It’s Raining Men

I hate the rain of California. It doesn’t thunder, it doesn’t lightning, it doesn’t pour buckets that make you fear for you life. It’s just a neverending cloudy drizzle that makes you want to kick turtles. It never stops. It. never. stops. Scientist, seriously, bring a sweater or somethin’. RAIN RAIN GO AWAY COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY, I WISH I MAY I WISH I MIGHT KICK THE SHIT OUT OF A RAIN CLOUD TONIGHT.


— the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout\down came the RAIN and washed the spider out

52 thoughts on “It’s Raining Men

  1. yeah, this weather really sucks my swollen big toe. I mean, if it’s gonna be overcast and wet, at least give us something worthy of note in the chronicles of atmospheric disturbances! I’m not asking for anything like Hurricane Katrina or the tsunamis. But we might as well have some serious RAIN while we’re at it, you know???

  2. damn you for lying to us!! you got our hopes up, only to dash them to pieces a mere two hours later! damn! damn you to hell!!

  3. jesus christ… the forcast here for the weekend is 70 degrees and mostly sunny all 3 days. my travel planning is horrible.

  4. Before Madd brags about his 1st in the Omahahahah multi, I got something to say: I made the money two in a row: Limit Wednesday freeroll (13) and 5 cannonball (9.60). That is all.

  5. CLA, I got a two new bets for you: 50$ whomever throws a no-hitter first Brewers or Twins. And 20$ Brewers vs Twins final score of both series this year.

  6. whazzmaster, a fun bet for you and your giants fan “pal” is 5$ a game plus a buck a run. Me and Danny been running that game for the last 3 years. It’s purty fun…

  7. Hey, hey, hey!!! Any of you up? Madd? You are… you’ll make tons of racket. Will 4nyay and Madd meet up this weekend? Can love be rekindled? If so, I hope it’s just a fling because I already have plane tickets to his wedding.

  8. When I’m in a live game and it’s a kill pot, an echoing whisper goes off in my mind: kill, kill, kill, kill, kill…

    oh…JJ in the oil…

  9. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Duder bets 300, I call, duder2 pushes, duder folds and I push all in too. 5K pot me jj vs duder2 AK. Q33…8…K.

  10. Gurgle… I build it to 2000, limp with 77 along with 5 others and flop a set on a 367 board. A dude pushes, everyone except me folds. Theres a flush draw out there so I expect, you know, a flush draw. Nope. He has 84 os so he has a gutshot str8 draw…5 on the river…5 on the river…5 on the river

  11. The Hojo era and the First Whazzmaster era are past. What is this called? The Second Whazzmaster era?

  12. just made another o8 final table. 9th. you already know how i feel about 9th. bah. aussie daily?

  13. i already addressed that need for naming of this concept… i think it was like postwhazzmasterism

  14. o8 multi, i have the nuts! all in, 3 calls, giant early pot (key key key). i get rivered. bah. i have 180 chips left. blinds still at 30. right now i have 3469 and thats about 5 minutes later. seriously, i am ready for a backer to approach me. do you want me to play in giant games with your money? holler at a player.

  15. Tue, May 9 WWE presents SmackDown -San Diego, CA 7:30 p.m.


    Mon, May 22 WWE presents RAW – Las Vegas, NV

  16. 15 minutes until the aussie daily, and i felt that same feeling again……….. you show up on that list, and i will follow. then i will win.

  17. i get into SFO a little before 9:30pm tomorrow, all are welcome to meet me in baggage claim.

  18. If you’re that excited to be there when scientist makes his grand entrance to the baggage claim, I’m driving up there tomorrow. GHOST RIDE THE CLAIM, GHOST RIDE THE CLAIM.

  19. wierd day:

    Yesterday I went to have a house inspection done and I was standing in the yard with my realtor and a woman came walking up to us. She was “developmentally disabled” and asked my realtor if she was my mom. Then I explained that she was trying to sell me the house. Then the woman asked if she could say a prayer for us. Then she went over to the inspector and said a prayer for him. Strange days.

  20. What does McTeague have on his mantle? A picture from his wedding day. What do I have on my mantle? Yep. If only I’d fought harder for a new Prince Albert suit… Another funny coincidence: Jess has become real miserly.

  21. Whazzmaster, if you remarry, I suggest a strict recreation of the McTeague’s wedding. Serve the same dinner (goose, oysters, calf’s head), register for the same gifts (a box of Noah’s Ark toys, a chatelaine watch of German Silver), a full case of Monopole, heck, even the “I’m Grandpa” and “I’m Grandma” pictures. And you have to keep the guest list:

    McTeague: Whazzmaster
    Old Grannis: Judd

    Trina: Your wife
    Selina: Belly

    Mr. Sieppe: ??
    Mrs. Sieppe: ??
    Owgooste: Cal
    The twins: Mander’s and KTK kids.

    Uncle Oelbermann: Scientist

    Miss Baker: Manders

    Marcus Schouler: W-whazz

    Maria Maracapa: BigJ
    The Waiter, the josher: 4nyay

    Mr. Heise: K-car
    Mrs. Heise: KTK or HBK

  22. i did my taxes on they did a good job on that thing. $30 total to e-file state and federal, and the whole thing is done in like 15 minutes… grand product.

  23. TNA IMPACT AFTER ULTIMATE FIGHTER TONIGHT… GIVE THEM A CHANCE. it’s a good SHOW. perhaps a poor story. perhaps a bit more random. but whenever there is randomness, there is opportunity for creativity… perceived non repeating patterns… TNA is the NEW wrestling. they are BAD ASS. THEY HAVE STING!

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