The NoNews Blues

Not too much exciting happening round here. If you’re curious you could check out my house listing on MLS (complete with pictures). Other than that, we have our Ship Trip tomorrow in San Francisco. I called Cal with an invite to free food and booze on Intuit’s dime and he reCALcitrantly told me he had MN friends in town, and therefore couldn’t abide my Wisconsin foolishness. Whatever, I’ll find some fool feemale to attend with me, even if it’s Judd his BY GAWD self.

— gotta run, I’M SEEIN’ THE DENTISTA

35 thoughts on “The NoNews Blues

  1. damn, those pictures are way nice. all the angles and extra design touches are perfect for maximizing perceived value… you’re working with smart people.

  2. yeah MAZ and company– off to hockey game in SJ right now. sucks have to miss intuit soiree. call you fri sucker mc.

  3. It’s a trade off. It makes the dog happy and it keeps him out of your hair, but, you know, it’s a bull dick, and it smells. Viva la rassa, I guess.

  4. it didn’t really smell bad until today though… but yeah, i took it away from his yesterday and he went nuts and acted good all night just to get it back. i must learn not to use the power of bull dick for evil. it’s by no means an appetizing smell or anything, but it really isn’t that putrid… it’s just fairly powerful and extremely unique. small price to pay for the dog’s happiness.

  5. it’s kind of that “did i put deoderant on today? *sniff* *sniff* OH SNAP, I. DID. NOT.” smell… it’s not like you’re disgusted, it’s just not appealing, so if it doesn’t hurt you, sit back and appreciate it. bah, nevermind, that shit stinks, gimme

  6. Thing is, some will smell a little bit, some will have no smell and some will smell really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, bad.

    For a while we had a theory that the blacker they are (racist) the less they smell, but his last one was really black and it smelled the worst ever.

  7. what if the dogs don’t even like it, but their smell receptors aren’t connected as heavily as humans are with their appetites, so they try and eat it to get rid of it… not to consume it… because seriously, he is a different dog when that thing is around… a dog with a mission to chew dick. ok enough. who you guys like in the superbowl straight up? i’m doing that pokerroom deposit bonus, so it’s basicly a free $100 bet on the game.

  8. so far today? $50 multi like 40th of 200. $30 multi, like 120 of 260. $20 multi 35th of 225. $10 multi: dead last. $5 20 man, 6th BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH. bble? shitty day so far, re-upping to 50’s seems like a very very good idea.

  9. so tons of hard work, no rewards… tons of hard work, no rewards… bubble, shitter, bubble. and my $115 deposit bonus that i cleared yesterday is evaporated. so dumb.

  10. 50 = loss. followup 30 = loss. i had temporary mind powers over quantum space. they are gone now. so is all my money.

  11. My tournament skills are huge right now, but I’m not making any money. Also made the shit money in another only to go out AK (me) to AJ for a top 4-sized pot. Even in this 3rd place finish I had the dude who got 2nd dominated 2x (A6 to 46 and KQ to J10) but he wiggled out of it.

  12. Also, got a rare love letter from peterstiffly today. Thanks, dude! I’m going to try to spend that Best Buy gift card on wrestling DVD’s before Jessi can get her hands on it.

  13. hi whazzmaster, i can’t sleep after work. i have the next three days off. looking forward to it. i googled my name and received some funny stuff. i just realized i googled my old name. Whazzmaster comes up under both Jessica Gitter and Jessi Gitter. ONe is about our engagement and the other is about me changing my name to Jessi Ginter like the old Brewer. also i get a lot of German web sites. so then i looked up what gitter means in german, here is one definition:
    What does the Gitter name mean?
    Last Name: Gitter
    German: from Middle High German gitter ‘railing’, ‘bar’, hence a topographic name for someone who lived by a gate or barrier, or a metonymic occupational name for a janitor.
    German: habitational name from a place called Gitter near Brunswick; the place name is ancient name of uncertain origin, probably Celtic.
    Jewish (from Poland and Ukraine): nickname or ornamental name from Yiddish dialect giter ‘good’, equivalent of Good.

    A traslation web site said it meant grid, so that was boring. anyone out there, want to hang out? chat? maybe watch a movie? i guess i’ll google my new name now. then maybe i’ll call my mom at work, it’s 6:45 in Wisco and she’s already up busy being a nurse.

  14. funny- when i googled Jessica Wirkus it asked me if i meant Jessica Dirks, maybe like jo Dirt. Then when i googled Jessi wirkus it got me some whazzmaster hits. ok i think i will try to sleep, goodnight.

  15. one more last thing, it’s kind of funny. i was leaning forward towards the computer and all of the sudden the screeen on my computer starting going crazy and the mouse wasn’t working to scroll to the top. guess what my boobs were squishing the keyboard and i didn’t even notice. ok goodnight.

  16. i googled my name and just got the unemployment office website. wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhh. which tourney did you score the $200 in? i mean i don’t understand “My tournament skills are huge right now, but I’m not making any money”… i gave you $100, and you won $200… you tripled your money… what more do you want mr mcteague? my dog has the shits today for the first time ever… they must be associated with the bull dick. he seemed a little depressed, so i put some sunglasses on him… that shit will never stop being funny.

  17. i didn’t call the rivers, i chose them… but it only really worked on the river because before that there were too many posiblities, but if i really concentrated i could do some turn river magic… i just had to remove ALL doubt about it not being true. if i tried to do it, i couldn’t, and if i consciously did it, it didn’t work, but if i consciously sub-consciously did it, it was like seeing all the potential cards that could happen flipping through each other, but i could pick one and focus on it, and then it would become reality. and i still fucking lost.

  18. $penny, what can you tell me about quickbooks for small business accounting? when i bought my fancy new mac G5 they were having a special on “account edge” and the saleslady talked me into it. bad fucking move on my part. i may as well be using an abacus and a chalkboard to keep the books. i want to get this straightened out soon so that by next year, filing business taxes will only entail pushing “print” on my accounting program.

  19. QuickBooks is available for the Mac, and since I work for them I will heartlessly shill until my shilling organ falls out/off. The one caveat: for about 5 years Intuit dropped the Mac version, and when they started making it again they started from scratch, so the feature list isn’t exactly the same as the PC version. In any case, I’m pretty sure it’s won awards in the Mac community, so it should be pretty good. Tax filing isn’t automatically done in QuickBooks, but I think there’s other products to do it; basically TurboTax for businesses.

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