Corn Pops

Holy hell, I made myself some corn-on-the-cob for dinner tonight with my red beans ‘n’ rice and it was delicious. I shucked it and everything. Summer has Arrived when you’ve got salty butter dripping off your chin and you want to propose marriage to corn-on-the-cob. Thanks Nature, for making delicious shit. I owe you one, so I’ll ride my bike to work all this week instead of driving my Humungoid Truck.

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  1. I just read the On This Day link. Damn, sceizzer, how you still alive after all these years?

  2. Brewers were doing well until Davis broke down and gave up that jack. Wish I could have seen bellygirl get cantankerous over that. WWhazz probably shrugged and said something nice about Mr. Davis. He always looks on the bright side of the Brewers, except when a Crew-branded wall clock falls on his head.

  3. miller brewing, major league baseball, and brewers fans everywhere. let me propose a mutual promotion deal. i am simply an outside voice. think of me simply as the person who will try and profit from setting this up. every time the brewers win, everyone in a bar that participates gets a free bottle of any miller product. the bottles must be ice cold and wrapped in a napkin with the old school brewers logo on it. of course the other side will have varried miller logos (lite, mgd, high life). major league baseball, you get people that like to get drunk on the cheap excited about the outcome of your product. miller, when these people are at the happiest they are given your product free of charge… i mean come on… you don’t have to be the dog whisperer to understand the conditioning going on here. and brewers fans!!! if the brewers are up in the 7th inning, head on down to your local pub and cheer them and and score your free suds. tip if you can, but if not, miller brewing, major league baseball, and the milwaukee brewers thank you for being a fan!

  4. Dude who jacked the dinger is on my team, so there was a bit of an eek-face cringe going on as he rounded the bases…

  5. W-whazz: That’s the danger with this goddam fantasy baseball. You start rooting for idiots like Scott Rolen when he’s playing the brewers. that’s a bad feeling.

  6. tucker max did a 2 hour radio show with maddox and drunkrex on sirius satellite last night… just listened to it… some really good spots, and maintained “quality you’d expect” (c). my dog just bit his nail and it cracked and now there is blood everywhere! well, there was. it happened a few hours ago, and it’s all cleaned up and he’s all bandaged now, but at the time, you wouldn’t have thought this time would have ever come, but it is already in the past… i mean look at how much time i’ve already spent writing this post… and oh, i lost the omaha tourney in between that…. so, like, a long time. cal, you should have a poofy brown hat with a brim on it. HOLLLARIT!

  7. Brewer Padre game was lots of fun, we talked to some fans about how awful the Cubs are since the padres just swept them four games. I was getting a little nervous towards the end of the game and telling every padre that came up to bat to go to hell, but it must have worked cause we pulled it off!!! hopefully the momentum can carry us into tonight, we’re off soon to take the trolly downtown and meet Steven and one of his friends, cheer on the brewers!!!!!!!!!

  8. what if his friend showed up in a lumberjack outfit and said he was colossal pete, but it was quite clear it was really rollie fingers?

  9. i am no longer a viable poker player. i have moved on to the field of baby baby corn. you know how we took normal corn, and through a process that very few people know were able to produce baby corn? well, i am one of those people, and i’m about to do the unthinkable. i am going to apply the process to baby corn and make baby baby corn. it will be SOOOO tiny, but SOOOOO delicious. or maybe some corporate gig. one of the 3 i suppose.

  10. Hey bellygirl, attendance at last night’s game looked really low. Was it a spirit-crushing endeavor or fun-as-hell? Man, I haven’t been to a Brewer game with Steven in forever.

  11. It was fun. We’re draggin a little but we’re now off to the next game. Poo poo cachew.

  12. I went to my Dr. appt. today and they told me that I’m supposed to rest from here on out… no more nightly walks! Good timing, too, since it’s freezing here this week!!!!

  13. go to sleep, ho. go to sleep, ho. zip yo PJ’s to yo chest and go to sleep, ho!

  14. got in 8 holes at par. the bridge between holes 8 and 9 was out and i know what happens when you try to forge the river. you die. after all that fucking time shooting bears. you die. game over, homie.

  15. and how is Manders?

    Madd, I can’t believe you spoiled our secret… that we’re naming the baby velveeta.

  16. so first you spoil the big surprise, and now you criticize the name. real nice, madd, real nice.

  17. OK here’s how it is, I hope you have the baby tomorrow, it’s my sister Liz’s birthday tomorrow. If you don’t have it tomorrow I hope you have it on the 14th which is mom’s day. That would be a good story to tell to Velveeta that her b-day was on mom’s day. Or if that doesn’t work out Parker’s birthday is on May 25th and he would love to share it with your daugter. So I guess it’s good you have some options. Let me know what happens, no matter what I hope all is well and healthy and watch out for the BO.

  18. I hope we have Velveeta tomorrow, too. Or Mom’s day. Or the 20th which is my Mom’s b-day. Preferably not the 25th b/c I don’t want to wait that long (no offense to Parker).

    What is the BO? All I can think of is body odor…

    I already have a “draft” email ready with the address lists for sending out baby Velveeta’s first pictures & we have mpenny & wwhazz’s emails in the list, so you will get pictures shortly after her arrival.

  19. in my immediate family we got 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th covered… so it would be nice if she hit may 16th too… just to fill the gap. i’m in the 30 that just started. didn’t play daily because it met it’s guarantee… and wouldn’t you know it, EXACTLY. 260 dudes. a large portion of whom ponied up the $54 just minutes before the start. the conspirarist in me says that poker has “WAYS” of filling the seats with house money if the guarantee isn’t going to be met. YA HEARD?

  20. yo yo yo, baby velveeta… count it off with me… /
    7 8… come on come on! 7 8……….. come on come on!
    when velveeta in the house, everybody in the house eat nachos…..
    when velveeta in the house, everybody in the house eat nachos…..
    hey velvetta… you you doin little angel?
    i like to melt your namesake and pour it on my bagels.
    happy birthday, boo! we start the clock at zero.
    when you melt cheddar cheese, you have no idea how it will turn out. but it will probably turn out worse than if you tried velveeta brand cheese product instead. /
    hollar at your boy little v!

  21. up to 7500 in the 30. will gracelyn and velveeta have play dates base solely on the fact that their parents are mutual whazzers? will gracelyn be raised to accept people for who they are, and not make fun of them for having a ridiculously bad name? wish me luck 8th of 39

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