Happy Birthday, Madd

Yo, it’s the Madd to the Sceizzer/
Soon-to-be older than a geezer/
Down with Rach-ho but he tease her/
Fuck wit him, you’ll be tucked in a freezer/

Whatever, I don’t write rhymes, I fuck minds up. I thought your birthday was the 27th, Scientist, but Amanda insisted it was the 17th. She knows you better than me; whatchu doin’ tonight? Wish I could be there; the sceizzer birthday only comes once a year.

–plop, plop

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Madd

  1. fact #1…. ben franklin was born on the same day as i was, and he is 300 today. fact #2… i am smarter now than he ever was. fact #3… no one will ever know. sigh…………..

  2. Zach: CD cleaner did not fix the Xbox. Oh well. Looks like when the Marinette Shopko (fuck Wal Mart) gets the 360s (probably 20 years from now the way things run up here), I’m buyin’ one. I am sooooo buyin’ one.

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