I Want YOU

I was in Wisconsin for a recruiting trip last week and had a delightful time. I got blackout drunk by myself on Sunday night waiting for the cavalry that never arrived, though I did have a blast with the entire staff of some restaurant from Milwaukee who were charter bussing around downtown Madison on a holiday party.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I basically just tried my damndest to find computer science majors to come work for our company.

On Monday night me and O’neil had a dreamy drink with Eroz and the Giggle Brigade (see previous comments).

On Tuesday night, I went out and had a fabulous night with a cast of half-dozens. Hung out with peterstiffly, Danny, Stacy, Megan, and Bunk. Also had a meeting of the minds when we met up with O’neil and Rumsey at Mondays. Man, that guy from the booth next to us at the career fair was drunk. He had, like, a five minute hug with some other guy. At the end of the night he confessed to stealing some of the water bottle tchotchke’s off our table. I was like, “Dude, if you would have asked we would have given you twice as many as you stole. We hate those things.” Luckily, we stole pens from them all day, so we called it even. Had a night-ending weirdo-sit when the Silver Dollar bartendar kicked us out three times. The first two times he yelled at us to leave he then said, “but if you stay, I don’t care.” We were among many, many people still sitting there, and the bartendar was playing pool with someone. Then, out of the blue, he yelled at us again. What were we still doing there and all that razzmataz. Peterstiffly broke out the back fire door and moseyed out the front. Odd to the max, yo.

I’ve got pictures from Rumsey from during the Battle of Wits with Kirk Van Houtten, but they won’t be up until later. Check back. Until then, listen to a Big Pun CD; I don’t care what you do.


Monday’s. Wow. Great.





— i’m not a player i just crush a lot

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  1. do you get the car chase channel? my friend from la said that a lot of people he knew had some service where they got text messages every time there was a car chase on tv, and those messages came in like 3 times a day at least. i would watch them all day. i’m a simple man.

  2. my new poison? no limit cash games. been tearing shit up. $150 all in preflop with AA… called by 44. fucking lovely, and don’t you know it, i win.

  3. yeah, I get to see some crook zoom down a closed section of interstae then crash into a ditch a couple times a day. It’s kinda neat.

  4. big j, in my imagination, not a day goes by in drug court without a story. are you too busy to share? i would like to know why there is a seperate drug court in the first place… i mean, people are breaking real laws… laws in the same books that ban murder, and staying too long at old country buffet… why do they have their own court? it seems logical to me that a smart legal system works universally and such specialization would not only be unneccessary, but weaken the system as a whole. the only reason the government would set up seperate drug courts is if they understood that the laws about drugs are in some way different than “regular” laws… and that admission on any level goes against the constitution which i believe states that a law that can not be enforced can not be a law. the same general idea is why i hate the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms… it’s like the government is saying… hey, you citizens can have these things, but there is so much more responsibility tied to them, that we need special departments to make sure you don’t abuse them. uh… what happened to the land of the free? if alcohol is legal…. it is legal. if firearms are legal, they are legal. if you don’t want would be criminals to get guns, then makes guns illegal. uh oh… more amendments getting the way. bah. i’m glad you’re fighting the fight though.

  5. one of those “CAR STEROS $12, BIG SCREEN TVS $38, COMPUTERS $18, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING MUST GO!” things is at the minneapolis convention center today. i think i’m going to go… strictly for observational entertainment… and maybe i’ll drop $200 and buy a house or something.

  6. 90 out of 550 in my last tourney of the night. poker tourneys are dumb. fucking almost 3 hours in and nothing. bah bah bah. bah.

  7. Zach, what would happen if this happened to you:

    Friday: 11th in Midnight Oil. 1st is 1200+ ticket and 10th is 100+ ticket. 88 vs QJ final hand.

    Saturday: 13th in 40$ 100 man tournament. 1st is 1200 and 10th is 130. You push with JJ get smooth called by A2 and lose.

    200$ NL cash game. You bet 25$ get 2 callers and a dude with AQ pushes on a Q high flop. You call. A on river for a 450$ pot.

    Sunday: 14th in 30$ 136 man tournament. Top 10 pay. Push with KK get called by AJ for a chip leader sized pot. AA10 flop…

    In happier news, I just took Parker on a walk and we saw a giant owl.

  8. first poker tourney of the night… first hand, AQ in the small blind. some ass raises to 100 and 2 people call. i call hoping to hit a pair or dump. flop AQJ. i bet 200 into the 420 pot. hahaha, 420 pot. anyways. of course dude raises all in just like i wanted him to do with his AK or AJ… i call, he has QJ, EVEN BETTER! J on the turn. blank river and i’m bust, BUT WAIT, IT’S A REBUY TOURNEY! i rebuy. next hand, AQ on the button. again a dude raises to 100. 1 hand into the tourney and i’m already on tilt… ALL IT! he calls with JJ… ACE ON THE FLOP! once again J on the turn, blank on the river and i’m a ghost ghost ghost with a strange feeling of deja vu. time for a new post mr. cash copper. how about a tribute to la vic?

  9. GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i hop on the omaha $20 mutli… first hand A223. flop 24Q. raise raise raise raise raise, i’m all in with a set and a nut low draw. other dude has QK35. pretty much he can only win with an ace, but i would still have outs for a boat. he hits, i miss, and in 3 hands i lose 3 tourney buy ins. fucking REDiculous. time to drink. bah.

  10. OUR GOVERNMENT *********PAID********** the media of foreign countries to run favorable stories. why the christ hasn’t our entire country shut the fuck down, turned squarely towards washington and collectively scream BAWK BAWK WHAAAAAT?! gee, i wonder if they do it here too. yeah, really wonder. like wonder in that alternate definition sense where it means the exact opposite. why the fuck do i have to be the one to start the revolution… why hasn’t it already started? is america really this stupid? 28h just runner runner flushed my flopped set of KANGS capped the whole way. i guess it pays to be dumb. what the fuck do i know.

  11. redundant question? dude would get pissed off, quit poker, and go back to his real job making more money than any of us will ever see. a hobo might die at his hands at some point, but hobos get killed under placebo conditions as well, so they must be ignored.

  12. i aquired this mortgage on this shitty house, then hired a bunch of “$5 an hour kids”, and increased the property value $40,000 in 1 week and sold it back to the bank and walked out with a check!

  13. i’m not mad because he is lying… i’m FURIOUS because he is telling the truth, and under capitalism commands respect……… MOTHER FUCKER FOR WHAT!

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