Turkee Day

Fairly typical Thanksgiving Day here in Franksville, WI. Ate early in the day and then fell asleep for a while watching football. I stupidly didn’t get me pool picks logged in time, and had to take a loss on the two games today. I’m still No. 1 in my work pool, but the gap is closing and losing two games automatically won’t help.

Last night I stayed over in Milwaukee and went out with wwhazz and the Lawman. Pretty good night out and about down by Brady St. We hit The Landmark, of course, and then went home to play Scrabble. Wwhazz used his stupendous knowledge of the english language to win. I owe him $5, I think.

We’re leaning towards going out in Racine on Friday night. No definite plans yet, but I’ll alert Whazzmaster when we make a decision. I just know you all obsessively check Whazzmaster.com for your social calendar updates. Well it’s the holidays, bitches; you’d better do just that if you want a chance in hell of hanging out with someone as cool me.

all i want for xmas is some new cologne

6 thoughts on “Turkee Day

  1. i am out right now… i post to whazzmaster using my intershoe. it’s a shoe, butit’s (i think but it is should be reduced to butit’s) also connected to the internet. hold on, i have to put my shoe back on.

  2. wow, after i sobered up and read it, i was going to appologize for it’s retardness, but then i remembered that i’m never sorry…

  3. Saved by the skin of my butthole:

    Seat 1: JiggyMike ($1,500 in chips)
    Seat 2: oldfart2 ($2,180 in chips)
    Seat 3: zachery [9H,AH,QD,AC] ($1,500 in chips)
    Seat 4: leaf597 ($1,480 in chips)
    Seat 5: fedino ($1,380 in chips)
    Seat 6: mrmosses ($1,500 in chips)
    Seat 7: masherhousel ($1,500 in chips)
    Seat 8: dpe52219 ($980 in chips)
    Seat 9: SLICK14170 ($1,500 in chips)
    Seat 10: MightyD88 x ($1,480 in chips)
    fedino posts blind ($10), mrmosses posts blind ($20).

    masherhousel folds, dpe52219 bets $70, SLICK14170 folds, MightyD88 x calls $70, JiggyMike folds, oldfart2 calls $70, zachery calls $70, leaf597 calls $70, fedino calls $60, mrmosses folds.

    FLOP [board cards AD,4S,9C ]
    fedino checks, dpe52219 bets $440, MightyD88 x calls $440, oldfart2 folds, zachery bets $1,430 and is all-in, leaf597 folds, fedino folds, dpe52219 calls $470 and is all-in, MightyD88 x calls $970 and is all-in.

    TURN [board cards AD,4S,9C,5S ]

    RIVER [board cards AD,4S,9C,5S,9S ]

    zachery shows [ 9H,AH,QD,AC ]
    dpe52219 shows [ 2D,JC,3H,KC ]
    MightyD88 x shows [ 8D,3D,2H,8H ]
    zachery wins high $20, MightyD88 x wins low $500, zachery wins high $500, MightyD88 x wins low $793, dpe52219 wins low $792, zachery wins high $1,585.
    Dealer: leaf597
    Pot: $4,190
    JiggyMike, loses $0
    oldfart2, loses $70
    zachery, bets $1,500, collects $2,105, net $605
    leaf597, loses $70
    fedino, loses $70
    mrmosses, loses $20
    masherhousel, loses $0
    dpe52219, bets $980, collects $792, net -$188
    SLICK14170, loses $0
    MightyD88 x, bets $1,480, collects $1,293, net -$187

  4. i’m found some cheap tickets to come out to cali. i’d get into SFO at 10:40pm on wednesday and need to be at the airport around 10pm on monday. i was hoping to crash a couple nights at the pennysteins and a couple nights at GMXXX’s. does this sound workable to all parties involved? HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLA

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