Crispin Crittlesticks!

You absolutely, positively have to read the thread from Whazzgiving 2003. Fucking goddamned hilarious. The comments are brilliant (and in the case of Mia, Jen, prescient as well). Here’s one of my comments:

[December 3, 2003 10:54 AM] by zachery
Jen, you are called by only the most clinically insane people in Wisconsin, and that’s a part of the world often touched by madness.

Believe when I say you should read the comments all the way to the bottom, if only for Cal’s last, best word on the subject of Sunnyvale.

Wirkus, telling GMC a secret:

GMC, come here, I got a secret for you:
You are moving to the California version of Oconomowoc. Have fun, big spender. Maybe you can get a job as the dude who stands on the corner and holds the big arrow that says “Buy Mattresses here” and points at that bomb ass mattress store up the street from your house. At least then you’ll be a part of the most happening place in Sunnybutthole, CA. I think I heard at least a couple of rappers rap about that place. At least the hobos in SF are interesting


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