Alone in Freedomland

  1. I signed a lease today, thereby setting Operation: Backup Files in motion. I’m sure you’re all just dying to know where I’ll be lying my lid from now on, so let’s get with the links already. The three month lease was pretty way out there in terms of price, so I did a six-monther to keep costs down. So, it looks like I’ll be Viewing Mountains until September at least. Summer in Mountain View. hurray. Good news: three blocks to CalTrain, biking distance to work, two blocks to 24 Hour Fitness, two blocls to Trader Joe’s and *shudder* Wal*Mart, many, many restaurants around (including BuenoBueno!), and three blocks to a Safeway and an Albertson’s. Bad news: I’m living in Mountain View, and I still need to buy a bike.
  2. I was way bored this evening and decided to take in a show at the local theater. Bottom line: there’s not a whole lot of good movies playing right now, but Freedomland looked interesting. Samuel L. and Julianne M. starred in a movie about a kid that goes missing when a white woman gets carjacked in the peejays. Racial tensions boil over, and Julianne Moore does what she does best and acts like a goddamned nutcase the whole time. I don’t reccomend movies lightly, but this one definitely gets a passable rating from me. When you know 90% how the movie will turn out (with the characters agreeing with you onscreen) and then you’re right, but the movie is still interesting getting to the conclusion, I think it’s worthwhile to see.
  3. Tonight was somewhat of a landmark night for me: the full force of being alone was brought to bear. I think that so many of the distractions I mentioned earlier had obscured the simple fact that I no longer have a companion. Before tonight, how many movies had I ever been to by myself? Intuitively, I’ll say None. Maybe there are one or two out there, and old-time friends may jump out of the woodwork with examples, but I don’t like going to the movies in general and I don’t recall any times I went by myself. I forced myself out of my reading chair tonight to prove to myself that I could do things alone; I did this with the intended result to prove that being alone was easy. What I did was bring my carefully-constructed world down around me, as it were. The long walk out of the theater to my car was contemplative as I started to envision life without a roommate/wife/best friend. After being with someone for so long, it’s not going to be easy. A lot of my friends have had girlfriends off and on, but they learned valuable lessons about themselves when they weren’t “attached.” Let’s hope my semester starts now.
  4. Hollywood is making a movie about United Flight 93 on 9/11. I saw the trailer at the theater tonight. I wanted to kick whoever is connected to that movie in any way in the throat until they hoarsely apologize. Still too soon, Hollywood.

— So don’t go away say what you say/But say that you’ll stay/Forever and a day…in the time of my life

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  1. 99 vs AQ on a 278 flop. all in for 100k pot, ace on river. KJs vs KT, flop TT2. QQ vs 22 and donkey makes a 4 flush. it all came crashing down. i have a 3:1 chip lead with 4 left in most alternate realities right now. hey hop-o, want to be featured on my new album?

  2. Wham-o! Just woke up from a Rip Van Winkle-type nap and now I’m a ready to go.

    1. Hey, Hip-o.
    2. Madd, your game is strong right now. I, on the other hand, suck. Concoozles!
    3. Woke up early and took the Mister Rogers Trolley downtown for some jobber interviews. Looks good. I think I got my pick of three jackass valet jobs. Also, had my 3rd str8 shitty sushi lunch here in S.D.. Bah. There is a sushi place on every corner but most are crap. For my money Takara is best and you Madison cats have it good. 13$ for 3 rolls and miso? niiceee. And it is always B+ sushi. Always. Here it’s 20$ for the same meal and often it’s C- to B level.

  3. Also, job interviews here are bananas. For example, one bellman job interview took 1 1/2 and I didn’t even get the job. One of the valet jobs I interviewed for today took over an hour including a freaking test of my psychological make up. Some questions were straight up (T or F it is ok to call in sick if you are not sick, T or F sometimes I want to hurt my boss when they reprimand me) but some were bonkers ( T or F most people have more than two thumbs) Who the fuck has more than two thumbs? This coming from a finger missing freak. I hit true…

  4. Hmmm… can’t find anything except the company that make sit. I thought for sure more people would have had fun with this puppy. There was more crazy than just the thumb question. Also, I can’t wait to pee in a cup.

  5. my game is the same as it has always been… in constant evolution. the thing right now is that the environment is good for my game to thrive. i’m focusing more and more on multi-variable poker theory… thinking in 5 dimensions… going crazy, but making that bling. YA HEARD?!

  6. Man, if you took a shot everytime Uncle Jessie told them Duke boys to simmer down you’d be really drunk.

  7. why did you call hop-o the hip hop hippo “hip-o”? his name is HOP-o. hop-o the hip hop hippo. bah.

  8. Rumzee- Thank you, the parents (Mike’s and mine) both received thier DVD’s and they are loving them, thank you again.


    Also I figured out my taxes and i’m actually getting money back for the first time in my life, yoooohoooooooooooo- good thing i’m in control of the finances, maybe they’ll be a shopping trip to Fashion Valley soon.

    Zach we’re excited for you to come down and join the family again. see you early friday morning, it’s supposed to be high 60’s low 70’s this weekend and of course sunny. sorry wisco….

  9. i’m playing every tourney up to an including the oil… just was the 4k kid in 2 tourneys at once then busted out in 2 hands on each at the same time. dumb.

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