Happy Holiday

Just remember, every time you say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” God kills a kitten.

Did you get everything you wanted for the holidays? I got undershirts, gift cards, cashola, and Arrested Development Season One. I am still a little hungover from last night’s drinking. I started at 4pm-ish, and the train didn’t stop until I got home at 2am. Vodka, all night. Barf. I think I’m gonna go make myself a bloody mary, but what if the reason I’m hungover is that I drank 5 bloody marys last night? Barf again.

–seeya soon whazzer

7 thoughts on “Happy Holiday

  1. Not too hungover. TDAC oh-fizzle was a rousing success… again. Traditional drunkeness followed by traditional after-party at the Kristopeit Abode.

  2. 1. I had fun last night. Thanks for coming to Milwaukee.
    2. Does anyone really sign up for Classmates/Reunion.com memberships? Am I just really cheap and poor?
    3. Where do these people we search for over break to serve as a blast from the past hide these days? HS sightings were a bit of a disappointment this year … although I can’t complain since I stayed away myself.

  3. I’m whazzin from Wilson’s Coffee & Tea in West Racine. Alice just walked in, and ignored me again. *dreamy sigh*

  4. Alice did not ignore me. She came over prior to leaving and chatted for quite a while. I also snatched an old acquaintances’ digits for my buddy Arlo. Arlo, if’n yer out there, holler at a player when you see me on the streets.

    Oh yeah, and if I didn’t make it clear enough in the post, thanks again Madd for hosting the pizzaafterparty at your parents cribbo.

    Rando McBando.

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