send you an invite, maybe you’ll even get it before the wedding and definitely understandable if you can’t make the journey…. glad to know you’re alive down there.

  10. 1. Long time no post.
    2. Moneypenny should put together a post about his first encounter with the bar known as Winters (also my place of employment).
    3. After visiting said bar, Moneypenny put his finger in Blaine’s butt crack for 5 American Dollars.
    4. Yuck!

  11. Hey wirkuses…
    1. Are you have a rehersal on Thursday the 5th? If so, what time?
    2. You need some sort of name that reflects both wirkus and bellgirl… bellkus? Wirkgirl? Wirkbellwhazz?
    That’s all.

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