27th Birthday Retrospective


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I’m trying to post this from within the Flickr interface. I wonder if it will work.

  1. The post was more about testing to see whether I could really connect to whazzmaster’s posting interface from within Flickr and post a story with one of my pictures there. Operation: success.
  2. I’m in the process of uploading all of my pictures from the last 4 years to Flickr. I paid for a Premium account so I have unlimited storage (with a 10GB monthly transfer cap). It was pretty cheap ($24/year) and I can use it as a free back-up service for all my digital photos.
  3. I can set the permissions on my photos to Fully Public, Friends only, Family only, or Friends and Family. Anyone who wants to add me as a contact so you can see my Friends pictures, just create an account and holler at ‘whazzmaster’.

Scientist and I were talking about the Tucker Max laundry thing when he was out here. My question: does he say, “Come over and do my laundry.”? Or does he work the fact that he’s Tucker Max into the equation (“Come over and do my laundry because I’m Tucker Max and of course you want to meet me.”)? Apparently Scientist’s case study will discern whether internet celebritidom plays a crucial role in the solicitation of free laundry services. Bravo sir, bravo.

— rollin down tha street, smokin’ endo, sippin’ on gin and juice

7 thoughts on “27th Birthday Retrospective

  1. so tucker max said something about posting on craigslist to get ladies to come over and do his laundry. now he obviously has a few better cards to play than me, but i’m not sure which angle he chose as i never saw the ad. so instead of sit around curious if it would work, i posted my own ad here. in less than an hour i got 3 responses. response #1 “Who in GOD’S name would want to come do your stinky laundry for free? Doubt you’ll have any positive responses on that one, lazy. .. . Fold your own clothes!!!!!! You want a maid you’ll have to pay for one or get a woman that will do it for you. No one does anything for free these days. ESPECIALLY some stranger’s stinky laundry!! ICK!!”. thanks for the obvious, moron. i agree with you, but was told otherwise… why stick to my guns when there is posibility of never having to fold laundry again?! whatever. response #2 “You are to funny….What are you trying to get on Today show… Man finds women to do his laundry free by using this posting on Craiglists!”. um… actually i just want my laundry done… response #3 “Hi, I saw your ad on Craig’s List and it really made me laugh. You are such a nerd…haha!! I am just kidding, but it was cute! If you get some responses it would be nice to have someone come do my laundry too. You just made me smile.” grrrrrrrrrr. ok, so it seems a little too much sarcastic humor came through in my post invoking a negative response. well… i’m only 0-3 after an hour, so i guess we’ll see, but my initial thoughts involving tweaking the request post a little.

  2. STOP THE PRESSES! “Do you really just not know how to do your laundry? or are you trying to make a new friend? I am just curious, because I would be more than happy to show you how.” i think we may have a winner. so far i responded to the previous 3 with a truthfully curious response of “so, are you coming?”. this one will require a much more delicate approach. feel free to post suggestions.

  3. sould i say i don’t know how? i’m not really a liar… i mean… i already made it clear i just wanted someone to come do my laundry. i’m certainly not AGAINST making new friends… so if this person just wants a friend, hey, i can do that… now back to the laundry, can YOU do THAT? maybe this will work after all…. i think short term i will model my existence after thorton mellon. i mean look at dudes wife… she throws huge parties, that people come to mooch off her. much fake niceities going around. thorton calls her an idiot for doing so. but then he throws huge parties as well, but his attitude will only net the moochers 30% of what they could get if they were working against someone who ran the wife’s game. vs the wife the moocher knows they are a moocher. in thortons game the moocher feels satisfied getting less because they were able to keep it real, and in the end want to do anything to give back to mr mellon… i mean, do you KNOW who runs the waste disposal industry? Maehfia.

  4. ok, and with that i think i have caught back up on my 4 day whazz posting drought. PEACE!

  5. 2 updates, tucker posted the link to the request on his myspace page which created the traffic of people who probably knew who he was, so i’ll say that data is a little tainted. still curious if this will work out though, and i’m still dedicated to finding an answer. update #2 so far the answer is NO.

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