20 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Congrats!! I have no idea what my baby weighs right now. I’m planning on asking at my next appt. My doctor did say that she’s probably gonna be about 8 lbs in the end. In related news, my legs, feet, and ankles are swollen like nobody’s business! I’ve never had cankles before, and I hate it!!

  2. I really wish that I had speakers on my computer at work! Videos are so much better with sound…

  3. Hey Manders!

    You’re about 32 weeks, right? If so, my guess is that your baby is around 4 lbs. That seems small… but imagine 4 lbs of ground beef. That’s a pretty big amount. And then consider that your baby isn’t as dense as ground beef. Hee hee. I can’t help the wierdness. I just think it is a funny analogy and hamburger is one of the only things that I really comprehend in weight measurements.

    Okay… I have nothing swollen so far, and neither did my friend who just had a baby. We both drink TONS of water, and walk every day. Honestly, I bet if you start downing the water, your cankles will go away.

  4. Thanks for the advice! I’ve been trying to down as much h2o as I can, but my job is so stressful, it’s hard for me to remember all the time. I should probably see about getting an IV and setting up my desk right next to the bathroom!!

    I’m gonna go buy some hamburger meat, just so I can see how big she is!! 🙂

  5. Yesterday (and, technically, the night before, once the sun went down) was Passover. Judd and I had my Oma (that’s “grandma” in Dutch), Mom, Dad, and Billy (the bro) over for the Seder and Passover dinner. I must say that, for our first attempt at putting a Passover celebration together on our own, we did a pretty damn good job! The roasted lambshank was burnt to a crisp, but that doesn’t really matter, since you only look at it on the Seder plate. Our “charoses” turned out yummy, even though we couldn’t use wine in it (blame the prego one). And the dinner was yummy, too! Baked chicken (Judd’s own recipe), barley/pignoli nut casserole, salad and matzo ball soup. We did a damn good job, if I do say so myself!!

  6. Nice; I ate pizza last night. I will do so again tonight. Tomorrow, however, is up in the air.

  7. pizza with the skeezer? hey, let us know what plans are for the weekend; judd and i would like to hang out at some point.

  8. Cal, will you crawl out of your Fabreeze scented hole to see The Madd Scientist this weekend or are you too busy binding old issues of Runner’s World?

  9. We had grilled salmon which K-car has figured out how to cook to perfection. I love grilling… no pans to clean!

    passover dinner sounds delish.

  10. oh, believe me, it was! the li’l one and i certainly had our fill of it!! grilled salmon sounds good, too, but judd is so wary of me eating any fish at all (mercury, you know)…

  11. there really is no “NO FISH” rule. It’s just that you have to limit your fish intake to only one serving per week. Judd is so anal, though, that anywhere they say “limit”, Judd automatically thinks “eliminate” (he just adds a couple extra letters to make a different word)…

  12. We eat fish about once a week. The guidelines say that you can have about 12 ounces per week which is about 2 meals/week. The omega-3 fatty acids are really important for neurological & visual development, so I’m good with eating some fish.

    The big thing is staying away from fish that has a high mercury content. Salmon and Tilapia are pretty safe. It’s the bigger-type fish that can cause problems b/c they consume all the medium and small fish so their mercury content is a lot higher. So, no shark fillets for us!

  13. KTK, I just copied what you wrote and sent it to Judd. Hopefully, it’ll ease his anxiety a bit about me eating fish on occasion, coming from a pregnant doctor!! I love salmon, but he hasn’t allowed me to have it in so long!!

  14. Hey Manders,

    If it makes him feel better… my OB in Milwaukee actually *encouraged* me to eat fish (so long as it wasn’t the high mercury kind).

    It is really nice, too, to be able to have a break from chicken.

    Ha. All this food talk. B & I are making brats for dinner tonight. Gunna fatten this baby up!!

    Oh, and I’m the book-reading-type Dr. not the cutting-people-up type Dr. I’m not the womanizer type Dr. like 4nyay, either. Ha.

  15. By the way, folks. My husband went out fishing and I’m surprised he isn’t back yet (it’s almost 6 here). I hope he wasn’t eaten by a bear. Oh, it hit 80 degrees here in the northwoods today.

  16. hey, a doctor is a doctor is a doctor!! the only doctor that i wouldn’t listen to with regards to this sort of thing would be the womanizing kind…hehe…

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