Informer, you know say daddy me Snow me I’ll go blame, a licky boom boom down.
Detective man a say say daddy me Snow me stab someone down the lane, a licky boom boom down.

Been stormin’ in the bay area for a few days now, and driving to work this morning I noticed snow capping not only the east bay mountain range, but also the Santa Cruz Mountains. That’s kinda cool, and it doesn’t happen that often. It’s snowy up on top o’ the mountain but 55°-60° down here in the valley. The best of all worlds.

Who wants to go camping in Yosemite this summer?
Who wants to rent a cabin in Tahoe next winter?

Shouts to pokajill and hop-o the hip hop hippo.

— it’s just a big scam to make y’all eat pig ham

49 thoughts on “S-N-O-W

  1. I have a funny story. A few years ago, JW was driving on the interstate in southern Illinois when he saw a deer approaching the highway perpendicular to the path of his vehicle. JW, being from Chicago, says that at the moment he thought to himself: certainly this deer is not suicidal, and certainly it will stop. It didn’t. He had the driver’s side window open, though which the deer’s hoof hit him in the head. A state trooper stopped, and while JW stood by bleeding from a head wound, searched the vehicle. As the trooper searched the vehicle, a man in overalls driving a pick up stopped and asked if he could have the deer. The trooper finished his unsuccessful search, and JW was sent on his way. True story.

  2. Here is another true story:

    ***** Hand History for Game 2848685060 *****
    $2/$4 Texas Hold’em – Saturday, March 03, 22:47:53 EDT 2006
    Table Table 65438 (Real Money)
    Seat 6 is the button
    Total number of players : 10
    Seat 1: Hop-O ( $69.50 )
    Seat 3: ColStingo ( $98.87 )
    Seat 6: UNCLE_LAUREN ( $195 )
    Seat 7: krzysztof111 ( $342.50 )
    Seat 8: dander999 ( $93.50 )
    Seat 9: zm1115 ( $65.50 )
    Seat 10: Homieclown ( $117.50 )
    Seat 4: Doom_Buggy ( $45 )
    Seat 2: chayw4 ( $76 )
    Seat 5: BlueDiamond8 ( $69 )
    Pokajill posts small blind [$1].
    dander999 posts big blind [$2].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to Doom_Buggy [ Td Ts ]
    zm1115 folds.
    Homieclown folds.
    Hop-O calls [$2].
    chayw4 folds.
    ColStingo calls [$2].
    Doom_Buggy raises [$4].
    BlueDiamond8 folds.
    UNCLE_LAUREN calls [$4].
    Pokajill calls [$3].
    dander999 raises [$4].
    Hop-O calls [$4].
    ColStingo calls [$4].
    Doom_Buggy calls [$2].
    UNCLE_LAUREN calls [$2].
    Pokajill calls [$2].
    ** Dealing Flop ** [ 5c, Tc, 6s ]
    Pokajill checks.
    dander999 bets [$2].
    Hop-O calls [$2].
    ColStingo calls [$2].
    Doom_Buggy raises [$4].
    UNCLE_LAUREN calls [$4].
    Pokajill calls [$4].
    dander999 calls [$2].
    Hop-O calls [$2].
    ColStingo calls [$2].
    ** Dealing Turn ** [ 6c ]
    Pokajill bets [$4].
    dander999 calls [$4].
    Hop-O calls [$4].
    ColStingo folds.
    Doom_Buggy raises [$8].
    UNCLE_LAUREN calls [$8].
    Pokajill calls [$4].
    dander999 calls [$4].
    Hop-Oraises [$8].
    Doom_Buggy raises [$8].
    UNCLE_LAUREN calls [$8].
    Pokajill calls [$8].
    dander999 calls [$8].
    Hop-O calls [$4].
    ** Dealing River ** [ 9s ]
    Pokajill checks.
    dander999 checks.
    Hop-O bets [$4].
    Doom_Buggy raises [$8].
    UNCLE_LAUREN calls [$8].
    Pokajill calls [$8].
    dander999 folds.
    Hop-O raises [$8].
    Doom_Buggy raises [$8].
    UNCLE_LAUREN calls [$8].
    Pokajill calls [$8].
    Doom_Buggy: need 66
    Hop-O calls [$4].
    Doom_Buggy shows [ Td, Ts ] a full house, Tens full of sixes.
    UNCLE_LAUREN doesn’t show [ 9c, Js ] two pairs, nines and sixes.
    Pokajill doesn’t show [ Kh, 6d ] three of a kind, sixes.
    Hop-O doesn’t show [ 5h, 5d ] a full house, Fives full of sixes.
    Doom_Buggy wins $201 from the main pot with a full house, Tens full of sixes.

  3. Haha. That really is my best hand of 2-4. In real life, these days, I blow. Played 3 2hr sessions of 3 tablin 2-4 last night and lost 250$. I’m still pretty sure I’m playing right, and from what I’ve read a losing streak of this size happens. I tried to use pokertracker free 1000 hand preview to look at my last 1000 hands but instead it looked at my 1st 1000 hands on partpoker than blew up when I tried to import ten billion hands. My BB per hour was 3.6 back then. Who knows what it is now. When I click session stats on partpoker it tells me I’m winning 6% of my hands but a lot of my pots are babies and the monsters are slipping away. Who knows. All I do knowis the most I’ve been able to turn an 80$ buy in into in the past month is 120$. You would think, even if I were not playing my best (which I think I am) that the whole sun shines even on a dog’s ass sometimes would apply to at least one of my buyins. Eeesh.

  4. Which song are you gerilla’ing? Diddy’s Ditties or some such nonsense? Is anyone taking Oye Como Va to the house yet? Did bellygirl buy a bucket with which to carry a tune?

  5. how the christ did you win a $200 pot in 2-4 and still lose $250? or was that hand fake-o? last night for me was similar… 2 hours of 4 tables of 2-4… break even. get drunk, 45 minutes of 4 tables of 5-10 and i don’t win a single pot and lose $350. get more drunk, watch WarGames on tv and understand it on an entirely different level. BA DOOP-A-DOOP! YA HEARD!?

  6. the only thing you said that concerned me about your game was that you would play different if you were winning…. which is sort of inbred any gambler as a smart solution to maximize wins and minimize losses… but in poker, you can win just by playing like you are winning… so don’t wait for the rush of luck to kick start a winning game, just play like a winner and count those chips. don’t let any punk busters front either.

  7. 1. That hand was real except Hop-o and Jill were not in it, and it happened last year. It is still my best 2-4 pot of all time.

    2. I see what you are saying, and my thought on the subjest were the same as Caro “Make Strategic adjustments when you’re losing. Here are things you should do when you’re losing, not because there’s any force causing the cards to be bad, but because your image is damaged and your opponents tend to play better: (1) Be more selective about your starting hands. (2) Don’t bluff (at least not very often). (3) Don’t raise as often. (4) Don’t bet “for value” with the hands that you normally would.”

    And I sort of agree. I stop jacking my draws and I cut down on the bluffs.

  8. And no that I need a name to tell me how to handle the situation– those were kinda my natural thoughts. I guess when it’s whack-a-pal I don’t go into a shell but I am a little more cautious. Either way, I’m burned out. Too many 6, 7, 11 hour sessions of shite. I’m taking like 2 weeks off to get refreshed. My soul needs it.

  9. And last night I was starting to feel damaged, so I broke my night into this pattern:

    1. Nap, dog walk, 2 hours of poker no more no less.

    2. Clean house, eat dinner, read.
    3. 2hours of poker.
    4. Walk dog, snack, wact tv, read, donkey konga
    5. 2 hours of poker.

  10. Then I read about losing streaks and accepted BB losses when 3 tabling and my streak is not out of the realm of possible outcomes. I think the added pressure of not having a job might be hurting me too. There is a lot more stress when I say hey Jess, lemme have 500$ that you worked your ass off for and I’ll give it back to you next week as 250$. Bah… a little break and I’ll be back. One sucky thing is this is the first time my gambling has been in the red in over two years.

  11. yup, it’s a shitty spot to be in… it’s like jenga… every once in a while you just gotta put all the piece back in the box and turn that fucker over. just playing no limit hold’em tourneys and limit hold’em cash games can drive me a little crazy too… i either focus on 1 game, or focus on just the game above the game and play everything. in those times i like playing 3-6 razz on full tilt… that game is ALL game above the game, and luck… but they are intertwined very interestingly. maybe that’s the trick… just make it interesting again.

  12. Cool, cool, Cal. I start my valet job next week and I got a story I’m working on, so that will keep my bizzay. I’ve also been fucking around with chess again. Zach’s Game Cube too…

  13. i am simply the greatest poker specimin our people have produced in the history of civilization. it’s cool though… i’m not uptight about it… we can still “hang”.

  14. have any of you seen the movie “altered states”… i think if i sat down with the writers of that movie i’d explode in 13 alternate realities. also, i think i forgot to thank all the “little” people for my tourney win… first off, one love to big G up above. jesus, you’re my homeboy.

  15. i want someone to sing “queen to be” from coming to america at my wedding. the don would be perfect.

  16. i bust rhymes in the deep dirty dirty
    i’m hungry hungry i suck feet girly
    i’m crazy. i use a pinball ball to make a call
    i my celly cell to get the triple ball
    i holler daily, player wanna play me?
    i keeps it chill in hippo land daily
    i didn’t make it rhyme for real,
    but technically, i’m a hippopotomus….
    YA HEARD?!

  17. doesn’t anyone get drunk on saturday nights anymore? HOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA


  19. i have 2 tropheys for valore in comedic moranity. i earned one of them for this very post. the other i earned for a future rebuttle of this post where i say that i was “dumb”.

  20. This is what happens when I move and don’t have internet connect for two days? I need to move more often. Like, every other week.

  21. We didn’t do too much this weekend. Friday we stayed in our jammies and played Nintendo. Saturday we checked out Hilcrest, the mall and Scrabbled it up and watched movies. Sunday we bought some plants and a new radio (thanks stiffly for the Best Buy card. I tried to buy WWE DVDs but got overruled. We did see a lady with giant fake boobs and a dude we met on the trolley last week while waiting in line though…). We also made homade pizza and love. That’s all I got.

  22. sometimes i really miss smoking. i have to write this freaking article about my trip to Cuba and MAN, i don’t miss writing. you’d think, it being one of my majors and all, the words would spill from ye old keyboard. HA! they don’t. when i was in school i used to take a cigarette break on the hour. what is the nonsmoker supposed to do during said breaks? i think i’m going to go twiddle my thumbs on the front stoop for 8 minutes and see if that jogs the brain forward.

  23. why not make up a dozen new habits and do them each once per day one per break? list things you can get done in 8 minutes that would be useful to do every single day.

  24. I find M&Ms good for a writing break. I like jelly beans for grading papers. I expect that in 10 years, I’ll be missing all my teeth and my a$$ will be the size of Nevada, though.

  25. had one of those -$500 nights followed by a 10 hour determined marathon to get even. i am up $80 at this point after paying back that 500. fun night.

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