Get A Load Of This Name

Man faces jail time for selling crack

A City of Poughkeepsie man faces a stint in jail for dealing crack in the city last year.

Landocalrissan Butler, 25, of Winnikee Avenue, entered a guilty plea Tuesday in Dutchess County Court to attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance, a felony. Butler told Judge Thomas J. Dolan he had five small bags of crack in his pocket Dec. 22 when police arrested him on Morgan Avenue. He said he intended to sell the drugs.

In exchange for his plea, Butler was promised a sentence of six months in jail and five years on probation. He will also be required to forfeit a cell phone and $432 police said he obtained through illegal drug sales.

Butler remains jailed pending his sentencing, scheduled for April 4.

I wish I had some kind of reaction, but EvilAntnie provided the perfect summary:

Lando’s fallen on hard times since the deathstar’s destruction.

— some fight, some bleed/sun up to sun down/the sons of a battlecry

46 thoughts on “Get A Load Of This Name

  1. hello to yall. what is up with that old post? sckiezer i don’t think you are repulsive; in fact, you are quite handsome. hey you bitches i’m drunk ha ha. did you all find my tribute to kirby uplifting? skizzer there is a memorial service sunday at the HHH Metrodome have ya heard? are ya going? rumsey who is your great unkle what was his name do you have his baseball card? mp expect an email on offical fantasy baseball business. you better play because your bongo friend in socal bailed now you need to pick up the slack. ya heard? the slack. you need to pick it up. ya heard? THE SLACK! i said THE SLACK. YOU NEED TO PICK IT UP. THE SLACK! THE SLACK! ok bye, cal

  2. hey, zachery…what’s the deal with the pictures of the Fuddruckus wedding that you said you were going to put up? That was quite a few posts ago that you promised them to whazzmaster fans everywhere…

  3. if someone check raises you… just call. then pop them on the turn when they bet out… that shit is straight asshole… YA HEARD?!

  4. now that danny negraneau (sp?) affiliated with the poker network (pokerroom), he is bringing a lot of high limit action… there is a 10 handed $100-$100 NL game going right now with pretty much all of pokerroom’s finest.

  5. all the hollywood poker players (also part of the poker network) are all jumping in and losing 10k at a time… gary sinise… WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! nh james woods. lanye flack, you’re funny.

  6. HOLY SHIT, CAL JUST JUMPED IN THE GAME AND BET EVERYTHING HE HAD! sam farha tossed in a pack of organic beets for the call and took him down with a pair of jacks!

  7. wirksu, if you at all believe in the theory that we’re surfing the same wave of luck, then i suggest you suit up.

  8. I did watch a little Layne Flack 50-50 NL 3 handed. Man… sick. A dude took back to back 1000$ pots off Flack, cutting him down to 2000. Dude leaves. Flack and Zeebo go heads up, swap 500 pots back and fro. Then come these three hands:

    1. Flack pops it 200 (the standard raise they are using preflop) dude calls. Board is K38. Check, check. Turn is a spade making two spades. Check, check. River is the 3 of spades. Zeebo pops the pot 700, Flack pushes his last 2000. Zeebo had A2spades. Flack KK.

    2. Two hands later dude gets in a 2000 pot with Flack. He has top pair kicker Q’s. Flack has KK again. Flack is now up to 6000.

    3 Final hand. Flack is now up to 7500. Zeebo has rebought for 5000. Flack raises 200. Zeebo calls. Flop is k94. Dude bets out 500. Flack calls. Turn is a 9. Dude bets 1000. Flack calls. River is a duece. Dude bets, flack pushes. Zeebo A9. Flack 22.

    Flack wins 10Gs in 4min with some sick, sick, luck. Dude sits out, types “jeeze…” Flack types. “Yea, sorry.”

  9. the biggest pot I ever saw on pokerroom was when they first added 100-100 Nl it was 24,000. Quads vs a Boat.

  10. I’ll be back next week. Still need the week off. My stars are starting to align though: I got this valet job and now I got an e-mail for a teaching job. So soon the triforce of my money will be back. Cars, cards, words.

  11. chip leader at the final table at 2 hour break in tourney #3 again… just passing that ball around…

  12. daniel neg is ‘kidpoker’ on there… i saw him win a $27,000 pot with A high. he raised to 400 preflop and a dude went all in for 13,500 and daniel called with AKs… other dude had AJo.

  13. an interesting bug in the pokerroom client software that on ballers like me would ever see, and a programmer like me would ever understand…. if you are in a tourney, they put a checkmark by the tourney in the lobby…. the code that removes the check mark from the lobby is in the player_has_been_busted() subroutine, so if you win (and thus never go bust), the check mark stays there until the tourney gets taken off the lobby screen. bug? feature? either way, i am a champion again!

  14. 1st, 2nd, 1st… seriously… how can you at all deny those results? this game is dumb.

  15. they start you out with 1500 in the lucky dollar again… i think starting chip count is completely arbitrary in that tourney depending on who sets it up for the day.

  16. hi whazzers.
    I’m going for my first ever massage today compliments of the bear whisperer. Tomorrow I have my defense. Then I demand that you all call me Dr. KTK, Ph.D., master of the universe. Thank you.

  17. lucky dollar i’m in 2nd with 95 left from 800… guy who is first is on my left. we both have around 30k. i have KK. flop a K. all in… he has AA! SWEET! ace on the river and he is the 65k kid and i’m bust. top 90 pay, but 90th is like 3 cents i think, but still… fucking bubble. bah.

  18. i don’t know much about the phd process…. is the defense like a handful of people read your shit, then you sit in a room with them and they try to tear it apart and you have to hold your own? if so, bring a voice recorder and get me a copy. THEN i will call you master. what if one of the dudes starts suggesting crazy shit like “did you consider the ramifications of a brewers world series victory in this study? WELL DID YOU?!”

  19. nobody here today and i still cracked myself up twice…. hmmmm…. all i have is a pair of jacks…. hmmmmm….. ok cal, i call your sack of organic beets, lets see your cards! SHIP IT!

  20. nice fake ktk post. not even an issue… the brewers world series theory was addressed early in the second chapter.

  21. i hope the play old-style star trek fight scene music over speakers during your defense. ship your kid out to cali for a few weeks and i’ll teach it all about whazz and donkey konga; they’re the only real skills i possess.

  22. i would like to bet $1 that someone in this “defense” starts a sentance off with “did you consider the ramifications of”. this bet will pay… lets say 13 to 1.

  23. if nothing else, i’m sure that B will be humming the star wars fight song during the defense. i also believe that nobody will start with the exact sentence “did you consider the ramifications of…” exactly. does it count if it is worded differently?

  24. here’s what i accidently typed into “Still Rainin”

    a bag of beets says you’ll have zero defense from the fact that YOUR PAPER HAS BEEN COMPLETELY ERASED! YOU’RE TURNING IN BLANK PAGES! IT’S AS IF IT NEVER EXISTED. DID IT EVER EXIST? DID IT?


  25. zach – thank you so much for putting our wedding pictures on a CD for us! That slideshow is great!! You took so many nice pictures…Now if only our hired photographer would get off her lazy ass and get us the pictures that SHE took!!

    Also, thank you for the “delicious and healthy” meal that you prepared for us last night! I’m so glad that you used “EVOO” in the stirfry instead of the nasty-smelling stirfry oil that makes the house smell like a b-class chinese restaurant. It was “yummo”!!

  26. if only you knew how well the side games were going… i’m on a 30 foot luck wave all alone…. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  27. call a possible steal raise from the big blind with KQ… flop AT2… check raise and get 3 bet… oops, call and pray for J… if not check and hope he checks behind, then fire river for steal and pray again. but lately, i’m hitting that J on the turn every time. SHIP IT.

  28. 1. Wirkus–what are the chances that you’ll let us all read your story when you’re done?
    2. I got an info sheet from the Commission. This was the best part, “There is an armed guard shared by the student house and Diane‚Äôs house. He walks around the area at night, and you will likely see him emerge from the bushes with a big smile and a Kalashnikov.”
    3. Excited to see a Kalashnikov. Today I saw my first crime scene photos of a murder: two sawed off shotgun blasts to the chest at close range (2 feet). Strange. Like two big holes. I mean, I knew the general function of a shotgun shell once fired, but it sure looks different than in the movies.

  29. where they shooting slugs or shot? i couldn’t imagine shot would put holes clean through someone, but a big as slug might

  30. and TRUST ME… i KNEW KNEW KNEW that jack was coming. i even thought about raising the turn, because i figured he hit a BS gutshot…


  32. just took down a $125 omaha hi/lo pot, i’ve taken my skillz to the cash tab-o’s. i am the greatest omaha hi/lo player in the history of the world. i have logically proven that there is no way to beat me. i am not suggesting anything here…. i am pointing out facts. who wants to stake me in the WSOP omaha 8 tourney this year? you get 100% of my winnings minus my expenses for the trip.

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