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  1. Those are seriously the hottest nurses I have ever seen.

    How’d you snag such a purty wife, MacTeague? You old grouch.

  2. Avery Pleads Not Guilty In Halbach Murder

    (Manitowoc County-AP) — A man who spent nearly two decades in prison for a rape he didn’t commit has pleaded not guilty to killing a woman in Manitowoc County.

    Steven Avery appeared in court Tuesday morning where his family and that of the victim, Teresa Halbach, were present.

    Manitowoc County Circuit Judge Patrick Willis rejected a motion to reduce the $500,000 bail for Avery. But, Willis said he would consider property to meet the bond.

    One of Avery’s public defenders, Craig Johnson, says family members don’t know if they have enough property to meet bail.

    Avery is accused of killing the 25-year-old woman and burning her body. She was last seen October 31st at the Avery family salvage yard in rural Mishicot where she had gone to photograph some vehicles for sale.

    The 43-year-old Avery pleaded not guilty to first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpse and possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

    Avery says he’s being set up by local sheriff’s officials because he’s filed a $36 million federal lawsuit over his wrongful incarceration in the rape case.

    He was freed from prison two years ago when DNA testing implicated another man.

    The defense also filed a motion for a change of venue to beconsidered by the judge later.

    (Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

    My theory is that he was set up by one of his Adams’ Family-esque members.

  3. those are funny pics but for crying out loud i look old. OLD! how sucky. eroz is older than me and he looks like he’s 15 curses eroz i’ll get you yet! i’m like those old creeps in that weird 80’s puppet movie: The Dark Crystal…i’m gonna trap eroz and extract his youth! you think i can get that on ebay? Youth ExtractorNo Reserve!

    speaking of old: madd skeezer big happy birthdy “ups” to you!!! here is some hip hop poetry in honor of your birthday:

    I’m not joking you
    Scientist weighs a pound or two
    Unparalleled nonconformist
    plus he’s enormous
    keeping this website alive
    so i have something to distract
    me from this dead end job.
    corn on the cob.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


    old man cal

  4. I heart the picture of Jessi with a swishy dress tambourin-ing it up.
    My biggest regret of the night… not making the ol’ Cal wave.
    My favorite part of this whole display… the subtitles. I especially like, “grainy picture”
    La la la.

  5. Cal, I will relay the message. I heart your birthday poetry, and informally name you Whazzmaster Poet Laureate.

  6. When the scent of roasted marshmallows or hotdogs enters my nose, it achieves nothing but make me feel hungry for that ROASTED and TOASTED campfire food.

  7. glad to see some of my chuck berry pix made it into the gallery. jolly good show, eros. looks like we missed quite the party by opting out of ground round debauchery. ps: slideshow “bonus feature” mission completed, wirkuszzzzz.

  8. About wirkus
    Wirkus is a Rock n’ Roll band from Arlington, VA. Our influences range from Copeland and [old] Mae to the Swedish hardcore act Blindside and a billion other bands like Mineral and Jimmy Eat World and The Juliana Theory and all that. We use three full-time vocalists, intense drum work, and elaborate songwriting to achieve a (hopefully) pretty unique sound. As of now we have recorded a three-song demo CD, and it’s not that good. HOWEVER, you can probably get it from us for free at our shows if you want it. Or we might make you pay $1 for it if we’re feeling lucky that day. Please visit our website at http://www.wirkusrock.com for more information about us. Enjoy our music!

  9. email sent to them: “can you send me some mp3s of your music? i represent a lot of local acts in the area and i like your style…

    -scientist”…. i’ll have them for download shortly.

  10. Guess who’ll be spending a semester in felony drug court? BOOM. BOLD CAL. BTW, a “dog sniff” is not a search, and you have no expectation of privacy for “contraband.” That means: leave the drogas at the casa. Learnin all kinds of neato stuff here in law school.

  11. you seriously didn’t know that? i learned that in like 7th grade just from watching cops. it is complete bullshit from a legal standpoint… if the dogs have all the same rights as the officers, and their senses are used to take further action, then ALL DOGS should have the same rights, and if they have all the same rights, then society has the same obligations to teach, house, and take care of ALL dogs in our country. how is this different than slavery times when africans were regarded as closer to monkeys than actual men. police dogs and the use of them goes against everything america stands for. it is like biological weapons… no good can come from them, so everyone must agree to just not use them. ice t should make a song all about kicking the shit out of police dogs.

  12. don’t forget about kenny, man. they locked him up just for feeding that diabetic horse. the man is out to get you!

  13. yo yo yo… BARK! i’m a po-leese dog /
    i’m not a kermit suit, that’s a fo-lease frog /
    not the hinchley pup, that’sjus maurice’ dog /
    once again i wont rhyme maur-aur-maurice dog

  14. I don’t understand how dogs having rights and duties has anything to do with the legal definition of a search that has been smudged to allow K9s to sniff around everywhere. We’re talking about the 4th Amendment and how it applies to whether a sniff is a search.

  15. ok, we have dogs. the dogs are trained. the dogs are trained very very very well. the dogs seemingly enjoy their jobs. great. now we have a new tool. if this dog says that they smell something, the police not only CAN, but they MUST take action. if this dog is attacked or killed, it is the same crime as killing an officer of the law. it is safe to say in many cases that the drug busts would not have happened had the dogs not been there. so these dogs are being completely exploited because of their ability to determine a crime, and communicate their findings. if any dog is going to be exploited in this manner, whether he likes it or not, and society is going to put them on a pedestal and criminalize interfering with them, then that means that dogs as a population should be treated equally, and should be given the right to vote, the right to social security, the right to all public spaces etc etc. the fact that the dogs “search” is not considered a search is because the dog is a living thing, and you can’t stop something from interpreting their senses as they naturally do, because that is simply life. it’s a catch 22 in the system to get a “slave” being back in the equation. fuck the police. i swear to christ i hope i get into it with a police dog because i will break his fucking jaw.

  16. am i completely off base? i mean these police dogs have more rights and power than i do! fuck that. in fact, i am going to do something about it.

  17. pokerroom just changed all their sound effects. i am pissed. i am going to do something about it.

  18. they changed other shit… now if the pot is 1050… they made the software “smarter”, so now it says 1.05K… uh… first off, that is hard as hell to read. second, it uses *5 FUCKING CHARACTERS INSTEAD OF 4*!#^%#^%! i mean jesus christ, the world can not be this dumb. i am going to do something about it.

  19. some thoughts about america. capitalism… money rules all. free market. it takes money to make money. the land of debt. the rich get richer. if the rich do in fact get richer, calculus can be applied to trivially prove that the rich get richer faster and faster. a counterpoint is made that the poor get poorer. who knows, maybe… lets ignore it. if it plays out forever, eventually there will be one person with everything. but of course that wont happen because stop guards are in place, and 2 strong poor people can still kill 1 rich person with no one to help them fairly easily. so a depression in america is really just the poor’s unwillingness to cater to the rich. if the poor don’t cater to the rich, are the rich still even rich? enter step 2, the educated vs the donkeys. a poor smart man has unlimited opportunity to exploit anyone he sees fit too. so the system leaves behind seemingly only the dumb poor. if being dumb is a result solely of the lack of public education, then that is our fault. if people are dumb to the bones… then what should we do? a romulan was once shocked to have learned that geordie was allowed to live even though he was born blind. romulans are cool.

  20. oh wait, but geordie saved the romulans life, and then they bit that storyline 2 more times…. GEORDIE MUST LIVE, OR YOU WILL DIE! thanks gene, i got the message. mr rottenberry assumes that if geordie was dead, that no one could do the job as good as he could. bah, whatever. hook up those synaptic controls on wesley crusher and he’ll tear shit up too. in closing, hustle. hustle daily. HOLLA.

  21. imagine a military super power. now imagine an international trade agreement. now imagine a fiat currency in that military super power, which also maintains a gold supply. do you not understand that we can just create as much of our own currency we want and just give it to the other nations in exchange for their merchandise… and they have no choice but to accept it because we are the military super power, and our money is good everywhere. it doesn’t matter if america is dumb, because the military non-action allows the economic exploitation. if we do absolutely nothing, our economy will still be on top if we choose for it to be. all intelligence that truly matters is military theory and weapons design. if you have that, you don’t need the rest. so sad.

  22. jen, how did you do on the LSAT? i was hanging out with one of arlo’s friends here this weekend and she was studying for it and suggested that i took the test too just for shits. every law person i know says the score means nothing, but that’s just because they can’t flex with me

  23. military power = the ability to make an enemy feel that they have received something through your non-action.

  24. *whew* just in time. I thought I might have missed the Madd Scientist show.

    Did you guys know that that creepy Avery guy was abusive to animals and had a police record for it? Don’t know what made me think of that…

    Here is something that is kind of amazing to me, but might make you want to puke… the baby is starting to kick hard now, and when I look down, I can actually *see* my belly move from her kicking. Very alien-esque

  25. so the real curiousities lay in the inflection points from when the rich stop getting richer faster, the rich being understood as either the wealthy within america, and america itself as a whole. my guess is they are identical curves where everyone ends up grouping at a point before you could even notice the graph is capping off, but the slope would stay up, so people would continue to think the economy was growing, when really we are in a carefully designed stand still. now we either accept this, or mix things up a bit by stomping a few dozen police dogs to their death…. WHO IS WITH ME?! and remember… if you aren’t with me… you’re against me… and if you’re against me… well, i’m going to train a dog to attack you. so THINK TWICE!

  26. haven’t played the race card yet today… why not… so they are trying to spin the race card on slashdot and stir up some advertising money… i mean “discussion”. at one of my many jobs in the IT field, everyone who wasn’t in my particular team was non-white. that entire team was eliminated and replaced by all non-white employees. so either this article (list format) \
    1. does not apply universally and they know it
    2. does not apply universally and they don’t know it

    if 1 is the case, well, spewing propeganda gets the death penalty in my perfect world. if 2 is the case, well, they didn’t look around very hard.

    take any race in the world, and somewhere you will find a group of people that despise them. propegating that idea, in any way, is the only thing that keeps the idea alive. fucking facists.

  27. don’t you just love the internet era where hearsay qualifies something as an article worthy of discussion on one of the most trafficed websites on the internet? i am going to do something about it.

  28. capital letters were invented as a mind control device. after learning to read “properly” capitalized text, the mind then opens itself to the mind control of those who control the letters… AKA… the makers of seasame street. i TOLD you them crazy ass honkeys was up to no good. duck billed platapus. red nike airs on the old yellowy cement… not the new crappy white stuff.

  29. thus ends our broadcast day on the madd scientist show. if you are still masturbating, and my text up to this point has not satisfied you… i appologize. i am done.

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