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[March 16, 2006 09:51 AM] by whazzmaster
I have heretofore had no problems flying through Chicago O’Hare to all points Wisconsin. Today may end the streak with a bullet, as I see everywhere that Milwaukee-to-Chicago will be receiving a half-foot of snow today. ROAR. At least I’m in first class for the first leg of the trip; BLOODY MARY! BLOODY MARY! BLOODY MARY!

SURPRISE! We circled Chicago in an airplane for an hour and a half yesterday before being allowed to land. Then my connecting flight was 2 hours late taking off, so’s I got into Madison roughly 2 hours later than expected. Upside? Five bloody marys on first flight (FIRST CLASS!) plus a coupla pints at the aeropuerto bar plus FREE~! Guv Club drinks equaled me=leetle bit drunk.

This morning I walked up and down State Street for awhile and tried on fashionable outfits at Jazzman and Soulman (and to a lesser extent at University Book store, Name of the Game, Steve & Barry’s, and Fontana) and was waiting outside The Irish Pub at 10:54am salivating for booze. Luckily (just my luck) they opened on schedule at 11am and I was the first one in. Four points later I’m reading Vandover and the Brute and eating Irish Stew.


The cal/maddddddddddddddd convo in the last thread was funny like a cracker on cheese. Glad I could read it; maddddddddddddd you get another penny in the Whazzmaster Rakeback Fund.

wwhazz: i’ve been calling you all morning. Are you ognoring me, or are you sleeping with that sweet chippy you’re married to? Jarboring a bujitive? Ask Steven if he’s jarboring a bujitive. I bet he’ll say either “no” or “what are you talking about?”

Ewaz played a cruel joke on me wherein he called me from Johnson Creek (!!) and said he was in a wedidng so he couldn’t han g out with me today. I thought he was kidding so I spun around in my seat at the I.P. cause I thought he was standing behind me but it was only an old drunk (not Ewaz). Maybe I’ll hang out with him later this weekend. Say lah veeeeeeeeee,Ewaz!

— take ooonnnn meeeeeee (take on me)/take meeeeeeeeeee ooooonnnnn (take on me)



  2. hey cal, you’re boyfriend eddie izzard is on BBC America right now. dude is wearing a chinese dress and makeup, and making jokes about jesus christ vis a vis easter/chocolate bunnies. thought you should know.

  3. man- i’ve never even seen that guy. is he funny? i don’t even know. i’m going to bed, goodnight. hey wait you know who i do like though? a guy named jens lekman. do some research and find some jens lekman songs. goodnight you… you… all. even you scientoligist cal/b>

  4. liquor is bad for your outer labia… thats why i don’t drink it… instead i shove wheat bread up my ass.

  5. That isn’t cal you sillys. I DON’T KNOW WWHAZZ’S ADDRESS; perhaps a google search of wm.com will help. If not, I can’t send your postcard.

  6. bs. 168 dollar pot in a nl game. i had pocket cals and dude called my all in and dude catches a one outer on the river. He hits his gut shot, the only aaron moneypenny in the deck , giving him a royal straight full house (jack, susan,zach, aaron, ashley). bs this site is rigged.

  7. hello whazzmaster world- how is everyone??? Zach are you having fun in Madison?? Say hi to my friends please. Rumsey and Oneil I just signed a new contract for my next assignment in San diego (thankfully at a different hospital) and in the contract I have guaranteed time off for the lutsen trip. ktk; how is your baby, how is you gest diabetes, how are you feeling? congrats on becoming dr. ktk. k-car: I am glad that prior is hurt again, you are right he is a pussy. Cal: I miss you, when can we hang out?? Scientist: how’s poker going for you, can you set my husband straight????

    Also to give comment on me losing my temper at the DMV- I know it is wrong to do that but I was overcome with rage and anger when they said I couldn’t even start to apply for a god damn license because the birth certificate I have had since 1983 is laminated. It is a birth certificate that I have used to go back and forth to Mexico on several vacations/cruises, etc. No one ever hada problem until the good ol Cali DMV. It’s just a pain in the ass- now I need a new one sent from Wisco fro 30 bucks. I can think of lot better things I would spend thirty bucks on- beer, ice cream, gin, clothes, candy, dirty movies, etc.

    My sister and Bobby are due to arrivein San Diego tomorrow am and we are looking forward to it- we’ll probaly hit coronado island after we pick them up from the airport. should be a fun time had by all/ romantic as hell.

  8. wirkusez, glad you will both be joining us for the wedding. perhaps you can stay in the lutsen castle moneypenny is planning to rent. and i completely understand the rage for two reasons: a) i have heard that the cali DMV is the worst of all 50 states and b) i have been working with the passport assholes to update my parents’ passports pre-cuba-departure and it has not gone swimmingly and i have lost my temper during many phone calls. though there was no gardener to get mad at on the phone. (is that the guy who felt your rage, jessi?) at any rate, sorry to hear that you need to waste that $30. money out the window is the worst.

  9. why did that post twice? fuck, i need to learn html. someone who knows it, please get rid of said duplicate post.

  10. hi bellygirl,
    things are good. theoretically, the baby weighs just over 3 lbs… and could be here as early as 6 weeks from now, and hopefully no later than 9. i’m looking forward to not having G.D. I’m going to eat my weight in sugar once this child is born. i signed a contract for a job, so as of august, i will officially be part of the working world.

    sidenote: wisco DMV is abnormally nice, I think. i’m sorry you had to be full of rage. it is a bad feeling. it will all be over with soon, though.

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