jmbi juice

Man, i’m dru nko. Jst got s cqll fromm wirkuue. he’s goooood. in san diego. also got a contact from stacy. not sure if i’ll seee herr but it would be nice. helloooooo! mmadisoon, i luv u!

hellom space cow boy

160 thoughts on “jmbi juice

  1. wow, i should really start previewing before i post… sorry for the rambling… hopefully you understand. i like how i spelled “dam” “damn”. i’m that fucking mad… stick my dick in a damn mad.

  2. communist china solution: firewall the entire coutries access to the internet and don’t let anyone go to party poker dot com. wow… so simple. so elegant. BUT WHAT ABOUT MY FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM! WHAT ABOUT MY PEEEEEEEEEEACE! once again first amendment, i applaud you in all of your misunderstood power. PS WHAZZMASTER WOULDN’T LET ME POST THIS BECAUSE IT CONTAINED “QUESTIONABLE CONTENT” WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT DICTATOR MONEYPENNY?#^lkj#^ FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH!

  3. as expected your movable junk doesn’t allow the mention of that party poker domain name spelled out with the .com. lame.

  4. i hooked my tivo up to my home network to get the tv listings as well as extra tivo content……. the tivo content it just downloaded? “how to hook your tivo up to your home network” MOTHER FUCKER, I ALREADY HAD TO DO THAT TO GET THIS SHOW!#^%#^! seriously… is everyone else on this planet as dumb as sand?@#^$ bah.

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the sweet releast of ignorance via smirnoff……. pretty obvious why prohibition didn’t work. way to learn anything from that monkeys.

  6. Pokerroom: broke

    After an 0-4 day in sngs, I did one last sng and a multi.

    My sng death: Push with AK on an A high flop, get called by AJ and short stack 77. J on river, I am a ghost.

    In multi even better: I build a solid 3K stack, push with KK get called by AJ and QQ for a MONSTER chip leader sized pot… flop 3K2..4…5.


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