I was super productive this weekend in many aspects: personal, work-related, and some mysterious third aspect that I don’t even want to think about.

I saw “V for Vendetta” last night and it was a real good flick. I highly reccomend it to everyone. Hugo Weaving was really great as V, and Natalie Port(t?)m(m?)an(n?) was good as well.

I completed my moving today, as there had been a pile of Junk in the back of truck for the last week and a half. I finally threw half of it out and moved the other half into storage. A run through the ol’ car wash and she’ll be good as new.

I’ve been cooking a strange stew on my stove for the last two days. Every time I go to eat it I think, “nah, not ready yet.” I’m not sure what quality I’m looking before before I turn off the heat and eat the damn thing, but as soon as I figure it out I’ll alert the Community; I’m sure you’ll all be dying to know.

I’m thinking about buying a software development-only laptop for home use, but I’m not sure which way to go just yet. I was leaning towards the Toshiba Portege M400 tablet, but I’m also thinking of just going straight ThinkPad (non-tablet) to save money. Of course, the big expense would be Visual Studio, but I may be able to get by with just a common editor (notepad?) and the free command-line SDK. Visual Studio would be nice, but VS2005 doesn’t have Resharper support yet, and I don’t want to thin about .Net development without Resharper. I think Resharper 2.0 is supposed to be out sometime soon. Perhaps then I’ll buy Visual C# 2005 and Resharper 2.0. That’d only be around $300, which is affordable for the stuff I’d want to do initially. I’d also install J2SE 1.5 and maybe get a version of Eclipse, because I don’t think my Java-Fu is as strong as I’d wish.

EvilAntnie lent me a PS2 and Guitar Hero for the week while he’s jetsetting around Amsterdamn. I’ve already raged on the class 1 songs (5 star review on each) and I’m almost there on the class 2 songs. My fingers move like lightning; I should have been a lead guitarist instead of a code-slinger. Favorite songs so far: Boston’s More Than A Feeling, Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out, and ZZ Top’s Sharp-Dressed Man. Rock out with your cocks out, gentlemen.

A tasty juice recipe: 1 pineapple, 1 pear, 1 apple, 1/2 lemon. Don’t put any ginger in it, that’s just what The Man (cal) wants from you. DON’T GIVE IN, NO GINGER!

I bought an exercise ball for my home. I can do crunches on it, I can arch my back on it, and I can sit on it at my computer. I can probably have sex on it but haven’t tried yet. Any ladies out there that want to experiment, please email me. I need to purchase a bike soon, but I think I’ll wait until it doesn’t rain 4 out of every 7 days. I’m still running every morning to and from the gym, and I’m down 10 pounds from when I moved in. Current weight: 190, target weight: 175. Don’t know if that’s a realistic weight given my frame, but I’m pretty sure that I can get down to 180 with some exercise and good eating.

Go check out my sister’s MySpace:

I’ll add Ashley, Dr. 4nyay, and Big Al’s sites to the links list.

Until later,, bust out madd rhymes and check your motherfuckin wind chimes. I’m out.

— i say you don’t know/you say you don’t know/i say… take me out

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  1. not aNYMORE. 59th place, goodbye. flopped broadway and one shiteater runner-runner quadded. hurray! fuck you poker.

  2. flopped broadway, all in, *2* calls… chip leader pot… and BOTH fuckers river you. runner runner quads and runner runner boat. that shit sucks. all fucking day unbelievable beats. the way they group up is very suggestive of something being rigged.

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