Corn Pops

Holy hell, I made myself some corn-on-the-cob for dinner tonight with my red beans ‘n’ rice and it was delicious. I shucked it and everything. Summer has Arrived when you’ve got salty butter dripping off your chin and you want to propose marriage to corn-on-the-cob. Thanks Nature, for making delicious shit. I owe you one, so I’ll ride my bike to work all this week instead of driving my Humungoid Truck.

133 thoughts on “Corn Pops

  1. oh my, that was her? i’ll squirt ketchup on her next weekend, then rip off my shirt and I’ll have an nWo shirt on underneath.

  2. my wedding will gladly facilitate any feuding grounds for this event. free beer. byom.

  3. you should also be wearing a wig that looks like your normal hair, but it isn’t. it’s a wig. and you tear it off to reveal your black nWo doo rag. and remember to check out for all your nWo doo rag NEEDS. as far as food fights go, we’re doing a buffet…. greatest ammunition set up. highest potential casualties in the shortest amount of time….. i mean, we’re almost ASKING for it by setting all the food in such close proximity. WW, i understand your NEED for REVENGE. have at it.

  4. I will need 10 cream pies and 10 bottles of seltzer water for this wedding to go off without a hitch.

  5. if there are any whazzing and or lurking performance artists that would like a stage, you are free to perform at my wedding. post a confirmation on this site and i’ll see it.

  6. i like people that juggle dangerous things… display extreme feats of balance…. or just keep the extremely diverse crowd happy.

  7. last fucking shot in the oil. i got 16th about 7 times in the last 4 minutes. it is starting to piss me off. grand prix is tomorrow and ww is already in… either top 9 this fucker or i might have to just buy in. say lava G. that is how they say it in france. ON THE STREETS. WITH CAL! CAL! (bold cal, that is)

  8. i’m puffy on the sides…. button on the peak.
    a rappin brown hat (cause headwear don’t speak)
    if it’s sunny CHECK IT! i’m geared up with the brim.
    on top of cal’s dome… aka…. MY HOME
    livin the life of a hat who won the lottery
    but fo real, i’m just cal’s hat. fo real.

  9. cal’s puff–do you ever wear a flower? do you have your own hat rack? where were you born-department store?

  10. i was born in a dream. i never rock a flower.
    i sleep where i’m set. i read nintendo power.

  11. how is the editing going? would you like me to score it with a kazoo? i am CERTAIN i could convey the emotional ride you are going for. is it true that in cuba if you videotape an operational hospital, it disappears?

  12. i heard that if you don’t breastfeed your kids out in public, they kill you.

  13. i did as well… up to 4k! WOO HOO I ALREADY LOST AND THIS CAPITALIZED EXCITEMENT IS REALLY JUST A SARCASTIC JOKE. i already lost. i am the worst poker player in the world. i pushed in with 2nd pair vs the 2nd nuts. ICH BIN GEDUMBENSTEIN.

  14. You in it, maddgina? I’m floating a little over the avg. line, and I’ve made it using every “trouble” hand (JJ, AQs, AJ, A10). A lot of tough situations early, but all is well.

  15. Holy crap, Hall with a walkoff homer in the tenth! Brewers take the series from the Mets a bit unexpectedly. I’m happy as clam.

  16. Ug. Chopped in half losing back-to-back 1000 chip pots from the blinds with the prime hands 97s and 1010. 97 had a 97A flop check raised 500 but the turn brough another A and dude went all in. I raised 500 preflop on two limpers with the 1010 and bet out on the AK6 flop only to get put all in. I folded both hands. Good folds or was I outplayed? Who knows. Getting pretty short…

  17. Ug… now I just got moved back into the blinds after I just played them. All in coming soon.

  18. Whatever. Pushed 2X and won the blinds. Took a few more rotations and pushed again with AQ… three callers; I know I’m fucked. AK, 55 and ??. 55 pushes on a raggy flop me (i’m all in and AK call). The mighty 55 holds up. Cool, cool, cal. From top to bottom a pretty shitty showing.

  19. Hi! I just limped with 55. Oh, you raised it 1300 and two other dudes between us smooth called? Heck, it’s only a 1/3of my stack, I may as well call. Hmmmmmm… two overcards on the flop, and one of the other limpers just pushed? Heck, I’ll call off the rest of my stack: I’m that fucking good at poker. I knew my 55 was the best hand based on… hmmmmm…based on… hmmm… I guess based on hope. Love heals all. I am the winner.

  20. shitty. i swore off the computer and all forms of poker earlier tonight. i’m back. WITH VIGOR; AS IT WERE!

  21. alright, enough with the hatin’ on cuba. it’s a nice place to go. good rum. bad food but good rum. cal’s hat, send MP a digipic of yourself so we can meet you. it will be just like hadley and gracelyn’s baby photos. maybe MP can make a gallery of newbies: two babies and one headpiece.

  22. i think cuba is too cool! i am just a sarcastic ass. hopefully in the future my shenanigans will not bring forth a fight or flight response for the honor of coo-ba. (see what i did, i even pronounced it right). VIVA LE REVOLUCSHEEUN!

  23. Any of you ever think it would be “fun” if your cell phone ringer sounded like a siren?

  24. Petition if you must, but we will not be stopped. weeeeee ohhhhhhhhh weeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhh weeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhh

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