Too Late

The Onion asks all the right questions just a bit too late; I think we covered this a few months back:

2. Young MC, “Bust A Move”Though Young MC is completely logical throughout most of this song––he’s absolutely right, in most situations, you should bust a move––things get a little confusing in the last verse. He raps: “Your best friend Harry / has a brother Larry / in five days from now he’s gonna marry / he’s hopin’ you can make it there if you can / ’cause in the ceremony you’ll be the best man.” Now, why would your best friend’s brother choose you as best man over his own flesh and blood? Is Harry just going to be a run-of-the-mill usher at his brother’s wedding while you’re toasting and keeping track of the rings? Also, why would Larry inform you of his family-shaking decision a mere five days before the wedding? It doesn’t make sense. Fortunately, Young MC totally compensates for any logical gaps in the next line, when he rhymes “neato” and “libido.”

— so you start thinkin/then you start blinkin/a bridesmaid looks and thinks that you’re winkin/you think she’s kinda cute so you wink back/and now you’re feelin really fine cause the girl is stacked

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  1. This seems really obvious to me. Clearly the best friend Harry is SUCH good friends with Young MC that he would ask him over his brother.

    So what’s to get?

  2. 1. It’s his best friend’s brother Larry… not Harry.

    2. “Also, why would Larry inform you of his family-shaking decision a mere five days before the wedding? It doesn’t make sense.”

    3. Give some rakeback to whomever can find our original discussion on this matter.

  3. Okay, now I am confused. Who is getting married: Harry or Larry?

    I initially read it as:

    Your best friend Harry, has a brother Larry, in five days from now he’s gonna marry.

    Like the (has a brother Larry) part is subordinate.

    NOT AS

    Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry; in five days from now he’s gonna marry.

    But I guess that Larry is the antecedant in this case… so it would be wierd that Young MC is going to be the best man for his friend’s brother. Although, we have little information about their relationship.

  4. yea you can post whatever wirkus. where jeansean come from? ill send u some more when i get around to it.

  5. Good to see you alive and well, Sean. How goes it in SOuth America. Central America, or wherever you’re killing tarantulas today?

  6. woo hoo! that is the first time anyone has deferred to me based on my new credentials (with the exception of picking the location of our celebratory dinner)

    Thanks Big J!

  7. Now that I look at it, it could be taken either way. It would make more sense (logically) if your best friend were getting married and for his best man he chose his best friend over his brother (I did, after all). In that case, though, it doesn’t make much sense to randomly inform the listener that your best friend has a brother, unless it was only because Larry rhymes with Harry and Young MC is not necessarily known as the poet laureate of America.

  8. Also, the more I think about it, Young MC never tells us that he was informed of the decision a mere 5 days prior to the event. Instead he is basically saying, “Hey, there’s this guy that asked you to be his best man, and from now (the time I’m telling you this) until the time it (the wedding) happens is 5 days.” From there on, everything he’s saying is a hypothetical. (“Imagine this man: the bride walks down just the start the weddin’ and there’s one more girl you won’t be gettin’, but then you notice a bridesmaid and she is FOOOOIIINNNNN. What do you do? Verily I say this unto you: BUST A MOTHERFUCKING MOVE.”)

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