Brewers Win, Zach Found His Smile

Post-game Celebration

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Had a fun weekend in Illinois, what with meeting 36 dozen new people and watching Capuano crush the Cubbies to the tune of a complete game shutout. It was my first time at Wrigley Field, and I’m sure it was the best of all worlds in that I wasn’t molested at all by the Cubs Fans. It may have been because I had a small army at my beck and call in the Blue and Yellow, or maybe it was because my companion was a pretty girl wearing a Mark Prior jersey, or maybe it was because Carlos Zambrano sucks duck eggs and they were fairly disheartened. Whatever it was, it made for a delightful time of trying to keep warm and dry while yelling “wooo!” every time Carlos Lee, Prince Fielder, Goeff Jenkins, or Bill Hall hit a double (or triple, in Hall’s case). Hey Cal, why no triples in The Dinger League? Because no one ever hits triples? Uhh, WWhazz woulda got one right there. Pfffffffft.

After the game I was introduced to Murphy’s and The Cubbie Bear. Both places are so uniquely Midwest that I find it difficult to esplain them to California Folks. I’ll try: the need to shimmy and shake to AC/DC one minute, 50 Cent the next while clutching a $5.75 Bud Light overrides all. See also The Big Ten Pub after a Badger game. There were many jokes about going to Hi-Tops for a casual beer and a crotch-grab, but I never got to see the inside.

Note to Kristi– Sorry no call, but almost every minute of my trip was scripted, and we were under time crunches to get everywhere. In fact, we had to plan down to the minute how long dinner was going to take after the game so I could get whisked away to fair o’hare aeropuerto so that I could immediately have my flight delayed 3 hours.

I ate quiche for the first time. I don’t even know if that’s how you spell it, but it’s a word I don’t care enough about to look up. Take it or leave it. How was it? It was cheese and bacon so it was Delish, that’s how it was.

I noticed that besides Maddddddddd’s fevered ranting not much happened while I was gone. Good, I was afraid I’d miss the next K-car Manifesto that is never ever forthcoming BECAUSE NO ONE POSTS ANYMORE.

That was harsh, you guys are a great bunch of pals and I’m glad I can share my life with you over Teh Interweb, VIRTUALLY. I hope youre days are filled with black bean salsa and Chili’s Queso dip. And Electric Lemonade. That stuff rules. I’ve got a bunch more pics up from the game and other stuff. Remember you need to have a Flickr account and be one of my “friends” to get access to the pictures that I don’t want everyone and their momma’s to see, so do that if you want, I guess.

— if i was a rich girl\la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

98 thoughts on “Brewers Win, Zach Found His Smile

  1. what do you baseball purist think about the play at the plate? anything goes? gentlemens rules? cleats!? elbows? punches? kicks? knives? einsteinium? i don’t think that is what the game is about.

  2. 2nd of 68. lean with it. rock with it. fist with it. twist with it. get up to your wrist with it. MRDAILY!

  3. 3rd with 36. what if i won the daily right as both of you went into labor?!?!??!?!?!? WHAT?#?%#?^T IF!@!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 1. Anything goes at the plate. ANYTHING, even anal sex.
    2. ktk: if you’re asking about the Cal-Sing-A-Long pic, yes that was Sam H.
    3. scientist: it’s mrdaily@poop stains DOT COM.

  5. Last of all: fuck nHibernate, why is that shit so goddamned hard to set up? I’m not doing it right. I’m NEVER doing it right. That’s what SHE said.

  6. pregnant whazzers, please keep me posted. as a midwife wannabe i am a sucker for details. ktk–there is a good story about that sam picture. as it goes…moneypenny was performing a classic rendition of “buttercup” and sam and cal were on backup. some random girl came up and started singing the main part (which is strictly for MP) and sam grabbed her by the shirtcollar and said something like, “LOOK, YOU CAN NOT SING THE MAIN PART, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

  7. i hate people that put limits on music. WHY! WHY CANT THEY SING THE MAIN PART….. TOGETHER!?! so the song is a dude singing about his feelings about a girl… what if the girl had the exact same feelings about him at the exact same time? i’ll tell you what MIGHT happen…. and that’s harmony, son. she was about to BLOW. her and p-mizzle were about to DO THE DAMN THING…. she was a bad singer wasn’t she?

  8. yes, yes she was. and next time you want to feel the love of a lead duet, i’ll do Baby Got Back WITH you, scientist.

  9. i would much rather do it’s tricky. i just invented a huge new way to test the fcc and basically all transmission laws. and it all stems from my days in the language lab at park high. i hated the lab, but whatever, some audio gear to tinker with… old school tape tecks… 1 track, so if you put the tape in backwards and hit play, it would play it backwards… so the obvious next step is to learn how to say GO FUCK YOURSELF backwards, and then record it and play it backwards… 2 lefts makes a what again? well… it was hilarious. FLESSROY CUFF OH!gg. FLESSROY CUFF OH!gg. hahaha, ms marigos or something like that would get so pissed off and listen in and yell at us, but what could she do? i was just saying flessroy cuff ohgg into a microphone… your MACHINE! is saying go fuck yourself. whatever… small little battle i won. but think about that today…. lets say steven colbert bites my sketch above and then tells everyone to play it backwards…. is what he did illegal? did he break any decency or transmission laws or standards by saying something in a trivial “code” and explaining how to reverse engineer it? what if they did their next show audio AND video completely backwards, but the tech savvy audience knew how to do an “edit inverse video” in whatever software came with their digital video camera…. so they can see the show as you intend…. could you get around transmission laws, or is your intent obvious? what if everyone talked completely backwards and it was live… then would we have to ban “inverse speak”? any law minds, tell me how fast i would get laughed out of where ever i happen to be when the would be laughers would hear of my legal query. until then…. FLESSROY CUFF OH!gg.

  10. yeah, whoops. i was frustrated and short stacked…. no regrets. flush draw and gutshot on the turn for top 5 stack…. i like that. fold and BATTLE for MAYBE $150 more and lose this gambo gambo chance to score big with time to score even more and leverage your lead…. at that point i would have pushed with anything. AQs! wow, thats a real hand almost! i push… STILL!

  11. i am an oft misquoted poker star of the past. i do not recommend going broke preflop with a Q in your hand. the only advice i’ve ever truly been quoted correctly as being the author of. EVEN AQ SUITED!

  12. this here is my recital /
    i think it’s very vital…
    to spend some time… huh uh uh uh.

  13. Hello ladies it’s 3am in the am and there’s a light drizzle that should take us straight on til morning. No reason to sleep, because your very own DJ Flessroy Cuff is here to put the wiggle in your ear. Let’s move onto the phones– we have Jan from Racine, Jan?

  14. Flessroy Cuff and maddddddddddd have a big love. Now lets do some Lionel Ritchie here on WLIT, THE LIGHT.

  15. this is the big bopper on tiger radio… glad you made the RIGHT CHOICE tonight.

  16. arrrrrrrrrrgh, back tee back days in the 2nd table in the oiiiiiiiiiiiiil. NO TIX. boooooooo. and is $32 really a prize? at least i didn’t get $16… only tourney you can win and still lose. dumb.

  17. The footage of Prince killing the Giant’s catcher is at if you are interested. If you could somehow set that clip to the Benny Hill theme song you’d have comedic silver at least.

  18. ktk- i am hoping to stay at this hospital for a couple more contracts and then we might think about trying a differnt city. Yes- it is pretty close to the aprtment, about a 20 minute drive, BUT the big thing is that I can take the trolley right from my back door to the hospital, it’s great. now w-whazz is the car hog.
    Does anyone ever swim for a workout???? I want to learn how cause I want to have something else to do when I lose motivation to run, any advice??? should I take swimming lessons??? ha ha that made me laugh outloud.

  19. wow. there is a new lassie movie. not the wow part. here is the wow part:

    One thread that connects all the Lassie projects is Lassie herself. Every one of the long string of Lassie productions has featured a collie directly descended from the original canine star, a dog named Pal.

  20. I used to swim regularly for exercise and it was okay. It was definately a lot easier to make excuses not to do, though, because there’s a lot of rig-a-ma-role involved like pre-shoewer, suiting up, post-shower, dry-off, dry skin.. blah blah blah

  21. okay, I guess you have to do a lot of that for regular working out, but it seemed a lot more of a pain for swimming…

  22. 1. Quiche is actually really easy to make. 2T of flour, 2 eggs a bunch of cheese and some water. Throw it, and whatever flavors: spinach, bacon, whatev, into a frozen pie crust and VOILA: you have quiche. I’ve made two in the past month. JW loves them and has the food baby belly to prove it.

    2. In other disturbing news, I had my “Con/Crim” final today: constitution and criminal investigation. Fucking insane. Afterwards, I headed back to the suburbian utopia that is Shorewood and stopped at the Pick’n’Save for some booze. Guess who was in the store? KRISTINE FUCKING BRODSKO. She was pushing a shopping cart. The cart had the little baby car seat carrier. There was a baby inside. I was very, very disturbed and almost dropped my purchases of a bottle each of: (1) raspberry vodka; and (2) a red french syrah. The interesting thing was that I didn’t immediately think: god in heaven, please don’t let me live that life someday, but rather: SOME PEOPLE HAVE A LOT OF FUCKING NERVE REPRODUCING AND SUCH. Then I went home and comforted myself with my booze. Who needs progeny anyway … it all just leads to drama in probate court.

  23. Bellgirl: swimming is OK, but it’s better to run. Are you a runner? I am not, but faked it using Cool Running’s (a website) “Couch to 5K” plan. It really worked. By the end I could run 45 minutes straight, and this is from the girl who lived in dread and trepidation of hte Presidential Fitness Test each year in school, and often comments when seeing outdoor runners, “those people are masochists.”

  24. do you have beef with kristine brodsko?! please elaborate. also, what of my idea to get around transmission laws… do you law folk learn that before or after steinbrenner?

  25. and when KB finally googles herself and finds this…… how DARE you procreate and buy things from a grocery store.

  26. and slightly switching topics, did you drop 100,000 on that korean hooker yet? go back with 85,000 and i guarantee she takes it. if not, i’ll pay the extra 15,000. word is bond nucka.

  27. I hold Wirkus personally responsible for the Brewers loss last night. One word: Nomar.

  28. And I hold Cal personally responsible for everything else that went wrong in the world yesterday.

  29. Attention for those who weren’t on my blast text message this morning: fuddruckus and manders have brought a baby into this world at around 4am this morning. 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and her name is Gracelyn. Everyone is said to be doing fine. While they were experiencing the awesome display of Nature that is Birth, all of their friends were getting hammered in Palo Alto for Cinco de Drinko. Oh I wish I wish I hadn’t drank like fish. Now I’m hungoverly announcing my friend’s baby to the universe. Say lah vee!

  30. wow…trips was actually wearing a conan outfit.

    as for the korean hooker…i’ll see her in 2 more weeks for a happy ending. i’ll only see her cuz i miss big j.

  31. dude, what the fuck is up w/ this year’s wrestlemaina theme. erryone is dressed up all crazy. john cena as a 40’s gangsta? wtfbb.

  32. congrats manders and fuddruckus, welcome Gracelyn- whazzmaster demands pictures as soon as you are able.
    Our trip to LA to see the brewers play the dodgers with Steven was pretty fun. We stopped in Santa Monica for a look at the ocean, the pier with many street performers and Promenade, a street similar to state street but with LA style. We found air hocky twice but Wwhazz was too chicken to play. Then we headed to the stadium to watch nomar screw us AGAIN!! But it was a good game, the stadium is pretty cool, huge as hell and Will Ferrell guest annnounced which was pretty funny. Too bad the brewers really sucked it up today… Hopefully they can rest up for the three game series in San Diego- we are planning on catching all three games.
    Big J thanks for the running advice I am going to look into it, I am not what one would consider a runner and I too look at those who can and do do that and grit my teeth in envy.

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