Answer Truthfully

Answer Truthfully: your future depends on it.

A class of humans throw their lives on the line for your amusement. They offer their health freely; no contract required. Tune in and see their travails, and toss a few coins their way if you like what you see. The question is: are you a wrestling fan? It’s an important question; and I want everyone’s answer below. The question is not whether you like wrestling today, whether you think the WWF(E) is entertaining, or good. The question is this: the sheer idea of “professional” wrestling. Yes or no. Right now, what’s your opinion. Do it.

–hint: my answer will be in the affirmative

34 thoughts on “Answer Truthfully

  1. I’m a fan. Everytime I think I can escape, I watch a a match that makes me actually cheer, and then its over. Let’s talk about this phenomenon, it matters.

  2. zach, listening to an old song of yours, you stated that there isn’t no higher than “electric gold sheets, and chromed out tires”. where does wrestling fall comparitively to these in your life?

  3. my current truthful answer: if raw is on, i’ll check it out and usually be surprised by how good it is or how bad it is… so at least it’s good for guaranteed surprise. i don’t know all the really old story lines, so a lot get’s by me, so now i just watch extremely casually and enjoy watching all the guys i’m extremely familiar with. no, not LIKE THAT,,,,…….. CAL!!! TNA seems to have a better product though, from my perspective, and i check it out much more often than raw. TNA lets the guys do a lot of somewhat high risk moves every single match… not the greatest recipe for longevity, but if your wrestlers come a dime a dozen, who gives a fuck. vince mcmahon has organized chaos too much, and now unorganized chaos (or just “chaos” as it is know in the streets), must step up and spine slam some poor hill-billy’s face right into a dairy queen blizzard spoon snapped in half. TNA wins hands down. UFC over both though. i really don’t like pride though… the difficulties with the boxing ring and dragging the guys back to the middle all the time totally takes me out of the action.

  4. i’ll spit 8 hits like atari spit bits /
    64 year old sis gets commodore from miss bliss /
    accomodated by bellmen sippin sampled swiss miss /
    unemployed like saint nick on taliban christ-miss /
    so i turn to see me cop a sega cd /
    pimpin on a couch runnin mega man 3 /
    zelda lava boots, i’m an NES G /
    and if yo dick is on piss, then you should NES pee


  5. I’m amused by the fact that it’s a soap opera that stars oiled up muscle bound dudes wearing superhero costumes. But as for actually watching it, not so much.

  6. Let’s step back and think about that for a second. Choreographed fights by oiled-up muscle bound dudes supposedly “booked” over the flimsiest of pretenses (example: one major feud in 2004 was between Booker T and Edge because Edge was awarded a Japanese shampoo commercial contract that Booker wanted. Read that again if necessary.) Jesus, how does this sham continue into the 21st century? Vince McMahon really is an old carny, no more. So why does it captivate people? I don’t have any answers.

  7. wait, except “zachery”… not sure if you need last name too… perhaps mr “zachery” is in cahoots with mr bush and he set us all up the bomb? HONKEY PILE ON “zachery”#!%%^#!^#!^$#… is it honkey or honky?

  8. fuck it, i’ve had enough… i want to smack the shit out of every whiny domestic abuse victim that staggers into my office… FUCK YOU BITCH! i’mma stab your stank ass. maybe if you could grow some balls and defend yourself you wouldn’t need my husband to be makin jank laws to try and protect you? what what, are you AFRAID… bitch, please. *SMACK* oh oh, you thought i was done? nope. HIGH HEEL TO THE FACE, BIATCHQ!^%#

  9. to make things clear… if anyone feels offended or annoyed by anything you have to say… and you don’t divuldge your identity… that is a felony. the right to anonymity online has been cleanly hacked, and mr bush hold our balls until 2007 when this bill will be up for renewal. WHEN THE FUCK DID WE START MAKING LAWS THAT FUCKING EXPIRE?!@#^ ARE YOU SERIOUS? PATRIOT ACT ETC ETC ETC… BASICALLY ACKNOWLEDGING THE FACT THAT THEY ARE BAD LAWS, BUT THEY JUST NEED THEM AROUND TO EXPLOIT FOR A YEAR OR SO AND THEN THEY WONT NEED THEM ANYMORE. FUCK. i swear to god though, bush administration, push me. i dare you.

  10. jen h, could use please chime in about this new law… it isn’t tort, it’s federal felony. and they don’t even define what “annoy” means, or what level of annoyance is sufficient. also in the law’s body it says “if his identity isn’t revealed” implying that only males would be charged. i’m moving out of this country. mark. my. words.

  11. mrs. bellygirl: I’m glad to hear it. I’m pretty sure you guys are shipping out tommorrow, good luck! Give me a call on the road!
    Scientist: You could be put away for a long time with this new law. Odd, that.

  12. Madddddddd. your constant discussion of this new law is annoying to me. Since you’re not posting w/ your last name, I hereby sentence you to life in prison.

  13. 1. Si, to the question.

    2. We ship out at 6:00am. My last night as a man. Soon I’ll be a homo Califorian.

    3. Madd, you ever get that ticket for doing that pokerroom survey? I didn’t. What assholes, eh?

  14. Disregard this post about wrestling. I was drunk when I wrote it, and it makes even less sense the next day than it did when I thought it was a deep tissue genius rub.

  15. We are off. Give a call if you want. I’m sure we will run out of things to say to each other somewhere around Medina…

  16. 1. Allow me to do some research here (I see a problem with Congress using its commerce clause authority on this one).
    2. I had something I really wanted to post about, but now I forgot it. Damn.

  17. 1. Still trying to remember what I wanted to post about. Double damn.
    2. I also think there is a speech/1st Amendment problem with that law; where did you get your info?

  18. From the website: “(Sec. 509) Amends the federal criminal code to redefine the crime of interstate stalking to include stalking through the use of any interactive computer service (cyberstalking).

    (Sec. 510) Amends the federal criminal code to double the applicable penalty for repeat domestic violence or stalking offenders.”

    So what’s the problem? I think cyberstalking sounds like a hard crime to prove. There are a lot of free speech issues that come into play with the whole making threats stuff. That being said, I hate it when people say dumb shit like, “This is America and I have free speech rights to say any damn thing I please.” Well, actually that’s not true. You do not have a right to child porn, fighting words, obscenity (that’s an interesting one), blah, blah, blah.

  19. OK, I remembered! JW’s cousin was in Milwaukee, and we met her for drinks Friday night. She was HYSTERICAL. She works in IT for some company and she was telling us all sorts of stories about dumb computer users.
    1. One person called and couldn’t figure out why when she/he put the mouse on the computer screen, the arrow wouldn’t move.
    2. Lots of “Press any key” and “I don’t have an any key” stories. The best one was when she was doing IT for Boston Market. A cashier or manager called up and was kind of belligerent. When they got to the “now just press any key” the cashier was like, “this damn computer is broke and don’t have an any key.” The IT person was so fed up, she was like, “OK, ma’am, I’m so sorry; pack up your computer and we’ll send you one with an any key right away.”

  20. Wow, I guess tired computer cliches are funny even if you hear them, say, 10 years after they went from being funny to being cliche. And no, I don’t know how to make e’s with a little thingy over them. I’M CRANKY.

  21. yes, the law is intended to be used for cyber stalking, namely cyber stalking of women. that is why the law says “his identity” over and over. here is how a law like this happens, and here is also why our country will fall within our lifetimes.

    pretty girl: wahhhhhhh wahhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh, some guy keeps sending me emails, and posting on websites about me because i led him on and then shut him out of my life. /
    law enforcement: we will do everything we can ma’am…. website owner, give us the IP of the poster of those comments
    website owner: uh… ok… i have nothing to lose, and i feel strong armed.
    law enforcement: comcast, give us the user that was assigned this IP address at this time
    comcast: go fuck yourself. we realize that if it gets out that we sell our customers out, that they will switch providers. we believe in free speech, and anonymous free speech as guaranteed by clarence thomas when he wasn’t touching people.
    law enforcement: fuck. i mean, he really isn’t breaking the law and we don’t know who he is, and even if we did, we couldn’t prove it, and even then, what would the penalty be? but, i mean, this pretty lady feels annoyed, so this should be illegal right? lets make it illegal. ok ok ok.

    it’s an “asshole can’t lose” situation. if you want to be an asshole, they can’t stop you… and when you make laws to stop assholes, you stop freedom.

    here is one guy’s take on it… he basically dismisses it because it just extends a telephone law from 1934 that criminalized obscene or annoying speech over a telephone without disclosing your identity. we all know the first amendment came after this, and people have challenged the old law, and it has falled…. so WHY WHY WHY would they extend it to the internet then? IF THEY WANTED, the governement could snatch up anyone that posted anything online, ever, that anyone could have found annoying. shit, sometimes i annoy myself. putting this on the books is the dumbest fucking thing i could ever imagine, and GW is sitting there with a big ass smile on his face signing it into law. no one cares. fuck it, i’m moving.

  22. curious as to the origins of the law, i actually checked it out and it seems that some 13 year old cheerleader killed herself because someone kept calling her fat on the internet… or is it someone, on the internet, kept calling her fat… either way, the family went crazy, and this is the result.

  23. $30 multi. 151 entrants. 18 left. i’m chipleader. i get 18th place on a 3 out river beat twice in a row. poker is the art of dealing with assholes. same as policy making is.

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