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  1. i think “playing lucky” is analagous with “pokajil style” which i of course believe to be pure genius.

  2. I think my thing for a while is going to be the Midnight Oil. Maybe a different 20$ or 30$ every now and then, but mainly the Oil.

  3. On Sunday, I’m dedicating my game in the Grand Prix to the madd scientist and the unborn children of whazzers everywhere.

  4. The fish tacos at South Beach are nuts. We took THE GUESTS on the first night and though they were skeptical, they ended up loving it and asked to be taken there for their last dinner before they went home. The standard meal is two taco and rice and beans. The tacos are 3-4$ and if you get two, rice and beans are only a buck extra. Most of the choices are seafood, but they also have chicken and carne asada.

    I’ve been going with a mahi (grilled) and a rando until I finish with the menu. After that I think I’ll stick with a mahi and a baja (fried mahi) which seems to be what most folks settle on. So far the fried oyster was good and the grilled lobster was ok. Next time I think I’ll try the grilled shrimp.

    The appetizers seem good. The fries are brown and fresh cut like at Steny’s and the salsa and guac is solid, but really not needed. Two taco for me, two tacos for Belly and one shared order of rice and beans is enough to fuel two adults for a long, long time.

  5. If anyone is in Milwaukee, I suggest you try the fish tacos at Sol Fire. They are a lot different than South Beach but still really good. They use tilapia fried in corn bread breading. It’s sort of like perch friend in shore lunch. Way good, man.

  6. “Get in here and help, will you” panted Vandover to Geary, as he struggled with Ellis. “He can kill people when he’s like this. Oh, damn the whisky anyhow. Look- don’t let him get that knife! Grab his other arm, there! now , kick his feet from under him! Oh kick hard! Sit on his legs; there now. Ah! Hell! he’s bitten me! Look out! here comes the bouncer!

  7. The Cherries Are Ripe, sir!

    Man, that drunken night is nuts. I had totally forgot that that dick Geary slips away in the confusion cause he didn’t want to be associated with a raging drunk Ellis. You never saw me exiting the scene when scientist used to act a fool in san jos– er, well.

  8. i watched cincinnati kid again… very very good movie. deals with pretty much every aspect of gambling, including talking shit and losing. there is this little kid in the movie who constantly talks shit to the main character about gambling, then the guy gambles and breaks off the kid over and over. the kid just takes it in stride and watches how the guy who won acts so he can mimic him should he ever win. in the end of course the kid wins and uses the guys speil against him. very good full circle story telling. it was made in like 1963, so the racial overtones are also very interesting. every time there is a black person on screen there is jazz music playing and they are dancing around having a great time. probably pretty typical for the era… it certainly wouldn’t make it to box office today because of the implicit racism… but the real question is, is that negative racism or positive? if a black person is angry that people similar to them are painted as jazzy and happy, that just means that no one gets to be jazzy and happy. the movie focuses on 5 card stud… 4 seen cards, 1 unseen, and that is how the movie plays out, 20% of everything dealing with all the characters is never revealed, but it is hinted at just like in poker. good writing… everything tied together very very well. i’m impressed.

  9. it even has a good theme song… he caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame with the naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame cin-cin-natiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………

  10. Yeah, Ray Ray sings it. Ewaz was a big fan and we rented it from Four Star a few times. I liked it. You still get an article in Card Player about once a year about the final hand: was it realistic, did they play it right, ble blue blah.

  11. that is the 20% unknown i’m talking about… it seemed rather odd that lady fingers and the man would both go through so much effort to make it clear they haven’t seen each other in so long, but then she is the dealer at the end and seems unphased. everything in the movie has room to speculate about. i suppose some would say that makes for a BAD movie, just like the theoretical black man complaining about all that jazz. i think art should pose questions, not reveal answers.

  12. i just totally misplayed QQ in a tourney vs 99 who flopped a set. i rivered the overset, but with 9TJQ on board vs a re-raising donkey, KK, AK, or even K2 are just as possible as anything, so i just call for the $6500 pot, win of course, and this is his retort (each period is a new line): “oh, you have got to be kidding me. OMG. OMG. OMG. THE CHEATING THE CHEATING. THE BASE DEALING MOTHERFUCKING CHEATING. hahahahaha. BS. BS. BS.” i really have no idea how he feels about it. 20%

  13. crab boat special on right now… one thing i just thought about this new series that premeirs tomorrow, is the new rules in the bearing (sp?) straight (sp?) where it isn’t a free for all anymore, which is what made most of the risk worth it. i thought they changed it all this year… perhaps not. if this is just a show about a boat going and getting their allotted share, that is no drama and would make for bad tv. if they could pull up 80 tons of crab and be millionaires if they get lucky, now that is a show. i guess we’ll see.

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