For all those peoples who loved my work on the Wwhazz/Bellygirl slideshow (along with their hard work in choosing which pictures to include, and then which pictures to cut), I have it available for download.

Click here to download in QuickTime format (Run time: 8:11, Size: 54.8 MB).

Picture galleries to come.

— hi gitters! andy, i challenge you to a game of virtual PONG, once it’s invented

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  1. Madd,

    I tried backammon on yahoo games…

    and a dude from Denmark quit midgame to ask me questions about my penis. Is that normal?

  2. play on gammonempire only. it is sooooooooooo much better than yahoo games. also free, but they have the option of real money, and like 10 times as many players. follow this link, then click on “preview clip” for a well made piece about math. to this day i am bitter about some NSA math challenge that i’m 100% sure i solved, but my math faculty advisor said was missing something… so i discarded everything, but looking back i’m sure he was wrong. fuck.

  3. 2 days ago i watched a wild america episode about wood peckers. tonight, there is a woodpecker in the tree right outside my window. it’s 12:30am, and the thing is loud AS FUCK and has been going the last hour or so. as a night hermit with an evil soul, and nature admirer freshly up to snuff on the birds, i am highly entertained. i don’t think anyone in this building could sleep right now… so hilarious.

  4. also, in my head, the advisor stole my solution (which i left on his chalkboard), and submitted it as his own and got like $5,000 or something from some obscure math journal that i would never know about. bah.

  5. I’m going to go into the business of making videos of boring professions and make them look interesting. I will then sell said videos for $149.95 each and become a 12! aire. Wait, WTF? damn, somebody’s already beat me to it.

  6. Good morning, whazzers. This morning I woke up at 3 a.m. and went back to sleep; every morning when JW leaves for work, I’m like, damn I’m glad that I’m not a newsman. Then I set my alarm for 5:30 so I could get to work at 7, but decided that I would just be normal and go at 8 a.m. Arose at 7 a.m., drank my lovely one-cup-alotted-coffee-per-day, and got ready. I’m like, uber responsible this semester, and got to work only about 15 minutes late this morning (although this fact is not reflected in my time sheet … don’t tell). Now I’m going to try to do these dumb ass research assignments super quick so that I can do some homework before “The Constitution and Criminal Investigation,” which is basically a class about how to resolve evidentiary/search and seizure issues in drug cases. Cross your fingers that I get drug court for my felony assignment. 10 hours a week in drug court; all the felony judges in rotation are former D.A.’s. I will learn from my adversaries how to be the best possible “get out of jail free card” I can be for my clients. Class, then surf the internet … I mean, study until 5 p.m., and then drink at Hagerty’s until whenev. My bedtime is about 9:30 lately, so we’ll report back on how late a Friday night I make it. I’m kind of excited, because all the cool kids in law school drink at Hagerty’s every night. It’s going to be like middle school all over again when I was invited to the Maritha-Emily-Katie-Angela joint birthday parties where I was a sympathy invite and kind of stood on the sidelines watching the cool kids be friends. No wonder Alice has such a complex.

  7. argh. my stupid email is not up and running. this is a shame b/c I have so many super cute pictures that i need to scan and send. i have a picture of our little girl *sucking her thumb* I also have a picture of her cute little feet. I need to send a picture of my baby’s cute little feet right now. Stupid email.

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