Happy Day

It’s always nice to archive things that don’t happen too often. Note that sorry state of the Chicago Cubs.

Brewers are 0 games out of first place.

— rolll out the barrellllllll/we’ll have a barrell of fuuuuunnnnn!

60 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. i think jenh or the likeness of jenh hung up on me 2nite. claiming some shit about 3am. shaboobalaboopy. if jenh has this number still, we got problems…414.344.1081. if she doesn’t, gimme the new number so we can call her 2gether.

  2. The roaring 20s are over. We all got old. BigJ is in law school and she lives with a miniature black man. IF YA SMELLLLLL LLLLALAAA ALLALALA A. WHAT MR FYI IS POOPING.

  3. Hey, here’s a riddle for you. What do you get when you stuff 200-odd shit kicking 17 year olds into a gym the size of Wirkus’ apartment in Milwaukee? Answer: Peshtigo’s Junior Prom. I had the honor of being a chaperone. Good times.

  4. I leave to change my laundry at the start of the brewer game and they hit a home run already?! FAITH!

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