Looking over a few oldy-but-goody threads on whazzmaster, I found two that stand out: the comments on Checkpoint Charlie!, wherein Madd and Wwhazz tell me I suck at poker and I get sorta indignant before caving, and LIVEBLOGGING THE SUPER BOWL, where the lot of us were typing drunk nonsense in real-time. It was that day that we learned of a sister city to the seaside town of Pacifica: Atlantica, Maine.

I just booked a flight down to San Diego Feb 26-28. I hope WWhazz is free, otherwise I’ll just wander the streets looking for drunk 18 yr olds heading back from TJ. I had to move quick on it cause I got the discount email from Southwest and most of the discount fares were already snapped up. Round trip was $178 total, though, which I was pleased with.

Today’s the Ship Trip for QuickBooks. Judd, Ben Curren, and I are doing a cooking class at some winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Then tonight Intuit rented out The Warfield Theater in San Francisco for a mystery party with the following theme: “Party Like A Rock Star”. I have no clue what this means, but people were encouraged to dress up like rock stars. I’m dressing like a schmuck from a band that has gone nowhere: a brewers t-shirt and jeans. Supposedly there will be free booze and food, poker, and fun, Fun, FUN! We’ll see, I’ll report back tomorrow.

Holy shit: also Judd took me to the local Maggiano’s last evening and we met his friend Jason the Bartender, who hooked us up plural. An awesome series of events happened, but I can’t say one of them do to a bar-confidentiality agreement. On Judd’s right, however, was a little person. She kept yelling at Jason to get us things, and became BFF with Judd and the mystery man on HER right, who apparently was an owner of a well-known electronic’s chain here on the west coast. All of this while people were screaming at the Shark’s game on the TV… in the Maggi-fucking-ano’s bar. We were there for a few hours and yet it felt like years. Judd to add more.

— fired a week later/the manager count the churros

17 thoughts on “Meta-Whazzing

  1. you are not excited in the least about the intuit party? sounds pretty fucking good to me… how the christ can that not be an awesome time?

  2. i also bet larry gets drunk as hell… you CAN’T just be like blah blah rock star party blah blah it’s going to suck… you CAN’T! this party is going to fuckign ROCK. that’s it. i’m coming. what day is this party going to be? i’m coming. i am going to do something about it.

  3. oh, wait… tonight… well, fuck you gods of transportation for not allowing me to make it, but seriously… i would have. this party has catalyzed potential for DAYSSSSSSSSSS. it just needs a reacting agent of drunken zachery and a pinch of the hebrew hammer. good fucking times.

  4. what the fuck! you said you’d be home way before 7:30!…. but but i posted on whazzmaster… you posted on what?!?! when the fuck did whazzmaster become my fucking inbox? i thought you’d see it… well i didn’t see it!… well… but… *steamy hot baby making intercourse* ewwwww.

  5. opening of the news today… “blah blah blah city council, blah blah snow… all that and the WILD END at the hockey game in san jose last night! WE’LL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT!”… \

    CAL!!#%%#! WHAT DID YOU DO?!

  6. 1) McTeague dreamed of having a gold tooth hanging from his “dental parlor” window. His wife, Trina, bought one for him. It contributed to his downfall.

    2) I’m impressed they rented out the warfield, that is a cool place.

    3) I yelled at hockey players for many hours last night

    4) now I am going to bed. sorry to leave you high and dry mp!

    Such is CAL

  7. wait, so did that party already happen? was it awesome? i’ll assume it was unless told otherwise, because how could it not?!

  8. The night went off with only 11 or 12 social miscues. I’ll tell you kids all about it when I get home, but for now I’m going to find my parents somewhere in San Francisco. Oh yeah, and the open house for our townhome is today, so if you want a house, and you live in San Jose, come on by. You’ll receive a free gift of my eternal thanks, and maybe The Shocker if you want it.

  9. the entire idea of social miscues makes not having them mean NOT HAVING THEM. that’s the flava, homie. taste it.

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