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  1. hi yall isn’t this site boring! boring boring so i thought i’d post my two cents… ommmmm this time on spitting! grosss to spit. mmmmm did you all dig on that swearing rant? half baked if i do say so myself. so what to talk about today to an empty house? how about asdf asdf asdf there must be som story to tell i could post an bukowski poem might as well do that:

    “question and answer”
    he sat naked and drunk in a room of summer
    night, running the blade of the knife
    under his fingernails, smiling, thinking
    of all the letters he had received
    telling him that
    the way he lived and wrote about
    it had kept them going when
    all seemed

    putting the blade on the table, he
    flicked it with a finger
    and it whirled
    in a flashing circle
    under the light.

    who the hell is going to
    me? he

    as the knife stopped spinning
    the answer came:
    you’re going to have to
    save yourself.

    still smiling,
    a: he lit a
    b: he poured
    c: gave the blade

    –from The Last Night of the Earth Poems

    so that’s something anyway. later gators.


  2. coincidentally i read your poem while watching the day after tomorrow. the day after tomorrow is the wedding rehearsal. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. very bad movie. shitty plot devices that constantly broke logic. shitty effects. no close up vaginal penetration shots. very poor use of prose. the rehearsal should be much much better. at least we can be certain about at least one category improving. and most certainly it will be cal doing the improving upon.

  4. Here is the story about when B and I saw TDAT:

    We had to take the truck to the southside of MKE to get something or other done to it. It was going to take longer than we expected, so we decided to go across the street to the budget theater to watch a movie. The moving that was just starting was the day after tomorrow. We went up to pay for it, and the guy printed out our tickets. We handed him our checkcard, which apparently they don’t take at budget south. So we scavenged for change and rounded up about $2.73. The guy looked at us with some disdain, rolled his eyes, and muttered, “just go in.” So, with $2.73 in the bank, we went in to watch TDAT. It was terrible. About 45 minutes into the movie, our phone rang and the truck was ready and with a great sense of relief, we walked out.

    The end.

  5. the movie starts out hell on wheels… forgets where it’s going, tries to convince you that a climax already happened, does this 3 more times, the impossible becomes fact and then it is learned that all the fear was for naught. aka the recipe to piss me the fuck off.

  6. notably, it was 2fer night and we also rented the island. this movie i found quite interesting. i didn’t really criticize it as a movie ever though, because i sort of knew the premise (manufactured humans raised for spare parts). i believe that this premise poses a finite number of trivial complications. the movie explores them all in fair and well thought out manners. it didn’t really have a message other than “check this out” to me, because it was a hodge-podge of what ifs. all in all, good movie.

  7. Hey everyone, it’s your good buddy zach aka RAJ coming to you from hortonville, wisconsin! I’m staying at jessi’s house! I’m eating dinner with her parents! Oops, gotta go do reception rehearsal. seeya thursday chumpS, i’ve been here all week. madd, i’ve already scouted out the best places to pick up chicks in hortonville: GET YOUR OWN.

  8. hey wwhaz we did the math wrong bc we are both dumb – i totally do not gain two hours when flying to wisco. so i get in the to chicago at 1:30 which will put me in northern wisconsin much later… like 5:30??? anyway i’ll call you. whoa last whazzing pre matrimony. what can i say. i had a dream last night that i won a trip to new zealand. but that wasn’t really it see what i won was a ticket to see the harlem globetrotters play basketball in new zealand. so i speant the whole dream wondering if i really actually had to go to the game or not. that’s what i dream about, trying to get out of harlem globetrotter games.

  9. I had a dream last night that Jessi’s wedding dress was black and it had a pink sash with white polka dots on it. It was very 1940’s and cute, but I’m looking forward to seeing something a little flufflier and white.

  10. “madd, i’ve already scouted out the best places to pick up chicks in hortonville: GET YOUR OWN”

    uh… does that mean you want me to: get my own places to scout, get my own places to pick up chicks; get my own chicks however i care; or the end result of your scouting is that none exist, hence BRING your own? either way, rach-o is coming with and she doesn’t car much for picking up chicks, so we’ll probably make a decision as a couple not to go ahead and do that.

  11. oh, and if you care, $20 multi. 500 entrants, down to 150 and i’m in 6th. top 60 get paid. i have like 14k and dude on my right has 16k. everyone else like 2.8k. i have been playing very very good, but i pushed like 3 times all in and took down pots once with a call, so aka i’m playing solid crazy man. the best kind of crazy man. blinds are 200-400. folds around to my rich neighbor who just limps. does this guy really want to take a flop with me for a $800 pot? seemed odd for the situation we were in, and oh by the way, i have pocket aces. i think he either is VERY strong or has complete rags looking to catch a pair and bet. so because those are the only two options, a minimum raise will tell me exactly what i’m up against. “make it 800, neighbor”. waited about 5 seconds then made it 2400. now, if you play poker against enough very very decent poker players, you know this guy has AK, KK, MAAAAAAAAAAYBE QQ. i push, he calls… QQ. fucker makes a flush runner runner and i’m out, and he’s the chip leader with one less chump on the board.

  12. yeah, he re-raised with QQ and i pushed with AA. blah. i’ll just be a pro backgammon player.

  13. My husband is crazy story #352

    We have a gift for the new Mr & Mrs, but I thought of something else that would be fun to give them, so I said to B:

    “Do you know what would be fun to give Wirkus & Jessie?”

    His response:

    “I don’t know? Herpes?”


  14. Ktk you ruined the surprise, your dream about my dress is true!!! Mike is always pushing for nonconventional so that is what I went with. HEEEHEEEEE- Also we aleady have herpes so your gift is ruined Brian. See you all tonight, love bellgirl

  15. You’re getting married tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Here’s a song I’ve been working on. It goes a little something like this:

    My bumps
    My bumps, my bumps, my bumps
    My manly man bumps
    Check it out

    It’s still a little rough, but you get the idea.

  17. also, Mpenny, I’ll go pick up hot chicks with you. I’m drunk with hormones for crying out loud.

    Also, Gitter-Wirkus family, I hereby request the pleasure of Gizmo and Parker as the mini bride and groom.

    La la la. Enough of this B.S. I need to pack the car, go to the bank, and get my hair done.

    Boom. Bold Cal Out.

  18. The reason I hate this website… well, one of the reasons… is because you can’t format properly. For instance “Check it out” from the post above was supposed to be on its own line. Now it looks all fucked up. Screw it. And thanks for ruining my song, whazzmaster.com. Thanks for nothin’.

  19. i am in bad shape. awesome wedding… it takes a lot to knock me down. good show. now, in the words of a drunken cal… PUMP THAT SHIT!

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