The Most Dangerous Commute

Last weekend I bought a new bike so I wouldn’t have to drive to work every day. I live about two miles from the office, and it’s a nice ride down Charleston past the Piazza’s/Peet’s Coffee over to work. This morning I made the ride for the first time and it was about twenty minutes, which is pretty good considering my drive is ten, with traffic. It went well except for two cars that almost hit me. Hopefully that average will come down, with time.

I’ve uploaded both the pictures I took at the hospital with The Family Jacobs, and also all the pictures from fuddruckus and manders’ wedding in February. You can check ’em out from my sets page, but you’ll need to be registered as friends or family to view.

I’m trying to strike a good balance between the stuff I make available for public viewing and stuff that’s friends and family only. FYI– if I’ve ever made the wrong choice and made a picture with you in it public that you don’t want public, just let me know and I’ll change it or remove it. I figure most of the stuff of us drinking is ok for public consumption, but other stuff is a bit more difficult and I know how fuddruckus values his privacy.

I’m looking forward to Vegas in a week or so; I haven’t been in quite a while and this trip is shaping up to be of a different tone. Refreshing and delish is what I’m thinking. We’re also about a month out from the Scientist’s wedding, sure to be a Classic, Classy affair.

47 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Commute

  1. if dr 4nyay doesn’t already own one of those bikes, he should buy one asap.

  2. damn it wwwwwhazz. make me turn my phone on and shit. hahaha, i’ll bust you in the ooooooooillllllllll!

  3. big j, girl…. where you at? did you see cspan last night? crazy. they were doing house coverage. voting on laws and shit. and you could watch the process! fascinating. are you and your tv mans still progressing up the seriousness scale? what do you currently weigh on that scale? what do you tell people you weigh on that scale? what do you weigh with your clothes on holding a puppy on that scale?

  4. big j, you know my boy d4 be missin you? yeah, yo… i been readin that shit on whazzzzmassa.

  5. I just saw a dude get knocked out on UFC and he called his loss “bullshit”. Dude, you got knocked out. There was nothing bullshit about it. He used a sledgehammer to knock you out. You may take issue, but if he used his hands during the beginning of a new round, which he did, that is not bullshit. You saying that is bullshit.

  6. And there are people everywhere who call “non-bullshit” “bullshit” everywhere and in all walks of life but it’s hard to call them on it. Here we have evidence. If we shared it with him, would he stop or is calling “non bullshit” things “bullshit” hardwired into his mind? If it is hardwired, is other behavior hardwired? If so, is it right to punish people for hardwired behavior? Did any of you know that Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff was a good guy at Wrestlmania 1? I didn’t… until today.

  7. Health Care: Cuba vs USA
    I will respect your wishes to leave this issue, but that means we are leaving the issue not only unresolved (can debate even resolve an issue?) but also without illuminating the subject which to me is the real purpose of debate. When you drop a remark on me like “but they all have health care, education, and a roof over their head which is more than i can say for the US.” I take that to mean, partially, that the health care system in Cuba outkicks the health care system in the US. And I know little about the health care system in both countries, but if I were injured in a car wreck, I would have more faith in the USA’s ability to transport, treat and utlimatley heal my injuries than that of Cuba’s. I’ve seen pictures of the cars they drive over in Cuba. Have you ever seen our ambulances? Holy shit. They rock. Now “Health Care” is an umbrella term that covers much more than bitching ambulance rides, and when it comes to the statistics associated with childbirth anywhere, I know nothing, but “their breastfeeding rates are 100% (which puts us to shame.)” rings as untrue and impossible to tally.
    With that said: moving on.

  8. castro loves titties. he demands he watches all new mothers breastfeed their children in cubas town square. yes, the COUNTRY has a TOWN square… that is where the breastfeeding is done. castro sits on a diamond throne and watches them. on his cue they switch from left titty to right titty and back again. 100% of new mothers do this. if they don’t, they are shot, and their death statistic is removed from the nations health records. as is any other record of their existance. maybe if you went to cuba you would know more?!?! PROBABLY!

  9. little under a twinkie and a half left in the ooooooooooilllllllll, and i’m sittin on 4 figguhs in the top fizzzive. HOLLLARIT.

  10. i have AKs… couple limpers, big raise by big stack. it does not smell right. i fold. turns out dude had KK and gets all in vs AQ, and don’t you know it the case K flops and he has massive stack a little short of mine now. i believe i’m 2nd he’s 3rd. next hand i have AKs again… no limpers this time and he makes same raise. not again dude, this time you donate. he calls with QQ. i run and hide. i heard the “ding you won sound” but pokerroom is evil and plays that sound if you had someone covered when you went all in and you ‘win’ your sidepot back. so i look at my stack…. 2k. SHIT. 16th with 16 left. i die soon after. i’m dumb?

  11. that pot put the dude at double 1st place chips… AND I HAD HIM COVERED. man, i would have been RICH! PUT AN ACE OR A KING OUT THERE! 1 G for 1st. slightly better than a refund and a 12 second hand job for 16th. PEACE. i’m out.

  12. x poc’s girl dick went flacid and he bombed out in the upper hundo’s. weak. smart not taking that last longer bet.

  13. I’m going to sleep. We’re going to all 3 Brewer’s Padre’s games starting today.

  14. “casro loves titties…” That whole comment almost made me spit up my breakfast of High Fiber O’s (shouts to Trader Joe’s). Scientist, I’m bumping you up to $0.15 in the rakeback fund for that one.

  15. BY THE WAY, word to the wise: when the Nair bottle says “LOOKOUT, DON’T GET ANY ON YOUR NIPPLES!” they fuckin mean that shit. My right nipple hurts now.

  16. Madd & Wwhazz…

    Why don’t you guys use some of your poker profits to branch out into day trading?

  17. good night world… when I wake up it will be baseball game time, YOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Go Brewers, Go HealthCare!!! Go Castro’s Naired Titties!!!!!

  18. For Lawman’s Bar Mitzva I got him a subscription to Mad Magazine… do you all want that for a wedding gift? I can swing it, easy.

  19. individual investors can’t do SHIT in the day to day market. you might as well ask me why i’m not investing my money in a herd of elephants.

  20. i invest in myself. so far thats the smartest bet i’ve ever come across. i’m a GENIUS, remember?

  21. One-time wrestler Lanny Poffo was known as The Genius. His special move? He’d carry around a metal scroll tube and hit people with it when the ref’s back was turned. IT WAS GENIUS.

  22. Fact 1: The Genius was Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s brother. That’s right, Macho Man’s last name was “Poffo”.
    Fact 2: The Genius once beat Hulk Hogan. In fact, he wrote down an equation on his metal scroll that embodied the reason he would beat Hogan. The equation, you ask? “6 ft 8 in, 310 lb < 250 IQ = HULK DOWN.”
    Find these and more fun facts about Lanny Poffo at your local library, or at Wikipedia.

  23. BTW, the math in that equation is way wrong, unless “HULK DOWN” was declared as boolean variable. Even, then, it would throw an exception because you can’t assign a boolean to a boolean test.

  24. in some languages assignment is done backwards… i other languages = is not the assignment symbol… cut THE GENIUS a little slack… he was playing by HIS rules. HIS language. investing in HIMSELF! 420 = now.

  25. his language is obviously a neural net framework… neural nets are of course logical groupings of implications, pretty much like ringing a bell for most GENIUSs…. he states a boolean test, and then assigns the result of that test FOR ALL CASES to the implication of the new state “HULK DOWN”… and i think WE ALL know what happens in “HULK DOWN”. hollywood hulk hogan goes down. decidedly.

  26. I’d like to see a wrestler named Colossal Pete. Colossal Pete would hit his opponents with waffles while the ref was distracted. I imagine Colossal Pete would be dressed as a lumberjack, even if he wasn’t one in real life.

  27. i’m going to take the 15 cents in my account and give it to myself… because that shit was funny to me. now i’m up to 15 cents!

  28. Hey Big J, I have a present for you but I don’t know where to send it. Email me your address. Click on my username to get my email.

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