Corn Pops

Holy hell, I made myself some corn-on-the-cob for dinner tonight with my red beans ‘n’ rice and it was delicious. I shucked it and everything. Summer has Arrived when you’ve got salty butter dripping off your chin and you want to propose marriage to corn-on-the-cob. Thanks Nature, for making delicious shit. I owe you one, so I’ll ride my bike to work all this week instead of driving my Humungoid Truck.

133 thoughts on “Corn Pops

  1. oh my, who would fake post a child that has never used a keyboard? such bad taste. but seriously. you should name your kid velveeta.

  2. 6th of 12. will he choke? 6 days of solid data says YES. HE CANT NOT CHOKE! WE BET EVERYTHING ON A CHOKE! fucking solid data.

  3. 2nd of 6… keep it goin keep it goin… joooooooooooooooy. and pain. (and pain)…. are like SUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNSHIIIIIIII-INE. and rain. sing it loud god’s children……… JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!

  4. damn i’m stupid. difference between 3rd and 2nd was $250 and other dude was all in soon. should have ensured 2nd instead of floor it for 1st. it’s like metal gear when you would run through the gas rooms before you had the mask or could deactitave the shit…. you MIGHT live, but why not just get the gas mask first? you NEED it later anyways…. just bad logic. fuck. 3rd. sorry.

  5. if you ever get lost in that forrest, holllarit and i’ll get you to the building you’re looking for. and good luck. you’ll need it. do you have the radio frequency memorized?!

  6. A normal day: Wake up early as hell. Wait for baby. Take shower (hair washing optional). Get dressed. Wait for baby. Go to work. Get annoyed by kids. Check email every three minutes to see if kt’s gone into labor. Come home. Look at belly. Go to bed. Repeat.

  7. dude: c’est la vie. ok C’EST LA VIE. thanks for the pics hommie. Velveeta oh Velveeta… twoooooo VEEEEEEEES and twooooo EEEEEEES Velveeta where are youuuuuuuuu. goin git borned already velveetaaaaaaaa.

  8. Ktk- BO did mean body odor-you were right. After the baseball game yesterday and eating a ton of fish tacos my husband smelled my pits and annonced to all that they were stinky. wait- maybe I annonced it, I don’t quite remember but I do know that it was funny as hell.
    As far as velveeta’s birthday I am sure any day will be fine and that will become her special day but I do prefer even numbers, even though my b-day is on an odd numbered day. K-Car I think it’s funny that you check your email for labor alerts, won’t she just call school when that really happens?? If I were Ktk I might send some fake labor emails to test how fast you can get home, like a practice drill. They would do that on TV.

  9. A really gross Family Guy episode was when Christina Aguilera licked her armpit. Did wwhazz lick yous after declaring it gross? Cause that would make it grosser. Cal, I hoped you would like my pictures and accompanying letter. BTW– I went out with Tha RDP Krew last night and they really want to hang out with you again. They think you’re the swankest 30-year-old they know.

  10. mp remember when you and whzz and kcar were lost in the alligator swamp and darkness came afalling? youse got lucky. tell your youthful pals don’t call me i’ll call them i’m busy. ha ha jk jk jk but i’m not kidding. boom seacrest out.

  11. cal, i forget–do you speak french? if so we are a) both from St. Paul b) both TWINS!!! fans c) both speak french. well, i used to but haven’t put it to practice in awhile. let me know if we’re 3/3.

  12. It behooves us all to remember that our government allows leftover dinosaurs to patrol our national wetlands unmolested right up until they chew a jogger in half; only then do the authorities say, “We’ll kill that one only. By the way don’t go near hungry dinosaurs.”

  13. Also: damn Cal, you are hateful towards youthiness. hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate

  14. When little Velveeta is born, the first thing I’m going to tell her is to avoid dinosaurs, then hungry ones, that is.

    The second thing I’m going to tell her is to avoid CAL. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. I will tell her that Cal is very nice, but to avoid him when he is near a tambourine.

    Here is an analogy (fill in the blank): A dinosaur that is hungry is like ________ with a tambourine.

    Also, I think Gracelyn should change her name to “Salsa” When they get together for a play date, it will be a zesty time for sure.

    I almost wrote k-car an email with the subject line “Heart attack” b/c there was something surprising that happened today, but then I thought he might interpret it as me misinterpreting labor, so I didn’t.

  15. no, jenny from the block does though. don’t be flattered by her rocks she still jenny from the block. rumsey we are 2/3. sucks.

  16. Also, I don’t believe that bell girl could have BO. I bet that it was someone sweaty who rubbed against her armpit leaving traces of his (yes, I typed HIS) BO on her.

  17. my fav part of the article:

    No-one is believed to have seen the attack, but some people saw a woman matching Ms Jimenez’s description dangling her feet over the canal’s edge, reports in the local media say.

    ahh! she was making small of the dinosaur.

  18. the following is an eco awareness thing:dude, the alligator is a part of the eco-something. they can’t just kill them just because a few foot danglers get eaten. it’s like sharks here. you can’t just go blast all the sharks. that said… pitbulls, bah, i say blast those, they aren’t eco-nothing.and this concludes my statement about eco-stuff

  19. manders was going to post, but her boobs were ’bout to explode…this nursing thing needs more attention…i don’t think people realize that nursing is a very painful dimension of postpartum…imagine, if you will, your bladder so full your urethra dripped (you needed a pad to make ur panties stay dry)…okay, now multiply that by two and stick ’em on ur chest…wow!

  20. sure…we are thinking saturday nite…we will just order some shit and pick it up cuz that is how we do it these dayz…nicole may come by too

  21. Nichols said Sutcliffe “used remarkably poor judgment. I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for the Channel 4 team, and I’m embarrassed for the viewers. They’re trying to watch the latest win. This is all I’m talking about today. The focus should have been on that win.”“… and now because of that, 20 times more eyes are aware of that win now. i hate people that complain about economics systems, but don’t understand “backdraft”. this man is a CLOWN. media is MADE for CLOWNS. this man should not be fired. he should be given a raise. and the number of a rehab clinic, and a well stocked street dealer. after that, the choices he makes are his own.

  22. I was pretty happy about it. I loved that he was dogging Vasgersian about his job: “Matty. Matty. Why you still here man? Why you still with (laughs) Padres? ESPN, Matty. What are you doing here?”

  23. cal, i totally forgot that we are both health food junkies. good point, mama kalish! organic food, brown rice, JUICER!

  24. i am going to step in and call that a 3 out of 4. still a nix on the ol’ #3 candidate.

  25. fruckin oil. boom, up a few BILLS. BOOM. KINGS, down to 920. vs J8 and 33. i was 2nd best on the flop. 3rd best on the turn. got milked. fucking milkers.

  26. October 9, 2003 10:06 AM] by wirkuswhazz
    I just woke up. I’m covered in mustard.
    Even though the Brewers lost and there were 1000’s of Cubs fans, it was still fun. We tailgated (cheddarwurst have overtaken brat patties as my fav tailgate food). We drank. And an ewaz made a run in and surprised us at the game. Richie hit another HR. Cal, pick him up for your team.
    Anyway, after the game we drank and played in the parking lot for a bit. One of bellgirl’s nursing pals hit me with a hotdog which set off a mess of a mustard/ketchup battle. Overall a good time. The crew is 1-4 in the games I’ve attended this year.

  27. If I ever find that nursing pal, she is D-E-A-D dead. Lord Alfred Hayes help her if she shows up at Madd’s wedding.

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