Happy Birthday, WWhazz!

The Old Man is 30, folks. Aww, wirksu, you know I love ya. You’ve got a wonderful wife and you live in sunny San Diego with Steven Ejercito, now. Your life is just beginning, and soon enough you’ll be a cranky usher kicking young punks out of the box seats at Miller Park. For now, enjoy life in Southern California.

I did some elite computer hacking and finally got my pictures from Tucson up on whazzmaster.com. Check the Tucson trip.

Fresh from Albakerkee, New Mexico.

After dinner picture time at the Cafe Poca Cosa.

Me an' the dawg.

— see you, space cowboys

25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, WWhazz!

  1. Oh yeah, one more thing. Remember that I’m coming into Madison tomorrow afternoon for recruiting. I’ll be in tha house until Wednesday evening. I’m available to play Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.

  2. can i stay in your hotel room? i was going to go to madison anyways to get that hook up that you might have hollered about had you in fact heard me… ya heard? i am also available for she-nans on all of the above mentioned dates. that’s the trendy new way to say shenanigans btw.

  3. Whazzmaster-Southern California is up and running broadcasting live! from the Archstone Mission Valley apartment complex in San Diego. I’m in the house watching football, and Jess is out by the pool writing thank you cards. It’s a not-too-shabby 72 outside, and the sun is a shining.

    Thank you all for the birthday shout outs, and, Zach, for all the pitchers (ha!). I forgot about the Madd Janitor. Is lying to a nun to zing a friend a sin? And, BigJ, yes the nurses are a hot lot, and I lucked out in the wife department. Brains, beauty, friendly and, I don’t even have a job. Late on New Year’s Eve, Zach and I were the only two dudes with the nurses, and drunks were leering at us over their beers with pure hate in their eyes as we rolled dice and the ladies danced on us. This post is gonna be big, so I’ll break it up for you all.

  4. Tex-Mex honeymoon.

    Day 1
    We left Hortonville early Monday morning and drove until we hit Miami, Oklahoma where we checked into a Best Western, got Parker settled, and then hit a casino called the Quapow where we ran the Vegas-economy to the tune of 6 cocktails, a grilled cheese, a turnkey and Swiss, tator tots, Frito pie, and 6 dollars. We ordered the Frito pie in the dark. It ended up being a bowl of Fritos topped with chili and cheese. Grade-A gross. The casino itself was a corrugated tin shed that looked better suited to house cattle than slot machines, but I guess it was better than the casino across the street which was in a tent. The poker room consisted of two tables, one of which was a .25-.50 no-limit 10$ buy-in “budget” game. R U JOKING ME? I would pay cash money to see a category-5 drunken Madd Scientist play at that table against geriatric Oakies gussied up in their finest square dancing apparel.

  5. Day 2
    We were back in the car by 8:00 a.m. and we drove until we hit destination two: Amarillo, Texas. Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaawwww!!!!!!! Our hotel key had a phone number for free limo service to a restaurant called the Big Texan, so of course we called, and an honest to god Big Texan who looked like T.J. Cloutier’s twin showed up at our door driving a Cadillac limo complete with a bull horn hood ornament like JBL’s. For dinner we had a Fred Flintstone-size rack of ribs, and a gallon of margarita. During dinner, a cowboy trio played us a sad song, and the cooks (the grill overlooks the tables) leered at Jess until the waitress yelled at them that it was our honeymoon.

  6. Day 3
    We stayed in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico at the chic Hotel Blue within walking distance of fun for the first time, and we took advantage by getting very, very, very drunk. Neither of us remembers how or when we got home. We woke up the next morning naked and hungover with a snoring pug sleeping between us. Yikes. After some free conti, we hit the road for Tucson. Note: they call Mexican food New Mexican food in New Mexico.

  7. Day 4
    The lord of all things random spun his little wheel, and for one night only, we got the band back together in Tucson. We dined downtown, had a drink at The Shanty, and then finished the night at a weird local watering hole out by the airport. The bar advertised jerky for sale, and when I inquired, our buxom bartender informed me that it was gross, I couldn’t have any and turned the sign around. Jess and Zach got drunk on Mexi-colas, but I stayed sober (designated driver, old man). After a tearful farewell in the parking lot, me and Jess retired to out room.

  8. Day 5
    Officially sick of the car, we rolled into San Diego early Friday evening, and checked into our new apartment. Wow is it nice. It’s about 4X bigger than our pad in Milwaukee and is filled with modern amenities such as fireplace, dishwasher, and washer and dryer in our apartment. We’ve got a balcony, many closets and outlets (our old place had 4…). Our apartment complex is gated, has a workout facility, pool and a free business center. It feels more like a resort than a home, and Jessi’s company is picking up the $1500 a month bill. Find ye a nurse, young men. We live less than a mile from Qualcomm stadium (I think the Packers play the Chargers’ division this year. Stiffly?) and is close to all sorts of stores and restaurants. It’s kind of suburban, but we are only a ten-minute drive from the ocean, and a trolley stop a block away that goes gets you to the heart of downtown in a half hour. Fun. Happy, happy, fun.

  9. My birthday was cool. We spent the morning by the ocean watching pregnant seals frolic in the surf, and at night we went downtown and ate the best sushi meal I ever seen. We drank a bit too much at Oggi’s and overall had a butt blasting good time. Overall my life is going so well, I half expect to get hit by a bus or something.

    Whazz on dear whazzers. If you’re looking for a cheap vacation, consider San Diego. I got a big ole house and a couch with your name on it. Life is good.

  10. One last thing: our address: 2420 Fenton Parkway Building 16 Apartment 312, San Diego, California 92108.

  11. One last thing: our address: 2420 Fenton Parkway Building 16 Apartment 312, San Diego, California 92108.

  12. Hooray. I’m glad you made it to San Diego safe and sound. It sounds like Parker has some good stories to tell, too. Actually, I’m really relieved that everything turned out so perfectly. For some reason, the whole *free apartment* thing just sounded too good to be true… like you’d get a free apartment with the stipulation that you’d be living with 9,338 labrador-retriever-sized cockroaches or something. But everything sounds beautiful! I’m so happy about that!! I’m going to go see if I can talk k-car into a seaside vacation now.

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