On Your Marks…

I’m leaving in a few hours to fly back to Wisconsin. Barring unforseen airplane crashes slash weather related crap, I’ll be there tonight at 10pm (Central). Like Santee Claws, I have a sack full of goodies for girls and boys, but unlike him I also swear a lot and have a penchant for vodka.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to: time with family, and TDAC 2005 (awwww yeah). If you’re interested in hitting the fabulous Racine bars with us on December 26th hit Mike Jones up on the low, cause Mike Jones about to blow. Til then, from the front lines of The War On Xmas: Happy Holidays!

— fuck bill o’reilly. seriously, he’s a waste of fundmental biological constituent parts.

3 thoughts on “On Your Marks…

  1. Dearest Cal,

    I am very upset with my grade. On all of the papers that I have handed in I
    have got better than a D. I am really upset with why my final grade is a D. I
    am in class almost everyday except when i was on vacation. I would really like
    to know how you figure that i have a D. Thank you and email me back asap.

  2. ha prof wwhaz is that from one of your students? what’s up with a D? dude got better than a D on all the papers he handed in plus he was in class almost everyday except when he was on vacation. how you figure he got a D?

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