Happy One Month

Apparently on Mike and Jessi’s one month anniversary Wwhazz took second in the Long Kiss tourney on PR and won $1750. I say bellygirl makes him give her half the money for their 50th anniversary dinner. If you start saving now, you can rent The Moon for the event; I hear its going for cheap if you book more than 49 years in advance.

— well it’s a marvelous night for a moondance

46 thoughts on “Happy One Month

  1. Found this in the comments of the On This Day link RE wwhazz demanding to know his best man duties in advance of the wedding:[October 9, 2003 10:06 AM] by BellGirlA+ on the Tux.Moneypenny I think that you should take your time thinking of duties that Wirkus can do for you, you really should take advantage of the situation… prehaps you could hire him as your personal assistant.Funny that.

  2. I wasn’t going to bring this up, but Mike, don’t you owe me $1752. Remember, you asked me to give you a loan so you could buy hundreds of avocados from Koppas. If you have the money now, I’ll take a check.


    Quick, without google or any other reference: what piece of literature does that come from?

  4. i googled it. on a very unrelated note… remember when the bellmen had dogs at the hojo and we’d be just doggin it. man, those dumb things made work fun, for like, 15 minutes.

  5. Alandovos wins a one thousand-year-old Triscuit. My dogs did tricks, remember walking the dogs? When managers caught you doing that you’d get yelled at.

  6. It was the Long Kiss 50$. I was playing it as part of my B-Day gift from my pa. The one catch was he was in for half.

  7. I liked acting incredulous upon presenting him with a limp dog. “How…what…I don’t know. Reggie?” All the while visions of lasso tricks, Todd’s double spinner and between the leg yoyo shots danced in my head.

  8. If you need a good read, click “gambling” in the by category box on your right and then pick “Madison Crime Report.”

    A very, very, very, good day of whazz with a spooky surprise for anyone who dares to read it through…Waahhhhaahahhahahahahahha.

  9. 1. twas the double edged sword, and, man, he could spin them doggies.

    2. On a lark, me and the little lady are going to Vegas in the morning. Parker is coming too.

  10. Nice! My good buddy ktk is online; how is it up in Da North now that you’re not working on dissertations? Are you now focused on the dissertatortot? Do you eat grape shasta and meatball subs all day? Do you fish, sit in a tree stand and hunt? If you fly to California we could make a buddy cop movie: I’ll give you first pick on being the gruff yet lovable one or the wacky, brash one. What car should we have? I say 87 Buick LeSabre, just because when we put the light on top it’ll look cool. I say no siren, we just do the thing where the wacky, brash one grabs the microphone and goes “WEEEEEE ooooo WEEEEEEE ooooo” while the gruff one crashes the car into melon stands during teh car chase. What d’ya think?

  11. Ugh. It took too long for you to post, so I just took a really long nap and now I feel that gross nap-feeling.

    anyway, you can be gruff but loveable, I’ll take chipper but slightly incompetant. I’m okay with the buick. Maybe we could have that guy from the police academy movies, too, who does all the sound effects. Our movie would be extra humerous because it would be about a trio of cops instead of a partnership. Everyone would fight about who had to sit in the middle (or as we called it when we were kids, the hump). The movie can be punctuated with lots of “trombone with mutes” noises. Wha-whawwwwww.

    I found out that I have gestational diabetes, so my days of shasta and meatball subs are over until this kid is born. So I’ve been eating lots of peanutbutter and stringcheese. Not together. And poking myself a lot. 🙁 The up side of my new lower-carb diet is that I haven’t gained a pound in weeks despite eating more fat than you can shake a fist at. I think when I go into labor I’m going to have B stay home and make a chocolate cake so I can eat the whole thing immediately after giving birth. Extra frosting, please.

    I turned in my dissertation, so I don’t have to do another damn thing to it. I will read it before the defense, but my life is now dominated by reading books, taking walks, and naps. After I post this, I will take a nap (and maybe have some string cheese).

    If you want to come to Wisco, I’d definately put a tree stand in my yard. Some of the neighbors around here are a lot like grizzly bears. So that would be fun. Yeah.

  12. bla bla bla my name is whazzmaster.com and i don’t get posted on. except my this mad cognizant person. mad cognizant i don’t click on your links because they disturb me sometimes, however, i did like the art created by you depicting you and i (us) enjoying some time together. that was good. the weather here is ridiculous. it’s like summer it’s really weird. jen how are things in the legal arena. la la la, la la la. over and out.

  13. further, i just couldn’t bring myself to answer those questions like what is your favorite sandwich. i enjoyed reading the the answers (i suppose this is a stretch of the verb “to enjoy”) a little (another stretch for “a little”) but could not muster an answer myself. I’m sorry. not that you care you JERKS! i love you why don’t you love me? I LOVE YOU. remember the story told by ? where he broke the giant icicle and it was an icile that was being “grown” to compete in that icicle competition? that was funny. ok i’m outtie 5. alan dovos why don’t you regale us with tales of home ownership? just kidding just kidding. alan dovos why dont’ you love me? is it because i don’t play your games? i don’t the arcade card game? you play games with me alan dovos. alan dovos is it because i say “yes” when i should say “no”– i say “stop” when i should say “go”? i don’t know why i keeptyping i’m seroulsly out of this joint peace,
    your friend,

  14. back. alan dovos seriosly don’t you live in phoenex. tell about phoenex. first off: how is phoenex spelled? thanks,

  15. Phoenix (spelled p-h-o-e-n-i-x) is hot and has bad air and is filled with mexicans. Out in Gilbert where I live it is also filled with housing developments, SUVs and LDS familys that each have about 10^3 kids. The End.

    Btw I’ll be out in SF this weekend will I see you on the street with all the hobos that are supposedly around my hotel?

  16. so i nearly had it. phoenix. yes, while you are here you might see me out and about and yes sf has a problem with homelessness. it’s a tough issue. but even with the homeless you will enjoy yourself i’m certain. lots to look at. don’t say filled with mexicans in the same breath as hot and bad air. don’t be a jerk. i’m sure there is something nice you can say about your city. meh.

  17. I reject you imposing your value judgement on my list. The top three things I think about Phoenix (still spelled p-h-o-e-n-i-x) does not imply the top three negative things about Phoenix. For example my nutso parents love the fact that it gets over 100 here in the summer. I however concede no one would consider bad air to be a positive quality. Pfffft!

  18. y’alls are gettin’ nutsy in the heat. meanwhile wwhazz and bellygirl are in vegasmeetin’ emeril in the street.

  19. Instapoll on whazzmaster: Thumbs up or down on the following epithet: “Fuck you and your mother I rode in on.”

  20. Like, if some dude stepped to me in an online forum and I posted it as a retort and you happened to refresh the page just after…

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