The Foundations

Build Me Up Buttercup

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I selected this photo for no reason in particular other than I think it’s cool, and I’m showcasing all the cool Cal pictures I own to make y’all happy clams. It’s from karaoke night at The Mint in San Francisco.

I’m taking this week slow to get ready for my travels and travails this weekend. I’m looking forward to taking in a game at Wrigley, and I think rumors of me peeing all over it have been greatly exaggerated. Instead, I’m going to show Cubs fans how to behave when you visit other peoples’ houses. Namely, I’m going to get drunk and hit on their grandma.

Overall I’ve felt my initial enthusiasm of the new apartment and life draining recently and I definitely need to rejigger and get back on track. I’m still feeling very healthy, but so many consecutive weekends of drinking and drunkeness really impede any final pushes towards health and happiness. I haven’t yet unleashed the diabolical secret weapon, and my money savings have come to the point where I may be able to do it. More on that when I know more.

I’m looking forward to a vacation in the fall once we ship QuickBooks 2007. Many, if not most, of my vacations are really visits to family and friends, which I really enjoy. But I would like to go somewhere really nice and sunny and drink a fruity cocktail with an umbrella. If snorkeling is involved, so much the better. If lots of sleeping, dozing, and napping is involved, sign me up.

— They call me Big L’y, Big Silly\Big Money, Big Billy\When I’m sliding in them all can ya hear me?\I be sexing wit these bars so ya feel me

74 thoughts on “The Foundations

  1. whatever cal. you think you have anything better to do than weigh a ton?

    Cause you Don’T.

  2. dead around here. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO?! if me and cal look at the same star, does that mean the distance between us is trivially small or trivially large? oh i miss you cal. tomorrow night, minneapolis tribute to one of it’s fallen heroes: mitch “i’ll take any pill you throw on stage” hedberg. scheduled to perform, Dave Attell, Nick Swardson, Patton Oswalt, Greg Behrendt, Mike Birbiglia, Doug Benson, Dave Mordal, Lynn Shawcroft, Todd Barry, Bonnie McFarlane, Rich Vos and Tim Slagle (MC). thank you ctrl-c, ctrl-v. should be fun.


  4. Hey, yo I’m the rap mavin/
    My vitamin is riboflavin/
    more of my lyrics you’ll be cravin/
    but hey, it’s all good/
    Got a chainsaw for x-mas and I like to cut wood/
    No, not the woody/
    in cal’s pantses/
    i cut down trunks/
    but not small branches/
    shit i think my ‘puter’s about to explode/
    like when i microwaved ice cream a la mode/
    shit, i’m a battle rap champ/
    bring me your car, its interior i’ll revamp/
    if you’re into postage you wanna lick my stamp/
    you bring the shade and i’ll bring the lamp/
    cause my rhymes will illuminate/
    lock the door cause I’m about to…

  5. alright, no rhymin here, sorry ktk. but i am glad to see a computer again after my trip. toilet seats, toilet paper, and running water are all good too. those are the main things i missed in cuba. glad to see all whazzers seem well. mama kalish, we best GET ON those maternity photos before hadley (“elizabeth”) pops out! let us know if you are up for a ninth month visit. or when are you guys moving??

  6. Welcome back to the free world, Rumsey!

    We’re down to 20 days until the due date… so… sooner might be better than later… whatddaya think?

    We won’t move until we sell the house. So, not until July at the earliest, I think…

  7. rumsey, where/how/when/with whom are you doing the post production? can i watch? can i help? can i just get in the way a little? i can do battle rap voice overs for the interviews with castro if you want…. i’m real good. see above for qualifications.

  8. i could do some graphic layovers too and make it look like fidel was wearing a “Cheerleading is Life. All the Rest is just Details” shirt. that would get a nice laugh at canne.

  9. mitch tribute show was very good… closed the show with the tape of his first time on letterman. i guess his parents put it together. they must have called in every favor that dude ever earned… very impressive line up.

  10. my flow gets crunchy when kids start spittin out /
    limp salami with the lunchmeat kitchen crowd /
    so say it loud. proud. bold and the beautiful /
    cuticle scratch like the hatch in my audi do.

  11. you see…. but now imagine that it looks like castro is saying it……………… hopefully we are on the same page here.

  12. ktk: will email about maternity photos. k-car: will read stories someday. promise. maddddddd: doing post production on my final cut pro suite from august until the end of time. well, that is how editing always feels at least. you’re more than welcome to come watch/help/title with me. if you speak spanish that’s a bonus, because i don’t. $penny: quickbooks = fabulous. puts MYOB to shame. wirkusez: how goes cali?

  13. Hey everyone, I’m back with photos of Wrigely and such, but I’m busy with meetings otday so I won’t be able to post until later this evening. holler, whazzmaster krew.

  14. thought you brewer fans would enjoy this… oh how the tables have turned on my poor twins:

    What the Minnesota Twins did — or didn’t do? — in Detroit over the weekend isn’t easy to do, weak offense or not. In a three-game sweep by the Tigers, the Twins managed a mere one run and 15 hits, being outscored 33-1. Minnesota batted .160 (15-for-94), had a .409 OPS and racked up only three extra-base hits, all doubles.

    All of a sudden, we’re talking potentially one of the least productive offenses in baseball, rivaling the Florida Marlins, Kansas City Royals or San Diego Padres for the title. Entering Monday’s games, the Twins rank dead last in extra-base hits (51), second-worst in in OPS (.675), fourth-worst in runs per game (4.04) and ninth-worst in batting average (.250).

  15. cal, if you want me to, i can make the twins a powerhouse team through my brain wave transmission techniques i’ve been perfecting. just say the word. in fact, i’ll give you a taste…. twins get 2 homers in their next home game. enjoy.

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