Cal Blunged

Cal Blings

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Hey Cal, remember when you used to bomb down to San Mateo for things like Whazzgiving? You’d make vegetarian gravy and fight with Greg all the way home on the train? Where would the legend of whazzgiving be without you and your taunting during an otherwise tame game of Monopoly? YOU WORE BLING, NEVER FORGET THAT. You can’t make this picture go away, Cal. You’re one of us, no matter how many marathons you run, or many glasses of juice you make.

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  1. Oh yeah: that Brewer bet hit: 20 paid 26.30. I knew they were gonna win. Anyone want to piggyback my bets this year? Think of it as a whazzmaster savings account. After many years of losing shitloads betting on them, I’m ready to collect.

  2. You know they are doing select episodes of Saved by the Bell on Adult Swim? The promos are reeeeeal creepy or reeeeal porny.

    The creep ones select a scene, run it through some sort of paintshop program and then play it real slow so everyone sounds like the devil. The porny ones play dance scenes.

  3. Zach just lost Screech’s dog, Hounddog, in a game of heads up 5 card stud vs Nerdstrom. Quads over quads. Sheet. Fun Fact: the real Screech, Dustin Diamond, lives not one mile from my old house in Milwaukee.

  4. is it possible to respect screech at this point? i don’t even think i would want to talk to him if given the chance… i’ve seen too many behind the scenes shows featuring him and….. bah……… nothing there.

  5. went back and forth a few emails with a few of the 7 total responders. no chance in hell any of them are doing my laundry. one of them said they would if i was specificly “time magazine’s sexiest man alive”…. once again, fame would have got the job done. and at what cost?

  6. see you tuesday… i’ll be in florida. leave your number after the beep.

  7. u must be some sort of billionaire if you lived by screech. he must get a quarter million in royalties everyday from that show. too bad the new class of saved by the bell never took off or the college years for that matter cuz it was a bit edgier and kelly was a bit hotter. i mean sluttier.

  8. yo yo yo! funny! wwwwwwhazz i can’t see the pic either but if you hover over the big blank spot and click on it it will take you to flickr and it’s worth it bc i’m like WHAT WHAT? dude i got a deadline but i’ll be back soon whazz on

  9. real quick i looked up blunged and it said: to mix clay with water and chemicals to create the material for making pottery commercially
    and then i realized blunged was like the past case for blinged… right? or something? word? hollar?

  10. “In fact, according to Eckblad, the visuals already present in Nick’s Restaurant, which are “exceedingly rich,” were precisely the reason it was chosen for the film’s setting. ”

    Yeah…the waitress with the huge boobs.

  11. Dude used far too many artsy and intellectual words to describe a motion picture that is about two people eating at Nick’s. I could make a movie 100 times more interesting with the theme: “How did all these hungover fucks get to be sitting in Nick’s drinking coffee on a Sunday morning… and why is Ewaz late?”

  12. Yeah. Cool. Hey pregnant ladies: what names are yall considering? Any chance you two would name your kids the same name?

  13. Spring Break 2006 Update: In keeping with my tradition of having outstanding spring breaks, this year I have 1)Gone fishing several times, caught one brook trout the size of Cal’s penis (not very big) 2) Watched about 100 episodes of “Baby Story” on TLC 3) Crushed everyone in fantasy baseball 4) Surprisingly had virtually nothing to drink (that might change tonight) 5) That’s about it. Rock on.

  14. Oh yeah, I also didn’t wash my hair for, like, six days. So that was fun. On a related note, I’m not cutting my hair until the baby is born. I wasn’t going to wash it, either, but KT made me do it already– plus she made me use a mango conditioner. Before I washed it she said my head smelled like a “garbage dump.” I was like, cool.

  15. so let’s get this straight, UW-film school alumnae like myself. short digital asstastic videos make headlining news of thedailypage now? that is crap. hello, some of us are making movies about planned parenthood and cuba! lots of big boobs in those movies, and no one has interviewed me for the isthmus. assholes. speaking of cuba i’m off to the airport for part two so take that, michael eckblat or whatever your name is. and by the way, your photo is very out of focus and not in an artistic way.

  16. parents kalish, i haven’t read the brilliant shorts yet. sorry. aaron read them and was very impressed. promise to get to them as soon as i get back from my trip.

  17. On a related note, I haven’t read your shorts yet, wwhazz. I feel like a bad friend; I’ll do it tonight.

  18. Moneypenny, what is your phone number? K-car has a question for you. Okay… email it to me at
    Baby’s name = Ernest Hemingway’s first wife’s name.

    Baby’s middle name = my middle name.

    Dr. Update: our baby is transverse (read: sideways). My dr. is convinced that she will flip to be head down when I’m in labor, but I’m not so sure. Also, I have not gained any weight in about 3 months. That is not a testament to the fact that I am thin… it just means that I gained a ton of weight early and now all my fat is morphing into a baby.

    Rumsey, you’re going back to Cuba? How was it the first time? Did we even get a post about Cuba or is it my preggo memory that is failing me?

    FYI, K-car’s head did smell like a garbage dump. It was revolting. Then I made him wash it and it went from slik and okay looking, but rotten smelling to very, very puffy. I called him q-tip. I thought that lots of conditioner would help it from getting to cottoney looking… so I think that step 2 is to have him use product. I have some crew stuff that I think will get it under control.

    Today we put together baby stuff including a swing and a bouncie seat. It was a lot harder than expected. I never thought that cute baby stuff would make us swear so $%#@ much.

    Big J–you have been an absentee whazzer. What is going on in law school?

    I think I misspelled a lot of stuff in this post. Forgive me.

  19. ktk- so your bay’s name is elizabeth ________ kalish. What is the middlie name, mike is absent right now. I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first name that is my sister’s name except that it is spelled elisabeth but we call her liz or lizzy not lisa. Do you want to call her liz or lizzy or will you call her elizabeth all the time???? No mattter what it is beautiful and I can’t wait to see her. i can imagine that putting that stuff together would make you swearit’s all pretty complicated, better that you got it done now before she’s out than later when she has to beg you to put those things together. I can’t wait to go shopping for her, she’ll be here soon and we want lots and lots and lots of picutres, ok , ok and if they include good photos of brian’s hair- that’s fine too. ok, hope all is well

  20. Hey Bellygirl…

    Nope… not Elizabeth! Although I do like that name. Guess again 🙂 I can’t believe we’ll have her here in less than a month!!!
    Middle name=Simpson

    I’ll definately take pictures of my husband’s q-tip head!

  21. hadley, wow i think i like that even more than elizabeth, i can’t wait to meet little hadley. did you test names out by pretending to call to her from across the house or daying “Hadley you’re going to miss the school but if you don’t hurry up!!!” That’s what we did when we were naming my youngest sister, it was a pretty good game and that’s how she became Abigail Jo.

  22. That is funny! My friend Donna tests names by thinking about whether or not she can imagine a supreme court justice with the name…

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