TDAC™ 2005

The Day After Christmas went off without a hitch last night. A cast of half-dozens was there to drink and play various pseudo-games under the harsh winter sky in Racine, Wisconsin. The gallery is up, with commentary this time. Bonus pictures are from an earlier drink we had with Big J and the unflappable Rachel Roth. Seriously, I’ve never seen her flap even once. That’s a good thing, I’m pretty sure. James Walters was on injured reserve with a torn ACL, and Wirksuwhazz was out of town on official business. Maybe next year, guys. Maybe next year.

–traditional afterparty: scientist’s parents’ basement and homemade pizza at 4am

9 thoughts on “TDAC™ 2005

  1. before i headed back this morning i made a run to kewpees and bought 3 double cheeseburgers so i could eat one and bring the rest back to have leftover Q goodness for countless meals to come. that is if you can’t count to 2. anyways, rachel somehow thinks that a heavy kewpee bag must just be garbage and for some reason decided to throw it away when i stopped 5 hours later at a subway so she could eat. i am so fucking pissed. 4 blades pissed.

  2. oh, and the “no idea” pictures… 5 fool. 5. $5 is riding on this game. it was a visual receipt just in case the big-a wanted to nig on the bet. did you want that video of dude playing? very intense concentration. it was funnier the ball before i recorded, but i was still happy enough with the performance to not delete it on take 1. take 2 couldn’t fit into the budget.

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