The Aftermath Math

I’m finished cleaning up about a quarter of the 214 pictures that were snapped by Dr. 4nyay and I at the bparty last evening. Once I get ’em all done I’m upload the gallery. I still haven’t even seen them all yet, so there may be some that are edited out of the lineup.

The early returns suggest a success occurred. Judd puked many times, and I straight-up don’t remember anything after a certain point. I woke up on the floor cramalamadingdonged in between the bed and the wall. Somehow, in my absolutely polluted stupor I had the capacity to take off my club clothes, set all my stuff (phone, wallet, cufflinks. etc.) nicely on the nightstand, and change into jeans and a t-shirt right before I dove in between the bed and the wall and passed, as they say, the fuck out.

I also had a delightful day with’s Official Guide to San Francisco: Cal Himself. We walked around Potrero Hill, (where I’d like to find an apartment) and had lunch, some coffee, and took in The Potrero View. I’m going to be looking for a spot around there; it’s pretty nice.

OK, I’ll be back in awhile with some pictures of the affair.

— dag, don’t mean sound crunchy/hit a honey from behind and crumpled up her scrunchie

32 thoughts on “The Aftermath Math

  1. funny how 1st of 4 evolves to 2nd of 3 about 75% of the time… think about it… YA HEARD?! is no one alive?

  2. Sorry, dude. I was out running errands that I best do or I’ll be kicked the frick off the gravy train. Congrats on the win (that 10$ limit is kinda easy tough…) I’ll call you later. I plan on making the Oil my new home.

  3. I’ve got the picture count down to 177 from 214. Lots of Random Chick shots and blurry nothing pictures. Yeah, me and Scott split time on the camera-duty. The night winds down with a wonderful photo montage (which could be set to music) or me passing out, and then of my passed out form being mocked as I sleep in the crack between the bed and the wall. There’s also some questionable photos, not because of Judd necessarily, but because some people may not want some pictures put out there for all the world to see. I’ll probably do some editorial elimination.

  4. Oh scientist, I’ll give you the private booth for free. There’s definitely some stuff in there you’d want access to.

  5. oh fuck, you’re right. switching names there and did it by habit. IIIIIIIIIIIM BACK! YA HEARD?!

  6. stayin true call me krispy… poppin xanax tabs gettin blue like the crips be… HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA

  7. fusion on the face, bald n’ smooth i’m talkin stiffly… rogaine on the dome hairline holla cause it missed me.

  8. lemon iced tea trottin, so say i’m walkin briskly… coppin what you wantin makin all the girlies frisk me

  9. MC MC… how’d you get hella telligent? i wont bore you with some facts, just understand that i was born with it. PEACE, WE OUTTA HERE

  10. Oh man, I’m watching the commentary track on the wedding DVD. Rumsey, you are awesome. “Brian Kalish is being portrayed by an actor. The real Brian Kalish was killed in a car wreck.”

  11. i think you value the oil so much because it inherently gauges how often you play the grand prix, and makes sure you’re playing your best when you do so. if that wasn’t the case, the prize structure of the oil isn’t very appealing. either way, i’m always down to put a twankie down on some card playin, YA HEARD?!

  12. let me pose an interesting hypothetical. the currency change game… big business i suppose. uber macro economics. i’m not sure all the hooks and hassles of trading currency online, but who cares… it’s probably harder than going up to a currency exchange booth in an airport and handing over crisp pappah. now, this booth makes the rate pretty shitty… so shitty that no one would ever buy and sell there trying to flip a few points on the volume. but here is the hypothtical… you know as an airport currency change booth owner/operator that the game has some risk… i mean, if some country gets blowed up nucularly, then you need to be there to step up and say NO. NO I WILL *NOT* accept your currency from said exploded country. because that shit be worthless, g. so yeah, pretty much you have to stay on your toes. so here is the hypothetical… some dude comes in with $100,000 cash, and puts it all on pesos. do you change your valuation of pesos immediately? if so, how? if not, when? if never, why? if anything else, you’re a lying asshole, so fucking eat me.

  13. i’m sorry smart man… you’re probably right… if you feel i didn’t include you in the question asking portion at the end of my statement (which logically implies ALL possible outcomes, so there is NO way this could ever happen without you being a completely worthless incopetent horse heiney), then i appologize and would simply like to say, yeah man, sounds good!

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