police, RUN

I was in the mood for a cornish pastie and two bottles of Miller Lite tonight so when I got home from work I grabbed A Confederacy of DUNCES and headed over to the Britannia Arms up the street. As luck would have it, it was some policeman’s retirement party and the joint was packed to the gills with Drunk O’Malley’s. I took a seat outside on the patio and started reading while, no fucking lie, a 13-piece drum ‘n’ bagpipe policeband jammed inside the bar. After a while, they came outside on the patio and played more bagpipe melodies. I giggled to myself a few times imagining Ignatius J. Reilly’s reaction to such a cacaphony. His valve woulda closed for sure. Proper geometry and theology and all that, you see. I’ll now excerpt an exchange between Ignatius and his poor momma that made me laugh out loud tonight:

“What in the world do you and that old bawd babble about?” Ignatius asked.
“Shut up!”
“Thank you. I see that things about here are as cheerful as ever.”

Tomorrow is nose-to-the-grindstone day at work, then Friday I’m flying off to sunny San Diego. See sceizzer, if you lived here in the bay still you’d only be an hour flight from slumming on wwhazz’s couch in sunny San Diego. Instead you’re stuck a jillion miles away in the middle of a deep freeze.

… oh by the way: Aaron Moneypenny is engaged to be married… to a girl!

— well I’ve got my pride/and a blue steel forty-five/and I’m waitin for the other shoe to drop

60 thoughts on “police, RUN

  1. i need some field updates from all my soldiers out on the icehead battlefield… how is she playing? smooth? sharp? dangerously sharp? you gotta give that shit time to germinate, YA HEARD?!

  2. helllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? fun fact, that ginny is supposedly 30 years old. at closer look it might be a flat chested girl… i’m so confused. confusion is what makes a star.

  3. and if you can figure out how to use his myspace page, there is a part 2 to that video… he rehashes all the classics, and comes fresh with some new material. it says he is a comedian… i’d belieeee dat. YA HEARD?!


  5. If you have not clicked on the above link the one that says -this kid is going to blow up. guaranteed.- I say, do so. Very funny. Cal, KTK, Jen if you need a laugh, do it.

  6. just checked out rec.gambling.lottery for the first time… it’s a newsgroup for discussing “Strategy and news of lotteries and sweepstakes”. hahaha, so i check it out and it’s a bunch of people sharing their picks for the day so that no one else picks the same obviously. then they also look at all the lotteries and trends such as if palendrones are hitting hot, or primes, or runners like 23 and 34. either they all just think it is hilarious as hell, or there are a lot of crazy people on this world. word is the meat packers that just won the powerball were frequent posters on the group… makes you wonder…

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