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I’m in a project launch all week 9a-5p, so I thought I’d open a new thread for you. A model thread who showed up every day to school and got straight A’s. This here’s the Thread of a New Generation. New Coke? New Thread. Nuff said.

Happy Birthday’s to Uncle Big Show. Straight outta Compton, that dude is. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

thread’s dead, baby. thread’s dead.

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  1. cal: “maybe i’m wrong. I mean you got him, he’s not ever getting out. there is no threat.”…. response: people have escaped from jail in the past. they will escape from jail in the future. if they escape, they will kill again. they are killers. simple as that.

    jen: “Wisconsin law and Florida law are comparable because they are two political sub-units within the same federal system subject to the same constitutional restraints and guarantees”…. response: uh…. but the topic we are discussing falls under neither of those constitutional assumptions. states can do whatever they choose. if wisconsin can do whatever it chooses under the accepted interpretation of the constitution, and florida can do the same, then it shouldn’t matter at the federal level which decision they make. if it did, there is a mistake in the federal process. i don’t think there is, so i don’t think comparison of wisconsin to florida is relevant. just how relevant do i think it is? about the same as comparing wisconsin law to icelandic law…. i mean they are both sub-units of cold as fuck places, right? and about the vengeance point… are you just giving that up or what? so because death by needle isn’t as vengeful as a shotgun blast, it should not be seen as a viable punishment…… riiiiiiiiight. yes, the punishment should meet the crime. not eye for an eye… we are an capitalistic free society, so punishment falls obviously in the forms of dollar fines and loss of freedoms. MURDER is a special case. nothing could make up for it. and they ARE a threat. if not to society (if they are able to escape), to other prisoners who deserve safety while under the states incarceration.

  2. jen: “I don’t care about all of this moral bladdybloo and poor victims and let’s all cry because life should be fair. Life isn’t fair. Sometimes people are born to mothers who because pregnant because of an incident of rape at the age of………..” i saw an episode of south park about this… i believe it is called the chewbaca defense. weren’t we talking about capital punishment? killing is wrong. killers exists. NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU. NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU. NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU. NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU. NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU. NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU. killers must be killed. there is no other solution.

  3. lets say a man named meve stizrack is convicted of murder and killed under california state law. what would you do?

  4. jen: “put ’em behind a prison wall and let’s all move on with our lives”…. response: the more people behind bars, the more of “our lives” will have to be sacrificed. they don’t disappear behind those walls. there isn’t a magical food replicator in every cell. toilets just don’t happen. and i heard this rumor that populations behind bars are exactly living all hunky doory (sp?) skipping around the prison quad whistling the theme song to andy griffith. “dealing” with them doesn’t stop at sentancing. Big J’s personal responsibility in the system stops there. you can not “deal” with someone who is willing to kill. everyone feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO strongly about not killing people. IMAGINE SOMEONE WHO DIDN’T. can you even do it?! they are FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. you can’t find a line to say “ok, these people deserve the chair, and these don’t”………. “IF YOU KILL SOMEONE, YOU GET THE CHAIR. IF YOU DON’T KILL ANYONE, YOU WILL NOT GET THE CHAIR.” act of passion? fuck you, pay me. revenge for murder? fuck you, pay me. i mean, the fucking police walk around with fucking GUNS. you do realize that you are giving INDIVIDUAL COPS the right to invoke the death penalty. sure they have codes to follow, but so do the courts, and there are a lot more checks and balances. SO JEN, explain the following act of randomness…. our criminal will be named “SETH” just to make sure you can’t play the race card. seth goes in the gas station and pulls out a gun. he gets the money tells the clerk to get down, and fires the gun, but misses intentionally just to scare the clerk and buy a few more seconds. he runs off, gets picked up and processed and now he’s in jail. BUT WAIT, there was a cop in the store, waiting over by the frozen pizzas and condiment stand. jerky was on sale at the end of the isle, and he surely would have picked some up had he gotten that far before seth walked in. the cop has his hand on his gun the entire time. the shot is fired, officer reacts, goes for an immobilizing shot, and kills seth. the cop is a hero. randomness. if only seth had robbed a store in florida… at least that cop wouldn’t have been standing there.

  5. i think the entire reason this was made a states issue is because of the obvious inherent controversy. to be clear again, i really don’t care much, i’m just presenting the arguement for the pro. people not willing to kill can not manage people who are willing to kill. its the asshole always wins theory in full direct effect. was that racial?

  6. So how fair is this? Two kids, A and B, so we can give up the race card, go to a convenience store. A and B plan to rob the store and grab some cigarettes, because they are only 17 years old. A, unbeknownst to B, has a gun. When they enter the store, A pulls the gun and A and B tell the clerk to give them all the money in the cash drawer and a carton of Doral Lights (just don’t want to play the race card here, folks). As the clerk is filling a plastic Have a Nice Day bag, a police officer emerges from behind the coffee island; he draws his weapon and shoots A dead, who is holding the gun pointed at the clerk. B is charged with Party to a Crime Armed Robbery (a felony), and felony murder for the death of his accomplice, A (when a death occurs during the commission of a felony). He gets a life sentence, and because of truth in sentencing laws he will die in prison. Plus when the crime was committed he was 17, but was waived into adult court. NOW HOW FUCKING FAIR IS THIS? IT IS NOT FAIR, AND IT DOES NOT ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING BUT PUNISHING SOMEONE FOR BEING UNLUCKY AND PROBABLY REALLY STUPID. POLITICIANS LIKE LAWS LIKE THIS, AS WELL AS THE DEATH PENALTY, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE TOUGH ON CRIME. HOW ABOUT CHANGING THE FACTORS THAT ENCOURAGE CRIME? But killing everyone who has killed a person is just stupid, because that type of system would completely deny the individual circumstances that often lead to different kinds of conviction in the first place, so you would effectively have to replace all of the different homicide degrees with one: Killing. Good idea, Mad Scientist. Maybe you should run for office. You’d fit right in. (Your post was really funny, though, and I especially liked the “seth so you can’t play the race card” part).

  7. Punishing someone for being stupid by a life sentence in prison is antithetical to the entire theory of criminal justice. You punish people by different degrees of severity because of the state of mind that was behind the act. There are stupid latin phrases for this stupid shit, but I don’t feel like anymore complicated legal intellectual masturbation for today. 25-page seminar paper FOOTNOTED. BOOM. BOLD CAL.

  8. i do not want to change any of the current homicide laws or punishments. i am very simply suggesting that if there are degrees of homicide, that one exists such that the person who is clearly and without question guilty of this degree deserves no punishment other than death.

  9. i’m assuming that your hypothetical was a real case, and the suspects were black, and the cigs were king 100s. or maybe basics… man i remember those things at lee’s deli and even as a child i remember thinking, man, those basics seem like a SUPER deal… i wonder why no one buys them. here is the only problem jen… if lawmakers agree that in this special case, suspect B should be given like 1 year and community service… then you also must accept your new loophole. now any situation where the number of guns is less than the number of accused, then they can “run it up the B hole” and say they didn’t know nothin about nothin. should we believe them? i agree with you, some of them are telling the truth, but look at that flood gate… you think you can plug that up? its the same thing as ignorance of the law is not a defense. don’t you remember the star trek where wesley fell in the plants? dude didn’t realize that breaking any law meant death by injection on the spot. WHOOPS. but without that simple rule you have chaos, because anyone can claim ignorance. so Y2J, i am going to assume that you understand that ignorance of the law is not a defense, and also that you agree with it. if that is the case, then you MUST look at your hypothetical situation and realize that suspect B is FUUUUUUCKED. sorry dude… you very well may be telling the truth, but it’s just as likely you decided to leave your gun home because you both agreed one would be enough, and if you got caught you could just run this story and get off… we’re a smart enough society not to make laws with such obvious flaws. i mean how do you expect to determine the “level of involvedness” of each party to a crime… you can’t. don’t try. girl i know you know why. you can’t. don’t try. girl i know you know why. you can’t. NO. don’t try. NOPE. girl i know you know why WHOOP WHOOP

  10. optional tangent… “IT DOES NOT ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING BUT PUNISHING SOMEONE FOR BEING UNLUCKY AND PROBABLY REALLY STUPID”… you are implying that punishing people for being “unlucky and probably really stupid” is wrong. this is one of those fun logical inverse grouping problems… what is sufficient or neccessary to make it wrong. what if you were lucky and stupid? what if you were lucky and a genius? what if you were unlucky and a genius? you stated a fact but didn’t imply what was inherently wrong with it, or what exactly you were implying. VERY political response. if someone is unlucky and stupid, uhhh…….. that sounds like the kind of person that needs special guidance, and may be the ideal candidates for the true intentions of the rehabitual prison system. i’m just asking, why is it not ok if people who are unlucky and stupid tend to get caught breaking the law more than people in any other combination of intelligence and luck. i mean… it’s obvious. so basically, your big, huge, this is where i use caps and let everyone know this is why i think what i think, statement is pure fluff.

  11. we’re sick of getting in trouble all the time… DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


  13. Madd,

    Did you get this e-mail from pokerroom about the free ticket for the survey?

    “The department that has been doing the survey has informed us that there was a problem crediting the accounts automatically with the tickets. They are currently adding the tickets manually to the accounts. They have assured us that all accounts will be credited by no later than the 16 January 2006. Again, I apologize for the delay regarding this matter.”

    So much for 5 days. What assholes. I’m at partypoker until I get that ticket.

  14. any predictions on this howard stern nonsense? i say he flops. flippidy flippidy flop. not so much because people won’t listen or buy that new radio but because without rules to break he loses his identity. it’s like paradise lost… our lives are defined by the boundaries we impose on ourselves. take those boundaries away and you have nothing. howard stern “uncensored” loses all allure. not that i listened to that jerk anyway. well, at least he got kerry elected. oh wait, he’s useless.

  15. Why don’t you go down and staple your ding dong to a cardboard cut out of Howard Stern at Best Buy as an act of protest?

    Aww… I’m just yankin yer chain…oops. Poop came out.

  16. howard stern only defined himself through rules because they were in place… it is all he became, not all he is or could be. after seeing that george carlin special, you’ll see how much further there is to go. i mean, dude was like, we shouldn’t bury dead teenage girls because it’s a waste of perfectly good pussy. even i gasped a little on that one. you have a “shock jock”… there are still more than enough ways to continue that trend… the only limiting factor is people buying the radios and signing up, which they probably will do. i probably wont.

  17. I have XM radio. It comes with a Howard Stern knock-off show called Opie and Andy. It’s pretty stupid (the show) but overall I fucking love XM. It’s only 11 bucks a month and I get like 250 radio stations. It’s like having a Hojo DMX in my house and car. Also, I get every single baseball game, so I can Ucker it up in San Diego. It also comes with 24 hr NPR so I can listen to This American Life every day. I’m real lazy about changing and buying CDs and I enjoy the sheer randomness of radio, so this puppy works for me.

    And if you are wondering, XM and Sirrus are about the same. The only diff is Sirrus comes with NFL and Howard Stern. XM has college football, MLB, Hockey and Nascar. Vrooom, vroom.

  18. Also, I hate going to the movies (no drinking, smoking, eating, pausing or dogs allowed) so I stay a good six months behind the pack and rent. But tonight I’m going to King Kong, and I’m pretty excited. I’ve never seem any Lord of the Rings movies but as a kid, King Kong and Godzilla, pretty much anything gigantic, were my favorites. I really hope it’s good. I’m both excited and skeptical. I mean, even “good” action movies (like the new Batman and Spider man) bore the shit out of me.

  19. anyone want to open a movie theater with me that allows all that? like everyone get’s a pause button, so if anyone needs it paused, we all wait. and dogs everywhere… but dogs love movies, so don’t worry about them.

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