Fuck. Shit. Piss. I was told at the office that I’d either have to pull down or be fired. Since my job has brought in approximately hundres of thousands of dollars more than, lifetime, I think I’ll stick with the job. The last post will be up sometime this weekend; good-bye cruel world.

— say you/say me/say it for always/that’s the way it should be

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  1. i’m guessing neither of you have talked to him today… dude is serious, and pretty broken up about it. supposedly hinkle found out who his boss was and sent him a link.

  2. then aubrey ate his boss, and his boss’s boss’s wife got pissed about it. pfffffffffffft.

  3. shouldn’t there be some form of live running wrestlemania thread? i am so disappointed.

  4. using the wrestling resources provided to me in the right column of links, i have gauged the fan reaction to “we are not happy”

  5. did anyone hear rumors about a poker mental boost drink called flop juice? someone at work said they tried it, and won 3 stacks of high society! they only want him fo his * FLOP JUICE! *

  6. Hi Madd,
    Yes, I have heard about the new FLOP JUICE. I heard Tom talking about it the other morning in the office. I guess it’s the best for confidentiality. High Society stacks are only the beginning. He told me that know one can tell after he has the FLOP JUICE and results are guaranteed to happen FAST. Europeans have been drinking this elixir for years and the results are in: it works! I’m convinced!

  7. oh man i screwed up know and no. yes, i did. DAMMIT whatever i don’t even care BITCHES no. i take it back it was my mistake and i am the bitches.yours, cal

  8. fucking tom. always talking about bla bla flop juice bla bla– oh thanks to flop juice– bla bla bla bla bla! you think you’re so hot? you think you’re so hot tom? regional manager moving up in the company BS is what i say. oh thanks to flop juice- you know what? flop juice may be an amazing new and convenient way to the path of success but what do i care? i’d rather sit here and let opportunity slip away. it doesn’t matter to me anyway. i don’t want to be a success and have a new refreshing outlook on life. i’d rather just be a quitter. thanks for the news tom!

  9. My Wrestlemania thoughts:

    Cena vs. HHH (WWE Title): The crowd seriously didn’t like John Cena and they were really pissed when he won on a tapout. The reactions on people’s faces were priceless. You could read one guy’s lips saying “Are you fucking kidding me.” It will be interesting to see what they do with Cena in the next few months.

    Mick Foley vs. Edge: This was a good hardcore match. Both guys bled a lot. Edge was actually the one taking the most punishing hit getting slammed on his back on about 500 thumbtacks, 50 of which stuck in his back.

    Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus: Good for its purpose (having hot chicks wrestle).

    JBL vs. Chris Benoit: Dumb

    Booker T. vs Boogeyman: Dumb

    Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Title): You knew they would give the title to Mysterio so he could win it for Eddie, and of course that’s what happened. Gay.

    Shawn Michaels vs. Vince McMahon: Pretty good match. Lots of blood. Michaels jumped from a big ass ladder to elbow drop McMahon while McMahon was in a trash can. Pretty sweet. Also, Shawn Michaels and HHH both gave the DX suck it sign during their respective matches tonight. Foreshadowing? X-Pac where are you?

    Undertaker vs. Mark Henry (casket match): I don’t get Undertaker’s current mantra. I liked old school Taker as the crazy dead guy and I liked redneck biker Taker. Now he’s somewhere in between and it doesn’t work for me. Oh yeah, the match was mediocre at best. The highlight was watching Henry not catch Taker on an elbow drop from the ring to the floor and taking the blunt of the force on his own knees. I bet Taker was pissed when they got backstage.

    There’s other mathces I’m probably forgetting. Overall, I would rate this Wrestlemania not very high just like I wouldn’t rate WWE very high right now.

  10. I can’t believe you guys watch this stuff. honestly. it’s ridiculous. sorry. I love all you guys but seriously, stiffly, everybody, why? I imagine it’s a little like whazz? mundane and uninteresting alone but gives you all something to talk about? A little culture you share? Still, I’m reaching, that shit is moronic. Bring the hate! Let’s hear your “cal is gay” I-will-pile-drive-you reactions… Wait a sec though, stiffly remember when you really did pile drive me? I was loaded in stifflys car and wayyyyyy belligerent and he pulled over and yanked me out the back door and pile drove me onto the boulevard then drove off. It was cool.

  11. A very good question. I will answer it, but I’ll need a little time. Yesterday was a fun but long day and my brain is not 100% back on yet. We got up at 6:00 am for an airport run. Poor whazzmaster. Now I gotta scrub down the house and listen to the Brewer game.

  12. Cal: there are those in this world who enjoy wrestling and those who enjoy The New Yorker. There are even a few who can appreciate both. Don’t be a snob.

  13. Some people like wrestling and some people don’t. That’s cool as long as you don’t look down on me for liking it or tell me it’s fake. I know it’s fake. It’s fake just like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, but it’s far more entertaining than both of those things to me.

  14. it’s cool homies. i don’t look down on anybody i just don’t get it is all. poor prince fielder three times up to the plate, three k’s.

  15. Prince will strike out many times. That’s the kind of batter he is. If he hits 40 dingers, it’s cool though.

  16. i look up to everyone… then i step on their feet and watch them fall. it never stops being funny.

  17. after months of only flying on life and my couch, i’ll be making a few stops around the country. 4/14-4/17 in da bay. hopefully someone is capable of making the UFC shine onto my face on saturday. 4/20 i’ll be in orlando for a handful of days straight pimping. so if anyone will be in the errrrrrea, shout at me twice, cause the first time don’t mean shit. HOLLA

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