The Deep South of California

San Diego was sunny as predicted, and I had a wonderful time with Mike and Jessi… as predicted. While I was there the world of Whazzmaster was introduced to two very special people who exist on two very different planes of existence: MOG, straight outta the Ay-Zee, and Gino the Ginny, from god-knows-where-but-sounds-like-the-bronx.

To MOG, two items: I wish more than anything to be able to attend Brewers Spring Training in Somewhereican’tremember, AZ, but due to my work/moving/travel schedule in March I probably won’t be able to this year. Please spare me a couch next year; I promise I won’t pee on Barrie’s chair.

To Gino: I can’t feel my legs!

Wwhazz, bellygirl, and I had a GRAND time after she got off work at 4:30am on Sunday morning. We ended up calling the sceizzer concerning tiny Gino, and Scientist was slightly taken aback at talking to three people screaming and having fun at 7:30am, Frozen Minnesota Time.

I wrote down all that happened in my gournal, but I probably won’t get around to truly transcribing it here. Wwhazz or bellygirl, feel free to spackle any holes that need spackling (not my butthole, though).

Friday night was fun, Fun, FUN in Ocean Beach. Two dollar Miller Lites? Gimme two. We met up with Steven Ejercito and Friends, who were also awesome. Ate fish tacos and had a drink at the mysterious Oggie’s.

Saturday we fought dogs and men, played poker at the small-but-impressive Palomar Card Club as The Corporation (ended up $32), and ended up drinking the majority of a 30-pack of Miller Lite and watching True Romance (I’d never seen it) and The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. Quick review of the latter: holy shit I have never witnessed such a hatchet job in modern times. I mean, the U-Warrior is probably a grade A nutcase, but they go to such effort to tear him down bit by bit that you gotta feel sorry for the kook by the end.

Sunday we awoke and created a grand meal for the ages, ate it, and then I flew back to Nor*Cal.

An overarching theme of the weekend was the Donkey Konga playing that permeated every spare moment. I left my Gamecube with the kids with the only price that they get good enough to challenge me by the time I return to collect my property.

I’m moving this week and next weekend, so posting may be light. I’ll apologize in advance and you scamps’ll still complain. The world will keep turning, and somewhere some song writer will rhyme “turning” with “burning”. Bye-bye.

— to everything turn, turn, turn

75 thoughts on “The Deep South of California

  1. wwwwwwwwwwazzzzzzzzzzz, thanks for the cosmic shift towards party poker. in a word: imkillinit. much like the super troopers had the repeater, i can’t play poker without a gimmick. so tonight every pot i take down, i type in SERVED. so i’m up a few hundo and finally i get rivered, and this guy go nuts against me… like “SERVED! HAHAHAH, *YOU* GOT SERVED! HAHAHAHAH”. granted i’m still up a ton, so it doesn’t make much sense to me… then i decide to pullout the new hotness… “bro… i can’t hear you. i’m at the crobar, they’re pumpin the mega mix”. that shit cracked me up. havin fun on OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH PARTY POKER!

  2. Up $14.50 after a mega session. 5pm-9pm 3 tables 10pm-1am 3 tables. Esssh. It went down 100, even, down 100, even, down 60, up 14. Soul crushing work. Two bucks an hour.

  3. the more i know about poker, the more i realize there is NOTHING to “know” about poker. just get out there and play your style. if you got da flava, you’ll go far… if you drink the fizzy lifting drink, well, cogsworth will be fuckin pissed when you don’t bring him an everlasting gobstopper, but fuck him anyways… YA HEARD?!

  4. I’m pretty sure your question will not have an answer. Fuzzy area of grammar like madds b-hole.

  5. The question involved consistency between the first and third person on our wedding invitations. We decided to stick with what we thought was more consistent (third person), but was also more formal, which we were trying to avoid. I don’t even know that it was really a problem, I might have just made it one in my head. Sorry to preempt what I can only imagine would have been a fascinating debate.

  6. “I don’t even know that it was really a problem, I might have just made it one in my head” -oneil

    Cal, you should write this down on a little piece of paper (like fortune cookie size) and reference it often. Maybe keep it in your sock. Or your sack.

  7. Judd’s going down to Phoenix next weekend for weapons of mass baby-related activities, and he told me him and dr. 4nyay are going to a Brewers/Angels spring training game. I burn with jealousy. Just a heads-up for wirksu in case you wants to meet and greet the good doctor for a game.

  8. My expert opinion on 1st v 3rd person: which base would you rather get to on a first date? 1st, or 3rd? Go with your answer.

  9. “cascade complete is 30% better than whatever you are using”…. what ever happened to truth in advertising, because that is simply a statement that can not be true universally.

  10. did you really think about that 1st and 3rd, or just say it as a joke, because my logic has scrutinized it, and it holds pretty solid. much unlike certain claims made by CASCADE COMPLETE. those lying fuckers. if i wrote a book about them, it would be in the 7th person and every sentance would start out “so i met this guy who told me about this chick who said something”…. hahaha, thanks comedian from 8 years ago… that shit is still funny to me.

  11. i really like that rec.gambling.lottery newsgroup. inside the mind of a gambler is like home to me, but these fuckers are just dumb. so here is the idea they are all fighting about right now… lets say you have a 1 in 80,000,000 lottery. some people are saying that buying multiple tickets doesn’t increase your chances because either you were going to win the long shot, or you weren’t… so buying 2 tickets doesn’t mean you are 2 in 80,000,000… you are still 1 in 80,000,000. then the people who have taken 6th grade statistics step in and obviously prove them wrong, then 10 more people step up and say the first person was right. i’m smart enough to realize that when you factor in the total number of drawings available over your lifetime that they are both right on some level, and watching them fight it out is entertaining. so i ask anyone who has a thought on this…….. what is it?

  12. i am an expert poker player. the world will never know… because they don’t have the capacity to.

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