Decision Required

I think we’ve all advanced to a point in our lives where we can agree that it’s time to do something special. I mean, jeez, my 10 high school reunion is next year, and when I think that the kids gradumating college today were in middle school when I was in college makes me bewildered.

Also, without trying to sound like an ass, I’ve got money. I’ve got money and I’d rather blow a wad of it on something awesome than use it to buy a Cristal enema or a drink in San Francisco. So here’s my plan: pull together the First Annual Whazzmaster Weekend, replacing the short-lived (but immensely fun) Whazzgiving tradition.

The decision tree is huge and heavily influenced by particpation rate, but I do not want money to be the limiting reagent here. I’m willing to subsidize the cost if people can somehow arrive at the location on their own dime.

To wit, my vision:

Take all our friends, throw them in a giant cottage/mansion/cabin on a California/Wisconsin lake/mountain in the summer/winter with booze/{insert other bad things here}. Give them access to 6+ bedrooms, lots of poker chips, board games, one or more hot tubs, skiing/snowboarding/paddleboats/canoes, TVs, and DVDs. Provide this environment for 3+ days. Take pictures. Put pictures on Whazzmaster. Do it again the next year in the same/different location.

Reactions? I’d love to hear ’em.

— i got a man/what’s your man gotta do with me?/i got a man!/but yer man ain’t me

135 thoughts on “Decision Required

  1. the apple river on the MN side isn’t much better in terms of hilbillies and cess pool action. i tubed it many a time in high school. jen, i could have used some of your tax assistance this year, yikes. good work. jolly good show.

  2. i know, i was originally going to say that but i didn’t know if you wanted to be outed. oopsie, too late.

  3. I don’t know if you two have what it takes as a couple even if the sex is sextacular. There is more to life than butt rammin.

  4. I’d probably choke him out in one week. Sorry Cal, looks like our fairy-tale romance is at an end. YOU’RE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRED!

  5. whatever we could totally be a couple. we both like drinking, juicing, japanese food, internet chat rooms… we live in/near san francisco… flight of the navigator… moonlight walks… political pinkos… doll houses… figure skating… i love you.

  6. cal, it was me that loved flight of the navigator. if you are using it as an excuse to stay with z…. well… that isn’t healthy. you should tell me how you feel.

  7. Thanks for the pix – they were great. Good thing you didn’t come down for the weekend – you would have been “rained out.”


  9. i just dumped over $600 on there in like a second. seriously every single fucking hand if you could come up with the perfect combination of opponents cards and bets and shit and just try and completely fuck me over, that is what happened… EVERY FUCKING HAND. so i finall get AK, 4 people see the flop for my 3rd bet at 5-10 of course, flop is KK2. i bet, get raised, call call, i 3 bet, and then all of my tables close and it says “tables closed for maintenance”. ^@)(^)(*@$#^)(*@&$)(*@&$ as far as ic an tell, that huge pot just disappeared and all my money is gone. FUCK PARTY POKER.. NEVER FUCKING AGAIN. YOU MOTHER FUCKING INDIAN CHEATING FUCKS. I WILL END YOU.

  10. yea im here wirkus. Ill be in el sal till the end of aug finishing some stuff up. Then im flying to the southern most tip of south america and working my way back. should take about 10 months. Ill be passing through TJ and ill give you a holler.

  11. exactly… as you stand in embarassment for denying the very thing that would bring you love… you dirty fuck.

  12. Who posted that? I really like that show. It would do folks like cla who think the sky is falling some good to sit down and watch it. The overall theme of that series pretty much sums up my worldview better than any thing I’ve come across.

  13. heres the problem… alcohol kills 50,000 people a year… tobacco kills 450,000…. so pretty much our economy has already adjusted to account for 500,000 deaths a year, as well as the work to generate income to consume those products which will kill them. with marijuana, the product is nearly free if you grow it, and the harm is almost non-existant… the economy can’t afford to have less people die doing less work to not buy products from established corporations. that is the real problem… painted into a corner. gee, why is a celebrity duo such as my(our)selves doing posting on whazzmaster? i’ll tell you why, it’s bullshit!

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