Technology Is Great

A several-step process:

  1. Go here: Download and install the Yahoo Widget Engine for Windows or Mac (whichever, if you don’t know which one to get then you don’t deserve Whazzmaster being served to your very desktop).
  2. After it is installed, download and install this widget.
  3. Open the preferences for the newsreader widget. You now have two choices:
    1. If you want to get the last 6 posts to Whazzmaster delivered to your desktop, paste the following URL into the “Your RSS feed” text field:
    2. If, like me however, you want to see the last 6 COMMENTS posted to Whazzmaster, with links straight to the comment, paste THIS URL into the “Your RSS feed” text field:
  4. Enjoy getting Whazzmaster updates every X minutes. I know I will.

This is the end of your tech support. Figure the rest out yourselves. I don’t reccomend software lightly. I figure it’s gotta be easy enough for you retards to understand.

–when you mouseover the user, it shows an excerpt of their comment

70 thoughts on “Technology Is Great

  1. 28 people left in 280 man multi. top 20 get paid. i’m 6th in chips. i have AJ. flop KQT. get all in against a genius with AK. turn K. river K. ghost ghost ghost in 28th place with nothing. someone rub my balls for me.

  2. mother fucker popped up 93% bright as fuck yellow and somehow 93 might as well have been 50/50 in my mind. the turn brought terror. the river brought fate.

  3. i mean, all tourney long i was getting my money in 93% against bigger stacks and doubling up over and over… i guess eventually you lose one of those. fuck that.

  4. new tourney, first hand dude goes all in with AA and gets called by KTo ?!?!?!?! flop T2T… and another T on the turn just for fun. pokerroom gives a severe underdog quads two hands in a row that i’m sitting in on. very odd. and the cyclical nature of pokerrooms perception of “luck” is very very very odd. and yet i play on.

  5. weirdest name of an opponent: “OLDMAN FRUIT”. try and figure out what that implies… the answers are quite varied.

  6. sleep… gainful employment…. i swear to christ, the petty shit you people trouble yourselves with. it humors the ba-jesus out of me.

  7. As an apparently gay-leaner (!) I’m glad that my opinion is valid in watch selection. Did you know that way back when (i.e., the olden days) that when a man purchased an engagement ring for a woman, the gift was commonly reciprocated by the woman giving the man a fine Time-Piece? Anyways, here’s how I weigh in: I liked the movado that wwhazz first posted, but then, that’s my aesthetic. I like simplicity in all things. On the other end of the spectrum, I hate the watches that Alandovos linked to. Nothing against them, or the people that like them. I just think they’re jacked up with too many gewgaws and such. No sleekness to be found. Most of the bulovas=pffft. The TAGs are a mixed-bag. I tend to think that the ones I would like run around $20,000. Get one of those, if you please. On the other hand, I may be about to commit a sin in the eyes of the gay-slipping scientist: Rolexes are for shit, looks-wise. So, my suggestion is Movado of some sort, but then again you know my preferences. Amalgam my gay-leaning opinions with your own watch-world-view and snatch yourself a fine Time-Piece.

    I’m working on the weekend post. It’ll take awhile, since Cal provide no framework for me to fill holes in. He just stared at a large, majestic canyon where a bridge should built, sighed to himself and said, “It’s done.”

  8. For those who like old-timey watches: that one’s pretty good. New band and she’ll be fit as a fiddle.

  9. Thanks for the tips. I too like simple though the Oris and olde-tyme watches are both new paths to explore.

  10. Unfortunately my watch isn’t listed at that site I posted anymore. The one I got is here . Very classy and no gewgaws, which I agree do not appreciate on a fine timepiece.

  11. for bulova. what would be really cool would be to get a real ACUTRON bulova watch. i have a bulova it says: congratulations 10 years anita chow- on the back. apparently anita didn’t care for her men’s bulova watch and thanks ebay she and i struck a deal.

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